Fansub Review: [Hatsuyuki] Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi (Episode 04)

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Getting through that backlog…

I do like how the karaoke for the OP flies away into the distance like a shooting star. Nice touch. the ED is super fucking shiny and colorful. It’s like a gay pride parade right in your anime!


This comes off a previous line and is a list of grocery items or something. Yes, gotta capitalize that carrot, the most mystical of Japanese words. {For those of you who don’t understand what I’m talking about, fansubbers sometimes capitalize various Japanese words instead of just translating them. Yes, it’s a stupid practice.}

Why do we get a TL note here when you had a list of random Japanese words at the beginning of the episode with no explanations?

“would”? More like “won’t”. He wants to know if he’s going to get in trouble for having hit her.

“Won’t what happened earlier be a problem?”

Neighborhood or neighbourhood. Make up your mind.

Will. So, how will this “special training” help?

I think editor-kun needs to look up “would” means.

Only you can prevent fansub editors from putting question marks in places where periods should. Make sure to give your local editor a kick in the crotch to help them remember.

“It all”? That’s not necessary. There’s only one thing to win, so drop that part from the sentence.

Yorozuyo’s the name of the inn he’s staying at. It should be capitalized.


Overall grade: B

I will say that this group is the most Japanesey of the groups on the show. So if that interests you, they’re all yours.

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  1. Russian/Vietnamese is actually what the group is more like. The leader Naruto is actually a physics professor teaching in Moscow right now, he is however Vietnamese, and a really nice guy to work with. Though I no longer Edit/QC for Hatsuyuki, they are nice to work with, until he agrees to work with sleep subs which is a joke in my opinion. The leader of sleep, as I interacted with him all of one time, is annoying as crap, and one of those stubborn doesn’t listen to anyone types, doesn’t take responsibility and loves to throw work on others then rebuke something, anything about it when he gets it back. That being said sleep doesn’t have anything to do with this show, at least they/he didn’t when i was Edit/QCing this show at the start.

    I will say that the feel that the shows are very “Japaneasy” feel comes from the fact that the TLs tend to speak JP as a first language, and only a basic concept/grasp of US/UK EN, while this does put a lot of pressure on Editors and QCers for this group as you’ve said the end result is something a little bit closer to the Japanese feel then what some groups/companies put out. It is more of an indirect out come then something the group strives for, but it’s one of the reasons I liked working for the group. If my life wasn’t already overly complicated and filled, I’d probably continue to work for them.

    The biggest con for this group however is speed. Though the quality is usually pretty high, I would have enjoyed working for a speed subbing group, that and i think most viewers would like faster releases from them as well, but seeing as this group is made up of older people then most groups, for the most part speed subbing is probably something you won’t see from this group. I’m pretty sure ben and I, again when we were working for Hatsuyuki, were the youngest in the group and we’re both mid twenties.

    Though i don’t think anyone cared about a lengthy explanation, if anyone did, there you go.

  2. Lol at that title. How about just “Bean soup, eel and wedding dresses”, guys? It’s a title, not a fucking culinary dictionary.

  3. The nozawana one: the paragraph of japanese on the bottom is just the tv station’s copyright warning because of recent infractions. So it’s not really relevant.


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