Fansub Review: [Yagami] Kimi to Boku (Episode 01)

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Kimi to Boring’s up now.

Release Format: MKV (8-bit, 189 MB), MKV (10-bit, 127 MB)

Japanesiness: Honorifics.



Both the Opening and the Ending were plain, and the colors/fonts weren’t exactly helping.



These are fine. Not everything was typeset, but the more important signs were.

This is just the name of the anime. Shoulda been easy to do.



Simply to fit the standard they’d been going with for the entire episode, this should be “Manga Society”.

This doesn’t work. Try “That was because Yuta and I…”

Trick: Drop the “and Yuta” and try to read the line. “That was because me…” <- Reads terribly, so go with “I”.  “That was because I…” <- Much better.


Watchability: Quite watchable.

Overall grade: A-

Mediocre typesetting/karaoke + a great script. They did a good job, although I wish they touched up their aesthetics a bit more.

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  1. About “me and x” versus “x and I,” I don’t think it’s that important of a correction. To begin with, many people say “me and so and so” anyways, and it’s pretty universally understood, even if technically incorrect. No idea if it’s true, but a couple of years back, I actually heard that some group of big name English language people wanted to turn “me and whoever” into the ‘correct’ usage, rather than what’s really the correct usage.

    • People are always trying to do shit with my language. They can fuck right off. As it is, it’s a shitty phrasing.

      You want people to talk like “Me went to the store today”? Because “John and me went to the store today” is the same damn thing.

    • I’d use either one depending on the way the person in question speaks.
      For example, use ‘X and I’ if the person speaks in a deliberate and/or sophisticated manner, and either ‘me and X’ or ‘X and me’ if the person speaks like a ‘normal’ person.

      • What the hell kind of “normal” people are you hanging around with? It’s “sophisticated” to not talk like ghetto trash these days? Boy am I outdated.

      • The only time they refer to themselves as ‘me’ is when including another person. I don’t like it either, but the majority of students I’ve overheard at uni talk like this. I can only hope that the students in the Arts wing speak with a little more love for the English language.

  2. Eh, translating ___研究部 as “___ Society” is a tad bit liberal.

    It’s literally research club. Manga Club or Comic Club would’ve been fine.

  3. Oh wow these guys stole our kara + typesetting. Talk about lazy fucks. The only thing they changed was the Next episode title preview to be smaller. I wouldn’t be surprised if they just straight up re-muxed our script.

    From [sage], btw.

    • Follow-up to this:

      The situation was resolved. The only thing that happened was Yagami’s leader received karaoke from his friend that he didn’t know came from another group. It was just a mistake; nothing malicious. Zed’s been extremely apologetic about this and he’s been handling himself like a fucking gentleman.

      tl;dr: Shit seems to be resolved, so no drama here.


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