Dear Fansubbers, Slow the Fuck Down

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So I come back home from work to see a few shows that I need to download and review. “Okay,” I thought to myself, “this’ll be another leisurely night.”


I see three more shows pop up. And then three fucking more.


tl;dr: Here’s what I have to review tonight:

[gg] No. 6

[Doki] No. 6

[Underwater] Blood-C

[HorribleSubs] Blood-C   {Underwater’s a rip group, so they’re guaranteed to be better than HS’s version… I trust you, Daiz}

[Ayako] Mayo Chiki

[Commie] Usagi Drop

[Doki] Kamisama Dolls

[HorribleSubs] Twin Angel

[HorribleSubs] Uta no Prince-sama

[HorribleSubs] Usagi Drop {Commie ripped this, so I’m gonna assume they did a better job.}

[Shin-Gx] Morita-San wa Mukuchi

[Hatsuyuki] Nurarihyon no Mago S2

[Kagayaki-Hadena] Sacred Seven


Fansubbing, fuck you. ;_;

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  1. You’re with woodbrige, right? Are you only translating Ao no Exorcist with them, or will you do Usagi Drop too?


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