Fansub Review: [Fail-15] R-15 (Episode 03)

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Fail-15 vs. R-15. Which is worse?

File size: 315 MB

Release format: MKV

Japanesiness: Honorifics.

Karaoke: None.

Font: I kid you not. When the first line popped up on the screen, I recoiled in horror, uttered a “WTF is this shit”, clicked out of the video, then set my computer on fire. But then I remembered I had a duty to review this for you. That sacred oath which I previously swore must be upheld! So, I soldiered on through the craven pinkness, less of a man than I was before so that you may know which group sucked the least on the shittiest show of the season.

Typesetting. I liked it.

Here’s a hint to help you remember how to phrase things like this: Replace the plural with another plural. I like men. Well, I don’t actually like men. I like the word in its use for this example, and– Okay, fuck it. Moving on.

teachers -> men

So, this would read “Come with me to the men room for a moment.” Obviously, that’s not gonna fly. You need to show ownership here and make it men’s room. Similarly, this line should be teachers’ room.


“in the public”? How about just “in public”

I hope she was able practice, too.

a my draft, huh? Oh, Fail-15~

it’s = it is

its = its (ownership)

Timing fail.


Watchability: Watchable. It’s not like you’re watching this show for the amazing dialogue.

Overall grade: B-

Some pretty significant mistakes, the font, and a lack of karaoke lead me to recommend NotSoHorrible for this show.

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  1. Awful font.

    That aside, this is the only show I’m actually watching this season at present >_>

    oh, btw NotSoHorrible dropped this show now, as did Chiki.

  2. Lol, I think I did pretty decent considering the fact that this is my first fagrip and that I’m doing it by myself. As for the errors, they are just the result of shitty QCing. When you have to type, edit and QC one script, you miss things. Yea, this show is a fucking piece of shit. I guess I’m doing it just for the lulz since I knew no one would try to sub it. Lastly, a re-review wouldn’t hurt, considering my future episodes will have OP and ED, along with (hopefully) better QCing. Changing the font color too, lol.

    • Awfully defensive >_> B is a respectable grade. I even said to D_S on irc:

      [07/08 21:33:46] <_firebird_> B-tier for a one man guy whose never fansubbed before is pretty damn good, imo.

      (yes I put guy instead of group. I failed.)

      The font is awful, but the other errors aren’t going to impact on watchability too much, they just create some mild annoyance (or major, if you’re D_S, who likes men btw.)

      B-tier doesn’t seem like it needs a rereview to me, but hey, what do I know :P

      • Oh, wow. After reading over my previous posts, I realize that I sound like a fucking whiner. It seems I have forgotten my purpose in asking for a review, which is to see if I can do better than shitty Chiki. And since I am successful, there’s no need for a re-review (who knows, I may get a worse grade if I got one). Also, thanks Dark_Sage for even reviewing this shitty show with my shitty subs.

  3. why is most people think R-15 show sucks? I kinda think this show isn’t bad but not good either. Too bad, there’s only censored ecchi. If not, this show might have boost up a little bit.


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