Fansub Review: [IB] Ikoku Meiro no Croisee (Episode 01)

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Frenchy anime~ [Note: Images lost in site migrations.]

File size: 236 MB

Frenchiness: Off the charts. Japanese? Try Japonaise. Gallery? Try galerie. It works in its own way because the anime’s set in France.

Japanesiness: Minimal. The show tries to be as French as possible so honorifics aren’t really used. When honorifics come into play, IB uses them.

Release format: MKV





If you’re going to have a definite article here, you’re assuming that he knows the exact audience of people that she serves. But the idea of the anime is that her master is the blond guy who’s speaking right now. Therefore, drop the “the”.

Not sure I’d go with “during” here. I interpreted Art Gallery as the name of the shop or whatever (even though I know in English an art gallery is something completely different), and you don’t sell things during a shop. You sell them at the shop.

Not “When”. If.


Random thoughts – I didn’t feel like capitalizing Sign Girl was all that necessary. Italicizing foreign words quickly got to be annoying as well. Also, the entire script might have been off in terms of timing by a few milliseconds. You could tell this with the typesetting.


Overall grade: B+

IB’s made more sense, and the translation felt more professional/accurate. It seemed like they did more of their homework in regards to the French words than Ayako did (at the end, the French words had translations beside them, unlike in Ayako’s release). Those of you who are interested in more localized subs and are willing to forgive mistakes in English to get that kind of experience will find a worthy choice in Ayako, but I’d recommend IB for everyone else.

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  1. Our script somehow got extended (on all TS and a few lines) by .3 seconds. We still dunno how this happened, but we fixed it (I think? I was asleep.)

    So yeah, anyway with that “at/during” art gallery thing; I had no idea what was going on in that scene, so I assumed it was like an auction. After watching the episode later I realize I was wrong, lol.


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