Fansub Differences: [Asuka Subs vs Vivid] Amagi Brilliant Park (Episode 02)

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In this age of samey releases, it can be refreshing to have some actual options for a show. Of course, sometimes that means you only have one real option.

Same subs, different day

On the outset, you’d be forgiven for thinking Asuka Subs and Vivid would have Amagi releases of a similar quality.


Both groups have similar taste in anime…

Read: shit taste

Read: shit taste


Both groups have eyecancer banners…

Vivid Banner Asuka Subs Banner


And both groups used the same translation for Amagi Brilliant Park…

Apparently Sharky's in Asuka Subs too. I imagine it will be news to him.

Apparently Sharky’s in Asuka Subs too. I imagine it will be news to him.


So can we really expect many differences between the two releases?

Well, there are some...

Well, there are some…



The Differences

(Comic-Sans used by request.)



Amagi Brilliant Park - Asuka Subs vs Vivid - Typesetting




Le Trollz

Amagi Brilliant Park - Asuka Subs vs Vivid - Conversion

Amagi Brilliant Park - Asuka Subs vs Vivid - Dat Ass





Amagi Brilliant Park - Asuka Subs vs Vivid - Casting Call

Amagi Brilliant Park - Asuka Subs vs Vivid - Oji-sama




And just plain old English

Amagi Brilliant Park - Asuka Subs vs Vivid - Taihen

Amagi Brilliant Park - Asuka Subs vs Vivid - Long John Moffle

Amagi Brilliant Park - Asuka Subs vs Vivid - Aguestus

Amagi Brilliant Park - Asuka Subs vs Vivid - Faito

Amagi Brilliant Park - Asuka Subs vs Vivid - Fool Me Once

Amagi Brilliant Park - Asuka Subs vs Vivid - I'll Take Death






Well, I think you can come to this one on your own.


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Hairy says:

>more of your DAT ASS

Haha, what a great fucking line.

qwerty says:

Dark_Sage has risen from the grave! What manner of sorcery is this?

Dark_Sage says:

Had to save anime somehow.

MK says:

Yup, Asuka subs is the clear winner here. Thing you (intentional) for providing such a comprehensive comparison.

Qrius says:

I know I’m repeating myself on the issue of Asuka’s font, but man, does that exclamation mark look like an ‘l’…

Anonymous says:

I known, right?l

MK says:

Haha I see what you did thereIII

Hairy says:

Why would a group do this?

vipirius says:

For the lulz of course. What else are a group of 15 year olds who are bored supposed to do?

qwerty says:

How does making everyone think they’re mentally handicapped in any way generate “lulz”?

vipirius says:

I dunno, but if a guy can play games and record himself screaming and acting like a retard, upload to youtube and make millions, anything is possible.

Kristen says:

Hm, reminds me of my old roommate.

MK says:

“and more of your DAT ASS, too!”
Tell me you didnt ‘lulz’ at that?

Hairy says:

If I was going to waste my time putting out subs “for the lulz”, I’d at least try to make it funny… I mean funny intentionally. Taking another group’s release and just changing some lines to make them worse seems kind of like a waste of time.

Anonymous says:

How do you make a script that much worse? Holy shit, and that typesetting…

xikarra says:

what typesetting? I’ve only seen subs all over the place.

Anonymous says:

>How are you start punching me

Thank you, Asuka subs

Anony says:

AotY needs the bestest of subs, naturally Asuka delivers.

PP says:

>more of your DAT ASS

My sides, seriously though, how is this shit not considered a troll? At least Vivid fixed that on their release.

tcn says:

How exactly could vivid have ‘fixed’ something in an original translation?

PP says:

Vivid is obviously an edit of Asuka Subs.

LotusGG says:

Vivid is the new horriblesubs

Anony says:

So vivid just straight up rips from crunchy now?

Googol says:

HS rips are used by other groups. Vivid’s subs are used by Asuka-Subs, therefore Vivid must be the new HS. /s

LotusGG says:

No, people just go straight up and rip from them now.

Zelot says:

Ahose A’s in Asuka’s fonts make me never wanna get A’s in class ever again.

RDF says:

AsukaSubs are the “new” hadena. #cospiracy

Hairy says:

At least Hadena didn’t steal scripts and make them worse. Not from other fansub groups, anyway. Their shitty TLs were their own work.

Speaking of Hadena, I thought I heard they were returning this season.

Baldy says:

Didn’t they steal some of IB’s translation for episode 1 of Days Days S2?

Anon says:

Days Days? Do you mean Dog Days? Though I don’t know off the top of my head if IB worked on that.

CaeRuLus says:

just download torrents from , let’s see who has an A+ rating :)

Dark_Sage says:

Red is an objectively better color than blue, so I think Asuka wins the Nyaa comparison.

MK says:

Nyaa is full of haters. . . bakabt is a better option.

scizzer12 says:


vipirius says:

Or you make your own informed decision instead of downloading anime based on someone else’s opinion?

MK says:

Yup can do… probably be the most satisfied that way

Kristen says:

For the longest time, bakabt’s decisions have been based solely on what would cause the least amount of drama instead of actual quality. Though they are a better source than nyaa, yes.

MK says:

By drama, what do you mean?

Kristen says:

Stuff like .

See, prior to 5 years ago, most of bakabt’s releases were based on group name only. Chihiro came onto the scene, and in winter 2009, there were several releases where Chihiro was significantly better than the other options – Maria-sama ga Miteru S4, and Asu no Yoichi. Bakabt was going to reject them because Chihiro had a terrible terrible name at that point (our first 7 months were speedsubs), but I argued there about the need to look at the actual releases and they were approved.

After that point, various bakabt staff members joined Chihiro causing some potential conflict of interests, and more Chihiro stuff was approved. In September 2009, that was when problems occurred. There was a big argument over Chihiro vs. Eclipse Hayate no Gotoku S2, and another about Chihiro vs. Commie Yoku Wakaru Gendai Mahou. As in, over 300+ comments. Eclipse was eventually taken for Hayate, but there was no issue there. They elected to go with Chihiro for Gendai Mahou.

This caused tons of accusations of bias for Chihiro, such as Daiz’s post (which had a ton of comments which he has since deleted), and comments in bakabt. Bakabt reversed their Gendai Mahou decision. That was when bakabt implemented offer locking.

Since that point, their decisions have all seemed to be made in whatever direction is least likely to cause comment explosions. The only Chihiro releases they have accepted since that time (which had other options), were Asura Cryin and Fortune Arterial. And this is even though a very strong case could be made for shows like To Aru Railgun, Kamisama no Memo-chou, and Amagami SS.

MK says:

Oh right I see… had no idea about all of that. LOL gotta love people on the internet and being right. Well like you agreed, at least its better than nyaa.

P.s thanks for the story/info.

12laus says:

Except all of that is 5 years ago?

What’s the point when none of that matters now?

There’s a whole different policy in place there.

Hime says:

After looking at those screenshots of Asuka subs I believe I lost some brain cells.

>_ says:

Just like Commie when editing CR’s script…

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