Fansub Review: [SubDesu] Manyuu Hikenchou (Episode 01)

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SubDesu, please stop subbing.

File size: 265 MB (MKV), 149 MB (AVI)

Japanesiness: I don’t really remember. They probably had honorifics.

Karaoke: None. SubDesu can hardly translate spoken Japanese. You can’t expect them to be able to handle a song.

Chapters: None. It only takes a couple minutes to do, but they can’t manage it.

Note: I apologize in advance. I hated these subs so much that I really didn’t document all their failings. Even commenting on each of the pictures is making me get PTSD from the show, so I’m cutting the comments in this review to a minimum. Enjoy.

Typesetting. Yes, that does say “Chifusa Estranges!”

A few too many exclamation marks there, friends.

You know what else is a must? Someone on your staff that can speak English. I know, I know. I’m speaking crazy talk here. But trust me, it just may come in handy someday!

I’m not sure anyone knows what they’re trying to say here. SubDesu: Master of Subtitling Mysteries.

Jesus. These guys are more starved for editors than a hooker is for crack.

I’ll go crazy if I read your subs for a long time.

What a sentence.



“Haha, we should capitalize Samurai because Samurais are cool and Japanese and capitalized words are cool and Japanese too! Haha!”

Because four exclamation marks wasn’t enough. SubDesu: breaking the boundaries of fail.

Sure is Speed Racer in here.


Watchability: Not really watchable. They don’t properly explain what’s going on and it’s clear the subs were just Google translated. Random words and bad English mean you won’t understand the subs. In addition, the anime itself is censored to hell and back so you might not be able to understand the context of the script, leading to confusion about the show.

Overall grade: F

SubDesu, you’ve been pissing all over the English language for a while now. It’s time to slit your wrists and let the fail bleed out.

In all seriousness, SubDesu is actually looking for editors to help them out, which is a good quality to have (at least they know they’re shit). If you’re reading this site and haven’t edited before, but think you’re good at English, you might wanna cut your teeth on a shitty group like them. If you can make them good, you can make anyone good. Just a suggestion.

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    • Well since what they subbed was censored so much the censors should be blinded to death, there was nothing to really watch was there?

  1. This anime scares me off… :breast-slicing

    This anime sure is something that nXXgXr-leader called DA likes… Sasuga~

  2. “(at least they know they’re shit)” lmaooooo

    I hope they don’t stop subbing because otherwise we’ll miss out on these amazing reviews

  3. “I’m jealous… of these breast.”

    I can’t help it, it’s just so hilarious. I read this review almost every day, it’s brilliant.

  4. Wow.. I ‘m glad I’m not the only one who cringes as subDESU’s subs. Watching Qwaser and Qwaser II was so painful… I still have nightmares.

  5. Wasn’t this meant to be a joint with Chiki-Subs?

    Is there anything worse than an F if that was the case?


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