Fansub Review: [Doki] Usagi Drop (Episode 01)

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So far, Doki’s the group to go with for Usagi.

File size: 359 MB (HQ MKV), 201 MB (LQ MKV)

Japanesiness: Honorifics. Japanese name order. “Onii-chan” is used instead of “Brother”.

Karaoke. Decent. I especially felt the ED fit the show well.


New Year isn’t a day.

“Didn’t even make it back for New Year’s.”

When you phrase it as “New Year’s”, the “Day” part of New Year’s Day is implied.

These would be much nicer with italics on the “are” in each screenshot.

No. This should not be capitalized.

four-step ladder

Otherwise people might start thinking about “four step ladders” and get confused.

Well then, everyone.

This was a pointless TL note.

Apparently this is supposed to refer to Rin’s name. I still think it’s stupid though. In that case, the TL Note should read “Rin was named after bellflowers, which are known in Japan as ‘rindou'”

Ends up being a comma splice here.


Overall grade: A-

The errors, on the whole, are generally insignificant. This release was better than Commie’s in karaoke, typesetting, and English. Go with Doki for Usagi.

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  1. That typesetting is ‘better’? By what standard?

    Also, I didn’t know that karaoke was now an important part of judging a release by! I’m not even watching this show and I can see this is full of crap.

    • Wut what? Better typesetting is: A more eyecandy for the sigth, AND, more translated and good maked signs and stuff (specially for the important signs). And; karaokes don’t be really importants in a release (this is subjetive), BUT, don’t incluided karaokes it’s ever worst than incluided thems (except if the style of karaokes REALLY SUCKS A LOT). Specially if you do a CR rip base project. In another case, simply grab the Horriblesubs rip and you should be fine.

      And so, this release have better english and a little better worked translation.

    • It’s better by sheer virtue of existence. You may note that I only included a screenshot of one sign from Commie’s release. Why? because that’s the only sign they translated. Compare that to Doki’s release, which had four signs that I included screenshots for.

      Karaoke, typesetting, and other non-English-related factors do contribute to my final score and recommendation. However, I tend to favor good English over karaoke/typesetting.

      In this case, Doki had the whole package, so I recommended their release.

  2. ¡Doki! I am hearing now the ending for do a sylabae karaoke, and don’t be “Lai” the word in the Ending, is “Life”, notice the low “ffee” at the end of each “”lai””. O:


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