Fansub Review: [Subdesu] 30-sai no Hoken Taiiku (Episode 01v2)

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Is this even English? Edit: No, this not English at all. The lulz are strong in this release.

Also, I had to increase the picture size so the font was readable. They’re using the Aegisub default font.


Assuming the best, the editor must have combined that and into into one word – than. Unfortunately for this brave pioneer, the word already exists. Nice try, though!

The phrase “you know” is used like 10 times throughout this episode. And the phrase needs a comma preceding it.

I . Space . Before . Punctuation .

The editor sure loves capitalizing words.

You can’t present knowledge onto someone. Also, make it “a god’s knowledge”

If you don’t it will. lrn2tense

Fuck commas, those elitist punctuation mark faggots. Who needs them anyway?

This is a name, so capitalize it.

I don’t want to, but I’ll finally give in and assume

What is it that

30-year-olds, my frand

Good morning, Headmaster. (or something similar)

Sir Imagawa…

Oh yeah, quality stuff.

Don’t just sit there. Start fondling!

It feels good~

You know, like the typesetting says…

Why is there a comma there?


I don’t think I’ve ever seen huh and really strung together like this before.

*incredulous stare*

Then I think you’re overusing a word then.

Who the fuck cares about tense? That’s just something a massage therapist gets rid of, amirite?!

I could see this as a joke in a gg sub, but here? Eh, I don’t think they thought that far ahead.

Overall grade: D-

This show was only 12 minutes. I don’t even know what to say. Keep in mind this is AFTER someone edited it. What the hell did it look like before that? Avoid the fuck outta these guys. Your eyes must be spared the pain.


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  1. I do sort of agree with this as well. Maybe check back in a year to see if anything has changed? lol

    It’s funny that, despite this, Subdesu-H seems to be the current savior of the hentai anime fansub world.


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