A Very (Belated) Crymore Christmas v2015

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I missed Christmas, but I’m pretty sure Ramadan or whatever it is the Jews celebrate goes on for another week. So in the spirit of the season so too shall we.


Crymore Banner Christmas 15 01 Crymore Banner Christmas 15 02 Crymore Banner Christmas 15 03 Crymore Banner Christmas 15 04

Collect ’em all.



Presents (for you, even!)


During this week, you can reasonably expect the following:

  • Things Dark_Sage Paid For v3
    • Cuz if you aren’t living vicariously, you aren’t living.
  • Vidya review
    • People threw me some suggestions over in the OT, but who knows what I’ll actually boot up. It could even be something you care about!*
      • *it won’t be
  • Con post completion
    • Sakura-con 2015.
  • Anime opinions
    • Why formulate opinions other than my own?
  • Stupid meta post
    • I failed you all pretty hard this year, so we’ll be addressing that. At this point, 2016 will either be a renaissance or a dark sage (so let’s plan for the former).

I mean, I have a week. I should be able to get through these.





And …that’s it.

Looking at you, bae

This one’s for you, bae-chan.

The best part about the collection post being on the schedule is that turning into a meth head counts as writing. So I’m gonna get back to writing. Someone’s gotta do something about these fucking bugs after all.


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Kamica says:

Not even any mention about the season preview ;_;

Dark_Sage says:

Don’t worry, I slot those under the Anime Opinions category.

Dark_Sage says:

And… writing Part 1 right now. I always forget how fun these things are until I put pen to paper~

Kamica says:


Kristen says:

Belated indeed. Q_Q

lotusgg says:

shorter reports for a full season review? xd

Dark_Sage says:

Like… a bunch paragraph-length reviews, all in one post?

Kristen says:

Tch, you’re going too far into it. You need 1 word reviews. Crap, Meh, Watchable, Good, Orgasmic. :3

lotusgg says:

I had in mind something like what 8thsin used to do. That was pretty handful.

lololol says:

It is no longer christmas, lol. Time to change banners?

At least you didn’t kill all my banners this time around. I still have nightmares from the halloween banners.

Dark_Sage says:

Fuck, time goes too fast. ._.

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