Fansub Review: [Kata-Subs] Morita-san wa Makuchi OVA

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This show… ugh. Subs are okay, though.

Amazing OP/ED karaoke.


If you do it, you will look like a granny. But if you did it, you would look like a granny.

Mom and Grandma. Come on, you guys.

Generally, sentences have ending punctuation

It’s = it is/it has

Its = the possessive of it

, mistakes.

In this context, it should be “I’m scared!”

It’s tough being human, huh?

I take it you can see the problem here.

You don’t lead from a comma into an entirely new sentence.

I’m not even sure where to begin.


Overall grade: B

The subs weren’t too bad, but the show was. I’ll touch on that later, though. If you must watch the show, get these subs. They’re the only ones available, and they’re competently done.

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  1. Oho, you had done this huh?
    Well, no wonder you didn’t enjoy these subs, they are horrible. Even with an incomplete knowledge of japanese, there’s a mistranslation every 20 seconds (not necesarily implying there aren’t actually more).

    I’d quote a few funny ones, but I already deleted the file. *sob*


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