Fansub Review: [pwq] A-Channel (Episode 02)

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Good stuff.


With repetition, it’s still gotta be “Tell me, tell me.” No need to emphasize the “me” part.

As I keep whining about, it should be all right. “Alright” is only accepted some places, but “all right” is accepted everywhere.


“A difference between death and… death?!”

“Both paths lead to death?!”

or y’know, something else that gets the concept across. This just doesn’t work.

Overall grade: A-

They did a great job. I think these are the guys to get for A-Channel, even more than evetaku or Doki. But if you really like karaoke, please note that these guys keep it pretty plain in style.

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  1. Personally, I prefer EveTaku’s version. Their editing feels more natural and has better flow. PWQ feels a bit stiff and awkward, and Doki, well, I always find their subs to be a bit Engrishy. No comments on the TL.

    • PWQ was a bit off to me, but I looked up their lines and realized a lot of them were British English in origin, so I forgave ’em.

      But all the groups on this are good, IMO.

      • Well, either this or EveTaku. IMO, Doki’s only good for their BD re-releases of old titles because most of the time they use subs from other groups.

      • I’d just like to interject for a moment.
        What you’re referring to as PWQ, is in fact, pwq.
        pwq is not an acronym unto itself, but rather a compilation of letters comprising a Japanese emoticon to express sadness.

  2. I get miffed about the “alright” variant too sometimes, but it really depends on the context. We’re talking about a bunch of high school losers, so haphazard and informal chatter along the lines of “alright” sounds just about right. It would seem out of place for one of those girls to say “Oh, fiddlesticks! I forgot my skullcap. But it’s all right.”

  3. just a quick question: in the ED screen here, shouldn’t there be an ‘AS’ in the “Next to me in the sunset, a silhouette tall as me” a silhouette AS tall as me?

    • You are correct. But I purposely avoid critiquing the English in the OP/ED, so I didn’t call them out on it. (cuz you can explain away a lot of bad English with “lol, it’s just a song”)


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