Spring 2011 Fansub Review Wrap-Up [Final]

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We’re now in the new season, so I’m just posting this for archival purposes, basically. Any reviews I didn’t get to may be considered dropped. You’re probably not missing anything as I did a LOT of reviews already. Anyway, enjoy.

30-Sai no Hoken Taiiku

SubDesu [Review Here]

Doki [Review Here]

My pick: Doki

SubDesu’s subs hardly resembled English.



Doki [Review Here]

Eve-Taku [Review Here]

HQ-Team [Will Not Review] (Dropped)

pwq [Review Here] (Dropped or delayed)

Saitei [Review Here]

SHiN-gx [Review Here]

My Pick: pwq

To be honest, you’d be good with any of these groups, but I thought pwq’s was slightly better.


Ano Hana

Ayako-Delight [Will Not Review] (Dropped)

Doki [Review Here]

Frozen [Review Here]

gg [Review Here]

Koharubi-Mango [Will Not Review] (Dropped)

m.3.3.w [Review Here]

Taka [Review Here]

UTW [Review Here]

My pick: UTW


Ao no Exorcist

Woodbridge [Will Not Review] (I’m in their group. You may blame the QC for any problems. Not my fault~)

gg [Review Here]

Chibisui-Subs [Will Not Review] (They seem to just rip other scripts and add nothing to them. Some guy on IRC was even talking about how they made their ripped scripts worse. Lol)

Hatsuyuki-Hadena [Review Here]

Kata-Subs [Review Here]

My pick: Woodbridge

I’m biased.


Astarotte no Omocha

Asuka-Subs [Review Here]

Ayakashi [Will Not Review] (I’m not sure if they do anything besides rip subs…)

ILMNW [Review Here] (Dropped)

pwq [Will Not Review]

Tonde [Will Not Review] (Dropped)

Underwater-Commie [Review Here]

My pick: Underwater-Commie

U-C’s edits don’t terribly suck. Great job.


Battle Girls – Time Paradox/Sengoku Otome

Akatsuki [Review Here] (Group dissolved)

HorribleSubs [Review Here]

Kyouki-Tsuki [Review Here]

My pick: HorribleSubs

Kyouki-Tsuki is waptarded and Akatsuki dissolved. HorribleSubs is the victor by default.


C – The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

gg [Review Here]

Doki [Review Here]

Hatsuyuki [Review Here] (Dropped)

Nutbladder [Review Here] (Dropped)

Whine-Subs [Will Not Review] (This is the whiners.pro group)

My Pick: Whine-Subs

I’m biased.


Deadman Wonderland

GotWoot [Will Not Review] (I was in this group)

HorribleSubs [Review Here] [Re-Review Incoming, cuz I heard they got worse after episode 1]

SGKK-Ruri [Review Here]

Umee [Review Here]

My pick: GotWoot

GotWoot’s slow, but I’m biased. Your best alternative is probably Umee.


Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko

Doki [Review Here] [Second Look]

Mazui [Review Here] [Second Look]

Underwater-Commie [Review Here] [Second Look]

GotWoot [Will Not Review] [“Second Look”] (I was in this group)

My pick: GotWoot

Notice a theme that I tend to pick out the groups that I’m in as being the best for a given series? Alternative choice: Doki.


Dog Days

Interrobang [Review Here]

Ayako [Review Here]

Chihiro [Will Not Review] Dropped

Hina-Hiryuu [Review Here]

Ruri [Review Here]

My pick: Hina-Hiryuu

H-H did a pretty good job, but their commas…


Dororon Enma-kun Meramera

gg [Review Here]


Hanasaku Iroha

Underwater-Commie [Review Here]

Hayatsuki-Tsuki [Review Here]

Doki [Review Here]

HorribleSubs [Review Here]

SHiN-gx [Review Here]

Splazm [Will Not Review] (Splazm appears to be a straight CR re-encode group)

My Pick: Underwater-Commie

I actually liked every release listed here. The differences are minute enough that you really can’t go wrong. But the best release, in my mind, is Underwater-Commie. Their English was the best.


Hen Zemi

HiNA-Wasurenai [Review Here] [Re-Review]

Interrobang [Review Here]

WhyNot? [Review Here]

My Pick: WhyNot?

WhyNot? mixes the sensible translation of IB with the decent editing of Hina. Naisu job.


Hidan no Aria

Chihiro [Review Here]

Doki [Review Here]

gg [Will Not Review] (I watched their release. It was terrible. But gg also said they’re doing it as a troll, so I didn’t review it. Avoid~)

UTW [Review Here]

My pick: UTW

They did a nice job. But I heard their episode 1 release was shit.


Highschool of the Dead OVA

Hiryuu [Review Here]

IB [Review Here]

My pick: Hiryuu

Slightly better than IB’s.


Honto ni Atta! Reibai Sensei

Interrobang [Will Not Review] (It’s a five-minute flash animation.)

My pick: Interrobang

by default.


Hoshizora e Kakeru Hoshi

Afroman [Review Here] Dropped :(

Doki-Chihiro [Review Here]

CTSS-TZM [Will Not Review] Dropped

Hatsuyuki [Review Here]

Ryuumaru [Review Here]

My pick: Ryuumaru

Fewer errors than D-C.


Hyouge Mono

Huzzah [Review Here]

My pick: Huzzah

by default.


Kaiji Season 2

Espada [Review Here]

Nutbladder [Review Here]

Triad [Review Here]

Underwater-Commie [Review Here]

My pick: Triad

Triad does their shit serious business-like.


Maria+Holic Alive

Commie [Review Here] Dropped~

HorribleSubs [Review Here]

My pick: HorribleSubs


Morita-san wa Mukuchi

Kata-Subs [Review Here]



Frozy [Review Here]

gg [Review Here]

My pick: Frozy

Even though their encoding is derp, their script was better.


Nana to Kaoru

ANE [Will Not Review] (Re-encode of other subs)

Bitch-Subs [Review Here]

GotWoot [No Review Incoming] (I was a QC on this, hence, biased)

Kata-Subs [Will Not Review] (cuz fuck this anime)

SubDesu [Will Not Review] (lol, SubDesu)

My pick: GotWoot

I’m biased. GotWoot’s leader kept praising BitchSubs, so go with theirs if you want. They did a pretty good job.


Naruto Shippuden Movie 4

CSS [Review Here]

HiddenSubs [Review Here]

Tsuki [Review Here]

My pick: Tsuki

Hands down.



Coalgirls [Review Here]

Doki [Review Here]

HorribleSubs [Will Not Review] (Reason: U-C/Coal expands on their release)

Underwater-Commie [Review Here]

My Pick: Underwater-Commie

I made a screenshot comparison post here. It appears most people thought Doki had a worse translation.


Ore-Tachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai

HorribleSubs [Will Not Review] (I don’t know how they could beat Shikkaku’s release…)

Shikkaku [Review Here]

lilgh0st/MSPN [Will Not Review] (Dropped)

My pick: Shikkaku


Pretty Rhythm – Aurora Dream

FFFPeeps [Review Here]

KiteSeekers-Wasurenai [Review Here]

My pick: KiteSeekers-Wasurenai

I think they cared more about this show, even though it sucks.


Seikon no Qwaser II

CTSS [Will Not Review] (Haven’t watched first season, won’t watch second. Sorry~)

Doki [Will Not Review] (Haven’t watched first season, won’t watch second. Sorry~)

Sub-Desu [Will Not Review] (Haven’t watched first season, won’t watch second. Sorry~)


Sekai-Ichi Hatsukoi

Akatsuki [Will Not Review] Group’s dead

HorribleSubs [Review Incoming]

Ryuumaru [Review Here]

Sekai [Will Not Review]


Sket Dance

HorribleSubs [Review Here]

Hatsuyki [Review Here]

My pick: Hayatsuki

They did pretty well.


Showa Monogatari

Hatsuyuki-Hadena [Review Here]


Softenni/Soft Tennis

Ayako-Nishishi [Review Here] (Note: Not reviewed by Dark_Sage, so as to ensure impartiality)

Chiki [Review Here]

FFFPeeps [Review Here]

Hiryuu [Review Here]

My Pick: Ayako-Nishishi

I’m biased. Alternative choice: Hiryuu.



Commie [Review Here] (Note: I was drinking rageahol when I reviewed this)

UTW-Mazui [Review Here] (They dropped the series)

Steins;Subs [No Review Incoming] (I took a quick look at their CR-ripped script and compared it to Commie’s. It was worse.)

HorribleSubs [No Review Incoming] (Commie edits off their release, making this inferior by default.)

Splazm [No Review Incoming] (I believe they also rip from CR without any major edits.)

HorribleSubs-Remux-NFR [No Review Incoming] (CR Re-encode)

My Pick: Commie

Uhh, your only choice is pretty much Commie. They did a pretty shit job of editing, though.


Tiger & Bunny

Commie [Review Here]

YouSmell [Will Not Review] (Hardcoded fonts as small as possible. It’s not their fault, since they just ripped the stream release, but I’d wait on Commie)


The World God Only Knows II

Chihiro [Will Not Review] (I haven’t seen the first season, so I won’t be watching subs for the second.)

HorribleSubs [Will Not Review]


Time Paladin Sakura

HiNA [Review Here] [Re-Review Was Intended, but it’s too late for me to care about that]



A-Destiny [Will Not Review] (Note: I have actually watched the episode, and it is shit.)

A-Destiny_SGKK [Review Here] [Re-Review Here]

AE-Kaen [Review Here] (Dropped)



Commie [Review Here]

Weapon+ [Review Here]

My pick: Weapon+

They did better on error mitigation.


Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san

FFFPeeps [Review Here]

Interrobang [Review Here]

WhyNot? [Review Here]

My Pick: FFFPeeps

FFFPeeps managed to be hilarious and sensical. Good job.



Shounen Heart [Review Here]

Oni-B [Will Not Review] (same translation base as Shounen Heart, but not as shit)

My pick: Oni-B

They both sucked, but Shounen Heart’s was worse by far.

0 thoughts on “Spring 2011 Fansub Review Wrap-Up [Final]”

  1. Doki dropped 30-sai. (Even though they “never drop anything”)

    Commie is doing Deadman Wonderland, too (I think).

  2. I was wondering about Softteni from Ayako-Nishishi. I know it isn’t dropped but you mentioned something about their TL.

    • Hiryuu’s your only alternate choice. Their episode 10 was pretty stale, but I heard their episode 11 was much better.

    • I’m enjoying fffpeeps release of this show, even though they are quite slow. I hear Hiryuu is good too, although, as DS says, they may not be entirely consistent.

  3. AE-Kaen of Toriko died (In the third episode, lol). And SGKK was droped the serie in the 10, only left A-Destiny with a REALLY POOR english.

  4. This is like a gold mine for a 1337 wh1n3r like me.

    I’ve seen a lot of these releases, and have a lot of difference in opinion about a lot of groups to pick, but I’ll only whine on the series I worked on, since I know all those releases very well.

    “Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko
    My pick: Doki”

    What is this? Seriously, what is this?!!! Are we being trolled?

    If you can’t wait for our crap, Mazui is the one to go, hands down. Notice how group 1 and 4’s scripts are hilariously different in some scenes (often standing out against other 3, though sometimes both wrong) for “Second look”.

    Yeah, Mazui’s subs may be stiff, and left out a lot of Japanese, but their accuracy is incredible given the fact that it’s a speedsub for a SHAFT series. I’m a fan of their translation.
    UW-C’s subs may have been even worse than Doki in ep1, but improved significantly in 2 or 3 of their eps that I watched since.

    With that said, I don’t think for a second any of their subs are better than GotWoot, simply because you’re not supposed to speedsub SHAFT or any other dialogue-driven shows lol (unless you’re gg and can do what Doki does, except localizing dialogue to hell instead of guessing)
    And well, 2 week-ish lag is pretty fast for slow groups :)

    • My reviews are all based on the first couple episodes. The Wrap-Ups are generally copypasted from week to week, which means I have various views that only matter as the season airs. I guess speed is pretty irrelevant for an archive post, eh? Guess this means I can go ahead and rec GotWoot for everything again. Huzzah, bias!

          • You SHOULD take it seriously, otherwise, you’re wasting your time for nothing.

            It’s beyond my comprehension why anyone would waste their time fansubbing if they don’t at least try to do what they do well.

          • I do it for the incredible lulz that I get by being in groups.
            I do it to get good encodings from their ftp.
            I do it to piss people off.
            I do it because I have too much time.
            I do it because I need to slow down the speed at which I watch anime.
            (Of course, it doesn’t mean my TLs are shit, but the trolls…)


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