Fansub Review: [EveTaku] Ben-to (Episode 04)

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Good gods, this show is great.

Release format: MKV (10-bit, 308 MB), MKV (8-bit, 367 MB), AVI (199 MB)

Japanesiness: Honorifics.




Opening. Yes, that first screenshot is Japan trying its own karaoke in the middle.

Ending. It fits.



This is the episode title. Each OP has a different one embedded in it.

I can’t be the only one who really likes seeing profiles translated. The name of a store, for example, is much less important.

Loving the sticker.





Nice. Really, really nice. Clever phrasing like this is something I wish I had more opportunities to touch on. Unfortunately, most groups can’t even get error management right, so I can’t touch on the heart of good editing until they get their shit together. Just wanted to take this time to congratulate EveTaku on the great work here.

First I praise you and now this. EveTaku, you’re making me look bad. :S

“Satou, let’s play a game!”

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ^ Here’s a free supply of question marks for you to use in the future. Enjoy.


Watchability: Quite watchable.

Overall grade: A-

Yes, this is the EveTaku I remember. Nothing like that shitty rush job on Kamisama no Memo-chou in Summer 2011. Pretty sure these are the ones to go with for Ben-to, but I’ll be checking out Shikkaku’s release next.

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  1. Usually I’d agree with your comment regarding the profile/shop names. However, for Bento, the store names are mentioned on a semi-regular basis and therefore are more important for this show imo.

    That said, there is a dramatic pan and pause on the profile, I don’t know what it says of course, but perhaps it added to the experience.

    Either way, I’d have liked to of seen it done, I just feel shop > profile for this show.

    But, I was a total fanboy for EveTaku’s release, I only compared ep01, but preferred EveTaku to Shikkaku personally – not that Shikkaku were bad.

    Also, another useless comment: This show rocked!

  2. There were various factors that made typesetting that profile a lot more difficult than it might appear. For one thing, where to place the text? I could have covered up the Japanese, but the background is not a solid color. Not to mention the scene fades-in, zooms a bit, then transitions into the eyecatch. It’s still possible, of course, but more trouble than it was worth.

    Long story short, I got to that scene, watched it, thought for 2 seconds, and said, “Nope.”

    Anyway, thanks for the review~


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