Fansub Review: [Ryuumaru] Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi (Episode 03)

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Yup yup… Reviewing like a trooper.



Seven words in a row of four letters or less. Damn.

So there will be drool. Accent on will is needed to emphasize that the idea was brought up before. Also, incredulity. Hm, I didn’t explain that well. Anyway, rest assured that I’m right.

at a loss for words.

Get your tenses right, bros.

He left with his sketchbook, saying he was going to draw the scenery.

The comma’s not right and “as well” is unnecessary.

You should eat your breakfast and go take a walk or something!

“Too”? The fuck? This implies that he’s calling the girl Kazuma as well. He’s not. Drop that shit.

You don’t need to capitalize bro here.

This makes no sense here.

medicine against cold?

cold medicine.

Fucking fail.

In other words, more like.


Overall grade: B-

Am I done with this show now? Please?

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  1. how does it not make sense for “No?” when the girl obviously said say back to the boy when he was unsure, so she answer back with asking no? makes a lot of sense to me.


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