Fansub Review: [Commie] Shakugan no Shana Season 3 (Episode 01)

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Commie’s the fastest and their release is hands-down the best. Why would you look elsewhere?

Release format: MKV (10-bit, 419 MB)

Japanesiness: No honorifics. Guzen Tomato or w/e is translated into Crimson Denizen.



Opening. Good font/color choice.

Ending. Really blends in too much with the various backgrounds. Hard to read. Not a fan of this.

Oh well, 1/2 isn’t that bad.



The typesetting’s fine. I accept this.



Or you could go with “Can’t I do anything?”, which is a lot smoother.

“I had quite a few preparations to make.”

No reason to use “Let’s” here unless we’re to assume that Shana + Pendant-kun are writing together. Just go with I’ll instead.

could -> can

Let’s have the tenses make sense here, kthx.

Watchability: Quite watchable.

Overall grade: B+

I really don’t see why you’d go with another group for this. Commie did a bang-up job.

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  1. >> “Can I really do nothing?”

    This is probably where I as a stubborn translator would put my foot down in front of my editor (assuming I had an editor who actually pointed out these sorts of things) and say, “No, you’re not changing that.” Yes, it essentially means the same thing as “can’t I do anything?” but there is a subtle and, if you ask me, important difference in the nuance.

    When you ask, “Can’t I do anything?” there’s the possibility that the answer is yes, there is something you can do. You’re basically asking, “Can I do anything?” but more pessimistically.

    On the other hand, when you ask, “Can I really do nothing?” your assumption is that you can do nothing, and you are merely asking for confirmation. There’s a stronger feeling of hopelessness.

  2. The only thing that I don’t like from Commie’s Shana is the dialogue font. It’s unusual for Commie to use that kind of font for dialogues.

  3. I think you go elsewhere for the consistency. Maybe Eclipse has poor grammar, but they have awesome TL’s, and that’s what everyone watched for season 1 and 2. I had to go look up what the heck a Crimson Denizen was, but I understood all the terms in Eclipse’s release. I guess if you don’t care about cross-season consistency, Commie’d be fine enough though.

    • Yeah, kind of attached to the terms and the honorifics and whatnot. But I guess that’s the benefit of fansubs. You are not restricted to just one option.


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