Short Subtitle Comparison: [Funimation vs Mori] Ame-iro Cocoa (Episode 03)

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I know you’re thinking this post is just filler, and you’re entirely right.




Funi didn’t even bother, so the points here go to Mori.


Japanese Keywords/Encode

Dog Omelette

Like most scrolling text, what appears in Mori’s release is pretty irrelevant to the viewers, since it’s just an announcement for key words. …probably for some contest or someshit. Funi’s version doesn’t even have the text cuz it’s not a part of the show itself.

For the encode, you can see Funi’s version is significantly more vibrant. Mori’s looks like someone put it through the washer a few times.

A fine example of fansub encoding

Also, Funi doesn’t have this bullshit in their release.


6-second Intro

Like most (all?) Funi-licensed shows, they shoved a stupid fucking logo in at the beginning.

Ame-iro Cocoa - Funimation Logo

God it fucking sucks. Maybe they shouldn’t have rifled through Tokyopop’s corpse for a logo.



This show doesn’t have much going for it besides giving you an easy +1 for your anime list. As such, so long as the script is understandable and presented in an aesthetically acceptable manner, there’s not much to talk about here.


For styling, Funi’s sucks as usual, but neither release has a script that will kill up the show for you. After all, that which is dead can never die.




LQ Animutation

Cuz I needed an image for the post.

You’ll want your memento to be Mori if you’re watching this show for the full Japanese experience (karaoke/typesetting/translated scrolling text for some fucking reason).

Otherwise, due to the superior encode and consistent speed of release, you’re best going with Funimation/HorribleSubs for Ame-iro Cocoa.

(+1 for review completion. The review summary grows larger by the day~)


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PP says:

Probably your MPC settings that make them look that different.

Dark_Sage says:

CCCP default is my testing suite since that’s the most I can expect normal viewers to have. Sure, I could muck around with settings/plugins/codecs/whatever-the-fuck, but then I wouldn’t be reflecting the average user experience in my posts.

Fyurie says:

The color vibrancy difference is (if past experience is anything to go by) a screw-up on Funi’s part. Mori’s is probably closer to the truth.

Funi’s Denpa Kyoushi this season has a similar issue (along with losing lots of detail all over the place, too).

LotusGG says:

You’re right.
Funi thinks that just because it’s being watch’d on a PC, they need to convert the original TV range to PC range, hence fucking the colors and making things darker than they should.

MantasB says:

is that … darker than black?

LotusGG says:

It’s Luma, so it’s darker than grey.

Koshka says:

Those messed up frames are to do with the tv source (MX).
I know this because it turns out I use the same source as Mori (except my releases are all delayed for various reasons)

Fyurie says:

They’re fixable if you fiddle around, though. It won’t look amazingly pretty afterward but you’d probably be able to get rid of most of that artifacting.

Koshka says:

I currently using FreezeFrame to duplicate a clean frame that looks as similar as possible, which is preferable imo
And because I’m new to this and it’s the easiest method for me

coldhell says:

It is pretty much pointless. Overall Funi looks better than MX from what I saw. Drawing masking rectangles for the subs in Aegisub takes 2 mins at most… Well, I guess no one bothered to check Funi’s videos before Vivid’s Seraph

LotusGG says:

As for the screenshot D_S had there, it seems to me the encoder missed that the telecine pattern, so 70% of those could not be there.
As for deinterlacing patterns(those colored shit floating around) on high movement scenes, they’re hard to deal with, but hard doesn’t mean impossible.

Koshka says:

Well this – – is the frame in the .ts, so I guess the best decision would be to cut out or replace the frame.
It could just be my lack of encoding knowledge that makes me think it isn’t a deinterlacing issue, though

LotusGG says:

Well, if the IVTC pattern was right, this frame would have been cut automatically.

duplex says:

Except it wouldn’t since the scene change is obviously happening during a combed 60i frame (i.e. at least one of the original frames on either end of the change won’t be duped after field matching).

LotusGG says:

That’s why I said 70% ( ¬‿¬)

But it’s funny how the shitstorm seems to almost ignore the scrolling text; sasuga MX!

Anonymous says:

I could be wrong but I think mori is a one man group so I seriously doubt he gives a fuck about the encode.

Fyurie says:

Something like that.

LotusGG says:

Well, that’s just sad.

Anonymous says:

How is it sad? He just doesn’t have time to care about stuff like that. Fansubbing priority should be the subs, not pleasing an autistic bald man from Sweden.

Anonymous says:

Fansubbing entails all aspects of a release, and that includes video quality.

Anonymous says:

But if you were doing that as a hobby by yourself and had very limited time what would prioritize?
You do know what priority means right?

zeroibis says:

Then I would just release a script only b/c if my encode is going to give people cancer I might as well just save the time and not include it at all. Just upload the .ass and done.

tzn says:

noone using niconico ( ¬‿¬)

CoffeeFlux says:

nice meme

alty says:

Good job, dark!

Funimation is ass.

Eternal_Blizzard says:

A lot of the MX blocks in this show can be freezed out from what I tested it on. Anything with motion can be dealt with high-strength denoisers on a frame-by-frame basis.

Nyara♥ says:

I have learned that the best plan of action with short shows is just patiently wait until they finish and watch them in a single run. After all, it is like just watching an actually decent/good full anime episode in that way, lol.

Fyurie says:

I can get behind this.

Anonymous says:

Or you could watch each episode 12 times

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