AnimeFest 2014 – Days 2/3 – Saturday/Sunday

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This post was written by Dark_Sage. He is Dark_Sage.

Yes, AnimeFest technically went until Monday, but I have a job, so I had to return to reality a bit early.

Days 0/1:



Normally, Saturday gets it own post, but I think I spent the majority of the day playing Walkcon, and Walkcon’s pretty boring to report on when you’re not rolling with a crew, so I’ll just post about the few panels I attended.


2:00 “Ani-Idol Second Round”

I wasn’t allowed into the first round on Friday, since they didn’t want people filming the abject failures, but they let some through to this round anyway.

A lot of people did acoustic-only, which was stupid, so I’m not gonna post those. Instead, have something you can sing along to.

Neither of these made it into the final round, cuz they weren’t friends of the judges.

Seriously, the judges pretty obviously knew a certain subset of the contestants and made no attempt to hide it. And for some magical reason, those people all made it in, even when they only remembered 30 seconds of a song and had a breakdown on-stage because of it. (I wish I kept my camera rolling for that one.) Sasuga anime fandom.



Midnight “Hetalia: Ask a Nation”

So, let me preface this by saying I don’t know too much about Hetalia. I watched like one 5-minute episode (which sucked), and while I get that all the characters are moe representations of nations, the in-jokes and the fandom go completely over my head. So I thought I’d go in blind, just to see what fujoshi are up to these days.

MFW I realized what I was in for.

MFW I realized what I was in for.

There were like 20 girls on this panel, all dressed up as dudes. The theme was “audience asks questions, and the panelists respond in character”, but since it was an 18+ panel, they were encouraging risqué questions. Unfortunately, the only people to ask questions were extremely autistic dudes, who had no idea how uncomfortable they were making everyone in the room with their fucked-up questions about bestiality and sex acts.

Not that it would have really mattered if they had asked decent questions, since it was painfully obvious most of the panelists were straight-up virgins and had no idea how to handle what the fuck they were hearing. You could feel the triggers going off.

plz no

Unfortunately, their struggle was in vain.

As an example, one of the questions raised was “What’s your best orgasm face?” And no, that did not end well. One of the panelists made a half-hearted attempt to describe hers, but that question was quickly moved on from. Some of the girls in the audience were super skeeved out after the onslaught of creepage and tried to steer the conversation away from the guys who were trying to get off, but since they were asking stupid questions like “What’s your favorite color?” I think it just pissed the panelists off even more.

A couple questions motivated the Hetalians to actually do something (“You can fuck one person, kill one person, and marry one person in this room. Who would it be?”) where they mimed out actions and had very poorly acted conversations with each other. But you could feel the regret in their dead, dead eyes. And there was no coming back from where the panel had already been.

I suppose I should mention that the entire time, the rave was going on right above the room we were in, and it was causing the doors to the room to fucking Parkinson’s it like they were gonna come off, and the chandelier was swaying like it was one ravestomp from falling on us. So I’m just sitting there, confused out of my fucking mind, watching everyone get more and more miserable, and wondering where the hell my life went wrong, just hoping the ceiling would collapse and put us all out of our misery.

This about sums up my feelings.

This about sums up my feelings on the whole ordeal.

Oh, and the panel went on for two fucking hours. What a night.






11:00 AMV Contest

The best part of this contest was that none of the entries came from anyone attending the con. Guess it’s better than not having an AMV contest, though.

Looking around the room, I didn’t see too many people there for the showing. Based on the awful sound set-up when the AMVs actually started, it appears that it’s more because AnimeFest as a con doesn’t really care about AMVs, rather than it just being a low turnout cuz they were showing on a Sunday.

"Is this an acoustics-only AMV contest? Cuz I can't make out any words."

“Is this an acoustics-only AMV contest? Cuz I was sort of expecting to be able to make out words.”

After some rather middling entries, we got to the winner of the AMV Contest, and it… Well, it was actually pretty good. Turns out it’s even better when you can actually hear the lyrics:

Guess it wasn’t a complete waste of two hours.



2:00 Anime Jeopardy – “Expert Edition”

Subjects ranged from “This famous anime starts with ‘Attack on’…” to “In Madoka, this blonde girl has an attack called ‘Tiro Finale’.” Enthralling, as I’m sure you can imagine.

"Man, I wonder if there's anyone hardcore enough to answer these riddles."

“Man, I wonder if there’s anyone hardcore enough to answer these master riddles.”



3:00 Ani-Idol – Final Round

Contestants sang in front of a live audience of… me, and like 20 other people. I dunno, it’s pretty much what you’d expect, based on what I posted for the Second Round.

Here’s my favorite one, cuz Corpse Party amirite? I haven’t played more than 10 minutes of it, but I sure as hell am gonna pander to you hardcores like I did:

I suppose this Maria Holic one was technically the most entertaining, but I doubt there’s someone with a more grating personality in this world. Honestly, either her parents beat her too much or not nearly enough.



6:00 Cosplay Contest

I didn't know why they had a Range Murata backdrop, but I wasn't about to complain.

I didn’t know why they had a Range Murata character backdrop, but I wasn’t about to complain.

Oh man. What a contest. Let me start with the judges: Like any anime con, the judges are all old or people whose only qualifications seem to be “Well, I did some costume design for a my local theater once.” Hell, one of the judges was “cosplaying” with one of those cheap Attack on Titan outfits you can grab from Ebay.

Hell, I have a hundred dollars too. Can I be a judge?

I have a hundred dollars too. Can I be a judge?

Since it’s always hard to grab pics of people while they’re posing on a poorly lit stage, I just took some videos. Have a couple:

You get the gist.

Because the 6:00-9:00 time slot was shared with the skit contest, they moved into that before figuring out the “winners” of the cosplay contest.



8:00 Skit Contest

There were only three entries for the skit contest, which is… unusually low for an anime con.

The first one was some random Asian guy in a dress miming along to a song. Thankfully my camera borked at this point, so I couldn’t show you the skit even if I wanted to.

The next two are provided here. Just note that it may be hard to see all the details due to the jackass with a stupid hat. And yes, I am still fucking mad about that.



8:30 Judging Time!

Leaving time.

Leaving time.

They brought the ani-idol winners on stage to sing or something while the judges deliberated over who “won”, but I wasn’t about to stick around for that bullshit. So I traipsed on back to my room and started on the write-ups. (Cuz you wouldn’t see them for another year if I didn’t start then.)




Final thoughts:

Can’t say I disliked AnimeFest. But I really wouldn’t go out of my way to return, unless one of you really bugs me to. Like I said in the past, cons are a social experience. And while I managed to make the best out of the weekend in spite of going it solo, I’d much rather hang with people whom I can share the misery with.

Overall grade: C-


Other cons I attended this year:

Ohayocon 2014: D-

Sakuracon 2014: B+ (Yes, I have a write-up coming on this, I promise you.)

Anime North 2014: C- (Again, write-up incoming for the two days I haven’t posted about yet.)

Crycon 2014: A+

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NakkiNyan says:

Hetalia never goes well. They really just need to stop doing 2hr Q&A as well, it is just going to degrade into stupidity no matter the topic.

Anonymous says:

I hope these shitty cons were worth making us suffer with no new reviews to read. </3 ;_;

Dark_Sage says:

But I did it for you ;_;

LotusGG says:

No nude = shitty cons

Dark_Sage says:

I was naked for a portion of it.

LotusGG says:


Anonymous says:

Yeah, we’re going to need pics. And no 1 pixel images of your face this time, D_S.

LotusGG says:

Sasuga crycon.

nikki says:

when is the write up for fallout boy-con coming?

Dark_Sage says:

Oh, Nikki. You do read my tweets. <3

Okay, just for you:

7:00 Concert Time
I went to a Fall Out Boy concert with friends and we got drunk and sang along to songs. It was p. cool.

You missed out for sure.

nikki says:

Oh, I don’t have to read your tweets because Jenny just sends me texts whenever you do something interesting (so always).

jenny says:

What the fuck the last text I sent you was “me too” in response to “I’m in staples rn!” on August 16th.
Don’t trust this lying bitch.

I tell Nikki about all the interesting Dark_Sage tweets in person.

will says:

Pretty sure my presence at Ohayocon made it at least an A+, although I’ll settle for an A. I demand a grade revision.

rarely_upset says:

(Again, write-up incoming for the two days I haven’t posted about yet.)

I wait with bated breath. I’m only saying this so next week I can come back and say “You’re killing me, D_S.”

LotusGG says:

Finally you’re upset. D_S did it.

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