Short Fansub Review: [Hadena] Recorder to Randoseru (Episode 01)

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And Winter 2012 continues.

Release format: MKV (35 MB, 8-bit)

Japanesiness: Honorifics. “Sis” instead of “Nee-san”

Note: This anime is only three minutes long.

Group website:

8thsin’s translation critique: N/A

Ji-hi’s screenshot comparisons:



Expert-level karaoke.



All right, that’s… acceptable.

This works. Wow, Hadena’s on a roll!

Mother of god, what the fuck happened here?




Capitalize “sis”. It follows the same rules as “Mother” or “Grandpa”, for example.

“That’s my sister.” “Hey, Sis!”  <- example of how to differentiate it. You wouldn’t say, “That’s my Joanne.”, but you could say “Hey, Joanne!”


Watchability: Watchable.

Overall grade: Pass

When the ending makes up 1/6th of the entire show and you don’t sub it, that’s a problem. Overall, though, it’s not too terrible of a release. But due to its short length, I hold the subs to a higher standard.

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  1. I wonder if anyone who’s ever written about this show in English is actually aware that that weird word at the end of the title is actually spelled “ränzel”.

    Yes, I know the “official English title” spells it this way. That just makes it even more retarded.

      • Yeah, Dutch “ransel”, German “ränsel”… same word, really (but yeah, Japan probably got it from Dutch, my bad).

        …why the fuck does Wikipedia have an article on the Japanese word? These things sure as hell aren’t unique to Japan.

        • Well, I stumbled upon “ränsel” which is ofc completely wrong. In German (I guess its the same way with Dutch) all nouns are written with capital letters. So it is “Ranzen” which is a special type of schoolbag for little children. It is bigger and has stabilized side panels made out of plastic or other hard materials.

          My approach for a pronunciation is “run-tss-n” for Ranzen. Well I guess its close enough.
          Since I never heard the Dutch word, this approach might be pretty poor. “run-sell”

          We will never know how the Japanese got the “do” into their pronunciation xD. Closest might be the “tss”


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