Fansub Review: [IB] Yondemasu yo Azazel-san (Episode 01)

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I believe you’re going to notice a theme in IB releases – terrible English, excellent translations.

OP only, no ED for this release.

Examples of that great translation I was talking about.

present our case, you’ll

receive consolation payment, and {note: this is not necessary, but I prefer my comma lists like this}

Not quite~

Hey, what the hell is this?!

“At my slightest whim, I could make a weakling like you disappear.” or something similar. “mere wish” just sounds so bad.

such an indecent body

There should be a comma after daylight, but I’m not really digging this line in the first place.

This is a question! RAGE

I am extremely anal about commas, as you’ve probably realized by now.

Perhaps college really is the best proper translation here, but sometimes you need to fudge the lines to get a better script. I’d replace “highly ranked college” with “highly-ranked institute”. If I could get away with “highly-respected”, I’d do that. But why institute? Institute has several connotations to it. You could think of it as a college (e.g. Massachussetts Institute of Pretention) or you could think of it as a research center. I think rather than making it set in stone that he’s in college (dude looks like he’s ~5,000), letting the viewer decide what to make of it is better.

Or maybe I’m just being a faggot about this. Your call.

Besides, I don’t enjoy taking lives either.

Spellcheckers really oughta check for repetition errors…

At this rate,

this time,

, no matter what!

Overall grade: B-

Please keep in mind that my grades only cover the editing. I gave WhyNot? an A- for this release. But you know what? At some point, I think a good translation has a lot more to do with a release being “good” than the editing does. In this case, I’m going to have to recommend IB over WhyNot? despite WhyNot?’s editing being excellent and IB’s editing being shit.

You may say, “Why, Dark_Sage, you’ve said multiple times that you aren’t qualified to talk about translations.” True, but I’m not as stupid as you think. I’ll be taking on this subject in an upcoming article, so please save your “stone the hypocrite” rants for a bit later. ;)

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