AnimeFest 2014 Cosplay Pics Part 1

AnimeFest 2014 Cosplay Pics Part 1

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Should have more pics from this con than usual. Reason being, there’s nothing to do here other than walk around and take pics of people.

Note: If you want bigger pictures, click on the images — they’re hyperlinked to the bigger versions (that are like 300 MB a piece). If you just try to view the image itself (in Firefox, for example, doing Right Click -> View Image), you’ll get some small/fucked-up version of the image. I have to do it like this because WordPress sucks.

If you wanna know what the fuck these people are cosplaying, check the file names.



The DMC anime gets a lot of flak, but at least I could stomach finishing it, unlike any of the games.




She didn’t really know what I meant by “You’re the best girl, so I’ve gotta get a pic.” Guess she ain’t about that life. :(
They were taking pictures of each other, so I thought I’d interject and grab a pic myself. Walked by ’em an hour later and they were still taking pictures of each other… at the same spot. Didn’t think the lighting was *that* good.
There was no way I was passing up a pic of the only reason to watch Eureka Seven.
Got a business card after this one. Guess my press badge comes with benefits… of a sort.
It’s pretty much anime convention policy that you can’t NOT take pics of Taiga.
Had to grab this in the elevator because.
I’m gonna assume the VN is reallllly good, because there’s no reason anyone should be watching that awful fucking anime.
Not gonna lie, I was pretty glad she turned out to actually be Genkai and not a bad Sakura cosplay.
Like I was gonna pass up this opportunity.
“No, keep smoking. It’ll be better that way.” Well, was I right?
Note to self: Hungary is not a budget Ririchiyo.
They were sitting at the back of a panel, so I had to take the opportunity to gain fujoshi cred with a Danganronpa pic.
I fanboyed way hard when I caught this guy. Definitely a highlight of the con.
She wasn’t particularly enthused when I stopped her for a photo, but Dark_Sage doesn’t give up that easily.
Dat pose. There is not nearly enough HNGH in this world.
More Ryuko, but with a bit of background interference.
Meow, plz, look at the other phone.
“Are you Rukia?” “No.” “Cool, can I take a pic?”
It’s not anime, but I liked the rain jacket.
I’d catch up on Fairy Tail, but I fear it would only bring up memories of when I subbed it. Those were not the best days.
Tinker tailor~ God, I loved all 10 seconds Rip Van Winkle had in Hellsing Ultimate.
Good to see someone remembers Rock Lee, huh, Kishimoto?
Islam does Pokemon.
Who else is hyped for Xillia 2 on Tuesday?  I’m gonna couch co-op the shit out of it with my little bros.
Megane bestne.
Because it’s still 2004 in Texas.
Dude said he came with a group of RWBY crossplayers. I’ll have to be on the lookout for that shit tomorrow. Can’t let y’all down after that Best Girl/Boy poll.
What I love about Gasai cosplayers is they’ll all do some fucking best girl pose. #sogood



And that’s all I’ve got. More pics to follow, assuming I can be assed to wake up tomorrow.

45 thoughts on “AnimeFest 2014 Cosplay Pics Part 1”

  1. >The DMC anime gets a lot of flack, but at least I could stomach finishing it, unlike any of the games.
    There are at least two things wrong with this statement.
    Also, that Miku was goddamn glorious.

  2. “Islam does Pokemon.”

    …while holding an Electrode in one hand, and the fucking HELIX FOSSIL in the other, no less.

  3. >I’d catch up on Fairy Tail, but I fear it would only bring up memories of when I subbed it. Those were not the best days.

    Good times.

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