Ten Reasons Why I Don't Go to Anime Club

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1. Every anime now comes with a laugh track.

People watching these shows laugh on cue, all the time. They will even wait until the punch-line is made in Japanese, even if they’ve already read the line before it’s vocally delivered, just so they can laugh at the same time as the other people. Awesome.

2. No currently-airing anime allowed.

“Hey guys, did you hear about that cool new anime Speed Racer? It’s totally gonna revolutionize the world!”

3. Official DVDs only + only subtitles.

There are two reasons someone would buy official DVDs:

  • For collection
  • To watch the dubs

You’d have to be insane to want to watch the official subtitles. For professional shit, the fonts are always terrible, you don’t get any of the cool effects, and the English is generally worse than fansubs.

4. Besides special events, the club solely consists of watching anime.

There is nothing social about watching anime on a projector. When you try to make it social, by commenting on the show to your friends, you’re just ruining the experience for everyone. Oh, and despite the name being Manga Anime Society, manga is never, ever mentioned.

5. Special events suck.

For the annual cosplay contest, this year’s winner was a girl who dressed up as the Super Mario Bros. 1-1 level. Other amazing events include watching shitty AMVs and having a karaoke event where fat, retarded fucks sing AC/DC. I would like to note, however, that the cosplay contest was worth it for the two girls who dressed up as D. Grayman characters*. Good gods were they hot.

6. The administration.

The administration of the club has not changed in three years. Well, I lied. Last year, they added in a guy who looks like a rapist. He’s got the rapist mustache and everything. You know, it’s hard to show much devotion to a club where the leadership is solely determined by an insular circle jerk of morons. They’re also the most annoying people you’ll ever meet.

7. More cliques than high school.

When I first went to anime club, I thought “Cool! New friends to be made!” I was so, so wrong. Whenever people are talking, they’re only talking to their previously-formed groups of friends. And let me tell you, none of these groups are ones you want to be involved with.

8. Anime chosen.

This semester’s line-up is: Eden of the East, Xam’d, Casshern Sins, and Darker than Black. What variety. How conducive is this to getting new people interested in anime? Not very. ._.

9. Content restrictions.

They will only accept shows which do not have any nudity, graphic violence, or uncomfortable situations. Not even fucking with you.

10. Nothing here; I just wanted to have a list of 10

*Actually, the cosplay contest wasn’t too bad. Unfortunately the D. Grayman girls aren’t shown because they were taking the pictures. Dammit all >_<

20 thoughts on “Ten Reasons Why I Don't Go to Anime Club”

  1. I actually went to the Boston Anime crap way back when and I found it disappointing as well. First off the lines to buy the tickets were horrendous. Second off the events were boring as hell. Why the hell would I want to watch shows that have already been aired like 2 years prior? I even walked out on a stupid projection of this show where they made cat’s meow for a good 2 minutes (probably went on for much longer). I said are u fucking serious and left the room. Good thing my friends and I sold our tickets to others for the full price at the end of the day (it’s a 3 day event).

  2. I agree with point 3, official subs are an abomination to this world.

    BTW, are you gona Troll until youre TL-sama comes back? Or you gona keep trolling until a new TL-kun passes by XD

    (no objections, Whiners need to stay alive)

    • If I had to put money on the TL situation, I’d say we’re just on a temporary hiatus. I’ll keep posting regardless. I’ve kinda grown attached to the site. :P

      • Awesome, I hope you continue posting as I love reading your posts. Always something entertaining to be read. Most of my RSS feeds I just go straight to the BT URL and disregarded everything else. For WHINERS.PRO I make an exception. ;)

  3. Wow, this sounds like my school’s anime club. Well, except that the administration does change, and, for most people in the club, the anime club IS their only social circle. And, nobody actually cares about anime, most of them are there because it’s where a lot of the LARPers are.
    Sadly, I still go.

  4. you don’t get any of the cool effects

    Cool effects? The “effects” that fansubbers put into anime are the worst part. Their goal is to make subtitles, not to distract from the show with fancy effects.

    Unless you meant typesetting, then I agree, lots of R1 shit has terrible typesetting.

    That being said, I feel bad for you. My anime club only shows fansubs of shows that are 1 to 2 season old.

  5. Eden of the East(nudity), Xam’d(didn’t watch it so can’t comment), Casshern Sins(graphic violence), and Darker than Black(graphic violence, uncomfortable situations).

    I had to say their restriction are contradicting… Or maybe my standard are too high compare to them… And no D.Grayman cosplayers shown, sad~!

    • Lemme quote from their submissions guidelines:

      Use your best judgment as to whether you think a show would be appropriate to watch in a large, semi-public group or not. If you’re not sure, contact the admin and they will discuss it with you and/or review it for appropriateness.

      In other words, they get to arbitrarily choose which shows to accept. Classy.

  6. I’m in anime club in which we are always talking about hentai, ecchi, yaoi, yuri etc. Sometimes we will gather and pickup something S-S-S-SUPER perverted to watch. I’m blessed for to have those guys :D


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