Translation Party: [Aho-Taku vs Doki vs Hiryuu] Ro-Kyu-Bu!

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Aho-Taku vs. Doki vs. Hiryuu. HorribleSubs was disqualified because they released their episode 6 as episode 7.

Episode 7.

14 comparisons.

Hiryuu :: A-Amazing!
There are this many types?
>Was your other pair from the same brand?

Doki :: Wow, there are so many.
>Is this the same brand as your old shoes?

Aho-Taku :: A-Amazing.
There’s so many!
>Were your old ones this brand?

Hiryuu :: When do you start swimming lessons at your school?
>Directly after the next round of tests.
Captain, you’re also good at swimming, aren’t you?

Doki :: When do you guys start swimming at Nashiba?
>Right after tests finish.
The president is quite good at swimming, right?

Aho-Taku :: When does Nashiba start with swimming?
>Right after the upcoming tests.
Captain, you’re pretty good at swimming, aren’t you?

Hiryuu :: Hold his hand or get him to hold your shoulder.
>You’re like a grownup, Tomoka.
>>That’s so nice. I want to be hugged tightly too.

Doki :: You’ll need to do things like hold hands or have him hold your shoulders.
>Tomoka-chan is so grown-up.
>>That’s nice.
>>I want to him to hold my shoulders, too.

Aho-Taku :: You’ve gotta hold his hand, or get him to caress your shoulder!
>Tomoka-chan, you’re a young lady now!
>>How nice. Hina wants to be caressed, too.

Hiryuu :: The other day he coached a small girl and looked like he’s used to it.
>Strange. In middle school he was always uncomfortable around girls.
>Although you two acted like a married couple.
>Or, maybe, like a slapstick comedian pair?

Doki :: A while back, he also talked about teaching an amateur girl as if he was used to it.
>Oh. He seemed to be pretty awkward about talking to girls in middle school.
>He had a pretty good husband/wife relationship with you, President.
>Actually, it was more of a “you hit him” relationship.

Aho-Taku :: The other day, when he was helping out that girl, it looked like he was used to teaching.
>Right. Back in middle school he seemed uncomfortable talking to us girls.
>Although you two were like a husband and wife comedy duo, Captain.
>Or should I say, a slapstick comedy duo.

Hiryuu :: But, Hasegawa-sensei,
shouldn’t you study for your tests?
Basketball will start again next year, won’t it?
You’ll get kicked out if your grades are too bad, you know?

Doki :: By the way, Hasegawa-sensei, I still think you should study for your tests.
The basketball club will be reinstated next year, right?
If you fail your exams, that won’t happen.

Aho-Taku :: But on that note, Hasegawa-sensei,
don’t you think you’d better study for your exams?
They’re reinstating the basketball team next year, aren’t they?
They won’t let you on the team if your grades are bad.

Hiryuu :: We’ll meet next Sunday at your house.
Think of it as part of your learning schedule. Don’t forget about it!
>Sunday, right?
>It’ll be okay. Should I forget, she’ll kill me.

Doki :: If that’s the case, we’ll meet at your house next Sunday.
This is in preparation for our tests, so you better not forget your promise.
>Sunday, right?
>It’ll be fine.
>If I forget, I’ll be killed.

Aho-Taku :: Then let’s make it next Sunday, at your place.
Think of it as part of your test schedule. Don’t forget!
>Sunday, is it?
>Don’t worry. If I forget, she’ll kill me.

Hiryuu :: I really care about you a lot!
>Way to go, Airi! He confessed to you again!
>>And me? Do you care about me?

Doki :: You’re amazing, Airi!
>He confessed to you again!
>>What about Hina?
>>Am I cherished, too?

Aho-Taku :: You know I care deeply for you!
>Airin, that’s awesome! You got confessed to again!
>>What about Hina? Do you care for Hina?

Hiryuu :: Jeez, Maho.
And Hina, you too.
I’ve told you not to listen to everything Maho says.
>What? We just wanted his take on our swimsuits.

Doki :: Gosh, Maho!
And Hina, haven’t I been telling you not to listen to everything Maho tells you?
What’s wrong?
>I just asked him to choose a swimsuit.

Aho-Taku :: For goodness’ sake, Maho! You too, Hina!
Don’t I always tell you not to listen to everything Maho says?
>What? We just wanted his opinion on our swimsuits.

Hiryuu :: I don’t know what’s wrong with you,
but you can get some strange hobby and ruin your life for all I care!

Doki :: I don’t know what you’re up to, but you can keep your twisted interests and throw your life away!

Aho-Taku :: I don’t know what you’re up to,
but you can get yourself involved in some weird hobby, and ruin your life for all I care!

Hiryuu :: All this belongs to the Misawa family.
Amazing, isn’t it?

Doki :: This whole place is the Misawa family residence.
It’s amazing, right?

Aho-Taku :: Yes. This is the entire property of the Misawa household.
It’s amazing, isn’t it?

Hiryuu :: Sorry to keep you waiting.
I’m an employee of the Misawas.
My name is Kuina Hijiri.

Doki :: Sorry to have kept you waiting.
I am in the service of the Misawa family.
My name is Kuina Hijiri.

Aho-Taku :: Sorry for the delay, and welcome, I work at the Misawa household.
My name is Kuina Hijiri.

Hiryuu :: Don’t! If you look away, there’s no point to it!
Airin is very shy, so she wants to hide when being looked at, got it?
However, she can only hide in the pool here.

Doki :: Don’t look away!
There’s no point if Subarun doesn’t look.
Airin is shy, so if Subarun looks at her, she’ll try to hide herself.
But here, there’s no other place to hide apart from in the pool.

Aho-Taku :: No! Subarun, if you’re not looking then it defeats the purpose!
Airin is shy, so when you see her, she wants to hide.
However, the only place to hide here is the pool!

Hiryuu :: It totally didn’t look like you were jealous of Airi and thought that you want to touch him too!
>I wasn’t thinking that!

Doki :: No one would be able to tell that you were jealous of Airi and wanted to have some attention, too!
>I didn’t think like that!

Aho-Taku :: It totally didn’t look like you were jealous of Airi just now and were thinking, “I want to do that too!” or anything!
>I wasn’t thinking that!

Hiryuu :: I fell out of a boat when I was little.
I’m fine as long as I can keep my feet on the ground
and my head over water.

Doki :: A long time ago, I fell off a boat, and since then…
As long as my feet could touch the bottom and my head was above the water, I would be fine.

Aho-Taku :: I fell from a boat, and ever since then…
If I can keep my feet on the ground and head above water, I can manage.

N/A :: they’re all pretty bad

Hiryuu :: Group 1

Doki :: Group 2

Aho-Taku :: Group 3

N/A :: all of them are shit


37 thoughts on “Translation Party: [Aho-Taku vs Doki vs Hiryuu] Ro-Kyu-Bu!”

  1. I thought Group 3 nailed it, then I saw their comma splice, I don’t get why people still do it, don’t they teach proper comma usage in primary schools nowadays?

  2. Why is this called ‘Translation Party’ if we are looking mostly at what the editor did?

    Aynway, my score:


    Both Hiryuu and Aho-Taku were pretty good. Doki is too literal and it doesn’t feel like a conversation at all.

    • Editors fix and improve scripts; they don’t reconstruct them. What you’re looking at here is, at the most base level, the responsibility of the translator. There’s really no other word for this unless you want to get really technical and have me call it Subtitle Party.

      Maybe Ro-Kyu and its lack of differing translations didn’t convince you, but if you look at Mawaru’s, hardly anyone chose ZUM despite their QC and Editing being the best of all the groups (in their self-contained release, the editing is impressive). How would people come to that conclusion if this were an Editing Party or a QC party? What, then, am I to call this besides Translation Party?

  3. Group 2 (Doki) all the way, best translation in my opinion. The other 2 weren’t bad, but I found Doki’s translation being better.

  4. 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1

    they definitely nailed it *looks at spoiler* omg!! its hiryuu!! these guys are awesome. would definitely go with them if i did watch this loli smut.

  5. 2, 3, 3, 1, 3, 3, 1, 3, 1, 3, 3, 1, 3, 3
    Hiryuu: 4 votes
    Doki: 1 vote
    Aho-Taku: 9 votes
    “HorribleSubs was disqualified because they released their episode 6 as episode 7.” LOL
    Thanks for watching Ro-Kyu-Bu. This TL Party is much better than the Mawaru one.

    • Oh shit, they had a release. No, they weren’t included because they decided to name their release differently than everyone else’s, so when I searched for Ro-Kyu, they didn’t show up.

      Guess I should add them… Fuck.

      Edit: gonna have to do that later, much later….

                  • You’ll want to create a statement that includes the following:

                    1. What the bubbles are for (obviously for choosing which line we think is best)
                    2. Where answer submission is (after the 14th comparison)
                    3. What the results will tell us (how many times we chose a particular group)

                    Copy/paste this statement into every translation party from now on. The website will constantly attract new visitors. So I think you should never assume that people will know ahead of time how this system works.

                    And please treat my comment as a suggestion rather than a complaint. I already knew how this system would work from reading previous comments. It’s also fine that the explanation was not included here because I know that you’re only using this post as a test.

                    • Oh, definitely. And you’re right that this is a test post (puddi actually updated it as a surprise — I haven’t touched the post since I made it).

                      I’m interested in seeing how people respond to the translation parties because there are going to be quite a few of them.

  6. Oh my god, my translations weren’t all blindly considered bad just because aho had anything to do with it.

    Though seriously, hurray for our styling, I have the aesthetic sense of a drunk baboon fucking a goat while on LSD. I’m surprised most of this was even considered “decent”.
    Though admittedly I had help from the others >_o

  7. The funny thing with our RKB releases is that most episodes are done by two translators, and even that keeps rotating. This episode and episodes 1 and 2 were the only ones I worked on; w0lf from Ahodomo and puddi from EveTaku handled the rest. I don’t know who edits, but I believe that’s even more variable than the translators… I was much chagrined to discover, upon rewatching this release, that one of the editors hates ending punctuation.

    … and I apologize for the OP font, that was me. ._.

  8. Damn, this is the episode I didn’t get to QC despite staying up late. Damn Minecrafting TL’ers wasting people’s precious sleep.

  9. I think you are right, Dark-sage. Translation is the key to these. Too bad we couldn’t just take lines from this one and that one and make an excellent sub.

  10. hmm im actually just starting and am comparing Aho-taku with Hiryuu. Aho-takus font is killing me, but i think i like their translation better. Hiryuu makes flat out errors. I.e. in the first epp calling the aunt his cousin, ect..

    which one are most of you guys going with? I’ll have to read this over better and think i’ll go ahead and watch them back to back for a few more epps. I’ve only compared the first so far

  11. The word cousin appears a grand total of one time in the first episode of Hiryuu. In that instance Mihoshi is talking about Subaru. This means the translation is perfectly correct and your statement is, well, not. :p
    Got any actual examples of a wrong translation?

    I mean, going by the screenshots above the translations of Hiryuu and AhoTaku are pretty much identical, with only editing being different. I can spot one point where our editing might’ve been to liberal, and one line where AhoTaku made a mistake – everything else differs just in words.

    • Wait… Mihoshi is talking about Subaru, calls him “cousin,” and that’s correct?

      Last I checked a cousin is the child of your parent’s sibling. Mihoshi is the younger sister of Subaru’s mom. That makes Subaru her nephew, and Mihoshi his aunt.

      As for whether this is a matter of translation or editing, I’m just going to say that 99% of the time I’m responsible for the wording of my own translation, and so far as I know the same applies to w0lf and puddi. It’s not my job to Google translate vocabulary from Japanese to English so that an editor can turn it into something readable. My job is to transfer meaning from one language to another, and that means paying as much attention to the English I write as I pay to the Japanese I’m interpreting. I realize not all groups are like this, but that’s how I roll.

  12. I actually didn’t cheat this time around, and by the sixth or seventh example it was plain to see that the second group (Doki) had the most English-friendly version. However I have to say that Hiryuu were a close second, and all three were watchable. There was also a pretty close consensus on the meaning of the phrases, which seems to indicate that the translations were accurate for the most part.


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