Fansub Review: [Frozy] Moshidora (Episode 02)

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Ya know, guys, I like the clever group name on this. Much kawaiier than most joint names.

I liked the OP kara, but the ED seemed like a cop-out.

Typesetting. It varies from great to egh.

Trolling. :(

Did something happen between those two in the past?

Either “If you mean Ayano,” or “If you’re talking about Ayano,”

now that you mention it.

The hell’s junior school? You mean junior high school?

“The feelings of athletes, the feelings of pitchers” is NOT an independent clause. Drop that semicolon! I’d personally go with ellipses here instead.

If you wanna use “them”, then make it “outputs”.

Overall grade: B+

If I had one thing to say to the Frozy editors, it would be to cut back on the idioms. The amount of them you use feels forced. Better than gg, I guess.

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    • Mind telling me what happened? All I know is I ran that shit and got a BSOD. Thought I just failed, but it happened to like 1000000 others, so…

      • Fucked up font.

        Also, it only happens to people who don’t regularly update Windows. The majority of people /didn’t/ get a BSOD.

          • Then it’s an even more obscure bug.

            My point is though, it’s a problem with the font service on Windows, not an encoding problem.

          • Fair enough. I apologize for jumping to the conclusion that it was an encoding issue. Thanks for letting me know what actually went wrong.

          • By all accounts it was a known issue that had already been addressed by Microsoft. Yet, it would appear that Windows 7, for x64-based systems, was still vulnerable.


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