Fansub Review: [UnMabushii Corp.] HunterXHunter (Episode 01)

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All right, fine. Let’s start the night out with some HunterXHunter. I like this series. It’s sugoi. But how are UnMabushii’s subs?


Lol, what? Yes, they released their episode one with  chaptered Opening and Ending… but they didn’t have any karaoke… in English. It’s all in Japanese. Why?

… I guess for the crowd that realllly hates file size this’d be okay, but then why the fuck is their release by itself 434 MB?

For the unwashed masses that don’t know what I’m talking about, sometimes a group splits off the opening and ending of an anime and releases them separately so that their next releases don’t need to have the opening/ending. This makes them smaller because the file links to the opening/ending files you already have downloaded. Chihiro does this a lot. But the point is missed when a group created a 434 MB file WITHOUT the opening/ending.

tl;dr not brotastic.


Hmm, okay, so they’re styling this in Spanish for the beginning. Interesting choice, but I can deal.

Wait a second, this has been going on for a bit too long. Let’s skip to…

Oh Jesus Christ, this is a Spanish fansub. Fuck.

Overall grade: ?

I can understand Spanish, but not enought to rate the quality of their release. Gomen.



… but wait a second! There’s a second script on this release. The English is secondary to the Spanish, eh? Well, fine. Let’s see how it goes.

Release Format: MKV (10-bit, 434 MB + Chaptered OP/ED)

Japanesiness: Honorifics. Yubikiri Genma song used.

Font: Lowercase q’s appear as uppercase q’s. Not a fan of that.


Same song and dance as before. Blehhhh



Also suitable.

Again. Okay, I think you get the drift.


Okay, this Japanese bullshit needs to stop. Yubikiri genma is not a fucking better tune than the “pinky swear” song. Nor is it more culturally significant. People can take this Nihongo Banzai crap and shove it right down their wapanese throats.

“Cross my heart and hope to die. Stick a needle in my eye.”

It’s even got the motherfucking needle bit. It’s English, so fucking use it.


I can make an exception in this case. Gon drags out the “Chuuuuu” part in the Japanese line for like 15 seconds, which has no English equivalent.

So you sneak by this time, UnMabushii. Barely.

~No penalty~

They use Kurta instead of Kuruta. And Kurapica instead of Kurapika. Does this really matter? No. I’m not gonna factor it in. But some of you who live on Hunterpedia might care.

“Does that require you to become a Hunter?”

Avoid needless repetition whenever possible. English has a lot of workarounds, so use them.

Accent required here to reflect natural intonations.

“But you did catch me.”


Watchability: Quite watchable unless you really love karaoke.

Overall grade: B+

The lack of OP/ED TL and a few script issues don’t change the fact that this is a good release. Don’t be fooled by the Spanish in the beginning. You can turn that shit to English real easy. This is apparently a CrunchyRoll edit, so we’ll see how the other groups fare for the show in comparison to this release.

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  1. This is a decent Latin American group. They don’t have karaokes of the OP and ED because they translate from english using the CR script, the spanish and latin american groups only do translations from the english, because in those country don’t exist any decent way to learn japanese.

    Probably they’ll release a V2 of the OP and ED with karaokes very soon. And with respect of the english script in the file, it’s just crunchyroll subs (without any fix on the script) with typesetting (the spanish subs tend to have pretty good typesetting, or decent at least). It’s better than HorribleSubs release at least, because this have better font/typesetting and better encode.

    • Ah, this is a joint between Mabushii and UnAnime Corp..

      And in the release note of UnAnime Corp they written a note for the english users too:

      For english users
      – We are using English Subs by HS (restyled, ofc).
      – It probably has the best quality you could get for this series.
      – OP and ED’s subtitles will be added when the official lyrics come.

      Btw, I didn’t leave the english subs as default, so you may want to add priority for ’em (see: Haali’s options ).

    • TL;DR: They don’t translated the OP and ED because they don’t know japanese, and for the moment don’t existed any english translation of it. And I am practicing my writing in english, lol.

  2. Hey, can you check the other groups?tidal~ and Tsuki are also doing this.
    I only hope at least one group use Kuruta, Kuroro Lucifer, York Shin, Kurapika, Kurotopi, Ging, Tompa, Pakunoda, Pokkuru, Kaito, Senritsu, Kalluto, Illumi,Genei Ryodan etc. instead of Kurta, Chrollo Lucifer, York New, Kurapica, Kortopi, Gin, Tomp, Pacunoda, Pokkle, Kite, Melody, Karuto, Irumio, Phantom Troup,etc.

    Illumi and Kalluto MUST be written as this, because, when re-arranged, the letters can form “Killua”.

    • Tidal’s script is essentally the same as UnMabushii’s. Tsuki differentiated their script a lot more. I actually planned on doing those next, so if you can wait a bit, I’ll have my recommendations squared away soon.

  3. ”That does require you to become a hunter?” -> You need to be a hunter for that? Flows much better.

    ”But you did catch me”

    It’s usually better not to emphasize random words, specially when they are being said by a character. At the very least, it’s a matter of choice, so it shouldn’t be marked as an error.

    • I can appreciate the first change. True, it is better. But it’s one of those things I wouldn’t really call out because the difference between the two phrases isn’t exactly massive.

      It’s not a random word. This is how we speak and intonate in English. It is actually required if you want to reflect how a native speaker would say the phrase through subtitles. I could post a voice clip of myself saying the line or something if you think that’d help explain it. I do voice lines in my head, so when something’s off from a natural perspective it’s easier for me to determine.

      • I don’t like to emphasize words, but I guess I can admit it can be useful. However, ‘But you did catch me’ requires no word to be emphasized. Why? Because ‘did’ is already being used as an emphasize-word; would be redundant to emphasize it.

  4. Wait, CR used “Kurapica”? The Horriblesubs release uses “Kurapika”, and I thought they never actually changed the script like that


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