Fansub Review: [tidal~] HunterXHunter (Episode 01)

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Because it essentially shares the same script as UnMabushii Corp there isn’t much to review at all. tl;dr: tidal: slightly better script/file size  un: slightly better typesetting, defaults to Spanish at first. I’d have to recommend Tidal, but neither will give much of a different viewer experience.

Release format: MKV (10-bit, 267 MB)


In terms of karaoke/script… neither use karaoke and the scripts are almost identical, though Tidal had one or two changes to the script that I liked more than what Un had. The typesetting is only slightly different, but I guess I’ll add some screenshots here.

Overall: Just read Un’s review I linked at the top. It will give you all the information you need to know about my thoughts on the script. tidal did a few things differently such as changing Bounty Hunter to Blacklist Hunter, which was a good call. Honestly, I’d just get whichever’s quicker of the two if you decide you like what you see.

I’ll have a more in-depth review of Tsuki’s coming up next and my recommendation as to which group has the best version.

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  1. I LOVE YOU Dark_Sage! Now I can finally decide what fansub I will choose for this marvelous anime. Thank you very much for your hard work!

  2. Thanks for the review. I just wanted to point out that one of the errors mentioned in the other post was already fixed.

    “Does that require that you become a Hunter?” -> “Does that require you to become a Hunter?”

    As far as OP/ED goes, I have the OP translated but I can’t really understand the ED all that well. I also don’t know how to make karaoke or anything so when I include it in the next release it will just be plain-text English.

    In regards to the naming issue, thanks for the link to that Hunterpedia site. I will use that as a reference for all names from now on. Expect a v2 of Ep01 with OP translated and names fixed and all future releases to follow the same pattern.

    This goes for anyone out there, I am not opposed to criticism. Please stop by my website and leave a comment if you notice anything wrong or something that I could have done better. I don’t have much experience in fansubbing but I try. :)

  3. Thank you tidal~!
    I appreciate very much your initiative of coming here and assuring fans of your work, the cause of some actions and future plans.
    I really hope you keep the good work, especially the maintenance of the use of “Genei Ryodan”. I expect, as well, even though this is personal, the use of “Kuruta”, “Kurapika”, “Kuroro Lucifer”, “Ging”, “Killua”, “Illumi”, “Kalluto”, “Leorio”, “Senritsu”, etc.
    Thank you again!

  4. First release and it’s already this good? LONG LIVE tidal~!!!
    Regarding the names, I agree almost totally with lanabi’s settlement, but some people may not. Possibly you could insert a separate subtitle for those, exactly like the other, but with names changed.
    One thing that I want to emphasize, though, is some classic names that have been used for a long time: “York Shin” and “Genei Ryodan”. Please, get away from “York New” and “Phantom Troupe”, that doesn’t fit.
    Don’t follow the Hunterpedia literally as well, in some cases, the spoken version is better, as in: “Kuroro Lucifer” instead of “Chrollo Lucilfer” or “Pokkuru” instead of “Pokkle”. But these are exceptions, almost all the rest is OK.
    Another thing, maintain it as “Blacklist Hunter” instead of “Bounty Hunter” if possible, as Dark_Sage already stated, that sounds better.
    Sorry for whining so much, but look at the site’s name! That’s what we do here! hehehehe
    Hope you the best, my friend! tidal~ banzai!

  5. I realize this isn’t my website so I apologize in advanced for having this discussion here.

    @lannabi/alluki: If you guys could provide a list of names you think are the acceptable versions I’ll save it as a reference.

    @alluki: Yes, I remembered the term Blacklist Hunter from the first time I watched the show over ten years ago, that’s why I have it that way.

    As far as Genei Ryodan goes, in Ep01 I have it as Phantom Troupe. The reason for this is that Genei Ryodan [幻(gen)影(ei)旅(ryo)団(dan)] cleanly translates. 幻影(Phantom/Illusion) 旅団(Troupe/Brigade). If I were to do a second track with Genei Ryodan instead it would most certainly be the secondary track.

    Right now I’m trying to learn karaoke since people seem to really want it. I already have a version of the OP with the English translation timed and everything but no flying romaji just yet.

    Also, if you don’t mind, if we continue this conversation let’s do it over at my site and leave this for more comments about the review.


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