Fansub Review: [Doki] Shakugan no Shana Season 3 (Episode 01)

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Shana time.

Release Format: MKV (8-bit 666 MB), MKV (?-bit, 321 MB)

Japanesiness: Honorifics. Japanese name order.



Opening. It worked well enough.

Ending. Not exactly a fan of what they did here. It looks really old school and… bad. Surely they had something better available than this random template…



The typesetting definitely stands out in its surroundings.



Yay, triple-liner. No alternate fonts for the other lines? Really? That stuff is kind of important.

So for this whole section there were conversations flying all around the place that were hard to follow. Not too good.

What are they ridding the villains from? The world? Then say that.

“Tools known as Flame Hazes are created to rid the world of the villains that distort the balance.”

groundwork is one word.

Let’s split this up.

Line 1: I ended up not checking on how Satou was doing.

Line 2: Maybe Oga-chan realised that I’m avoiding Margery-san.

Trying to sort out these tenses is making my brain hurt. Let’s alleviate my pain.

“If that were true, isn’t it strange that these letters haven’t disappeared yet?”

“defining force”? What does this even mean? I’m completely lost on this part.


Watchability: Watchable.

Overall grade: B-

Yeah, Doki’s was fine. Some errors/issues, but not release killers. You’d be fine with this.

Now onto the other two groups that have released so far. I’ll have a recommendation on the best one later tonight.

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  1. These subs are not watchable. Shitloads of elementary TL mistakes.

    You would get a completely distorted story if you followed them. Maybe they are Denizens of Guze.

    I’ll be making a side-by-side comparison soon for this show.

  2. For the most part, I take the blame as QC, although I got really screwed on one of them. Let me enumerate:

    1) The “3-liner.” CASE SENSITIVITY IS THE DEVIL! (Yes, all the *NIX ‘tards will be out in force to accuse me of blasphemy, but case sensitivity really does suck.) While fiddling with styles, I ended up having a style called “Default-Alt” while the script lines were set to “Default-alt.” In Aegisub, everything displayed correctly. In everyone’s players…not so much.

    2) “Ground work” This is actually the wrong word altogether. I thought the editor was trying to use an equivalent of “leg work,” and in context it really didn’t seem like she was talking about “groundwork,” i.e., “foundation,” but rather getting off her ass and going places to investigate…stuff. So I left it as “ground work.” I should have changed it to “leg work,” but even then I’d have been wrong because I just discovered it’s actually “legwork.” (Personally, I think that looks dumb as one word….)

    3) The line about the letters. I hated this line. As much as it may hurt your brain, at least it’s better than it was. But I take responsibility for not making it better yet. Sorry.

    4) “defining force.” Hated this one, too. Questioned it. Didn’t get a good answer and said “screw it.” Again, my fault.

    • Don’t beat yourself up over it Paw, I’m sure you guys will eventually be releasing the Blurays of this show when those come out right? So you’l probably fix those things then. ; ) Still, with SS-Eclipse as a possible alternative, I’m gonna have to monitor this show closely to see which version I’m gonna choose in the ned…

      • UPDATE: Just read 8th’s review on the translation of these 3 groups, and Doki failed HORRIBLY! Paw, I don’t know who you guys used as a translator for this show, but you should have Holo “fire” him right away. :-/ I love Doki, and I know you guys assign different people to different projects, and I know that the likes of for instance Thaerin always do a good job, but whoever subbed this show for you guys did a terrible job. I’m gonna have to go with SS-Eclipse this time around. :-/ Also, tell Ixlone to chill out and not go in defense-mode so easily. He dismissed 8th’s review right away without giving it a thought, and called him a fansub-review wannabe. ;-/ That’s not cool.


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