Fansub Review: [Underwater] Another (Episode 01)

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This show. So good. Must have more.

And yes, it appears that I’m giving out A-tiers like candy this season. Is that bad? No, it’s fucking great. Means groups are putting effort into their releases that results in noticeable quality. This is exactly how fansubbing should be.

Release format: MKV (10-bit, 211 MB)

Japanesiness: No honorifics.

Group website:

8thsin’s translation critique:

Ji-hi’s screenshot comparisons:






The karaoke fit in exceedingly well on both accounts.



Math work, so not particularly important to typeset.

I had to double-check to see if Underwater added in the “Dad” or not. They did. That’s exactly the kind of typesetting I love — so natural you’d think the animation company put it in themselves.



Needless repetition here. You can switch the second line into something else, such as

“I’m sure you’ll adjust to it in no time.”

Why not just say “collapsed lung” instead of “pneumothorax”? The layman’s version is preferable so that people don’t need to stop the video and google what the word means. Additionally, it fits better with the next line which is something like “Yeah, I had one too.”


Watchability: Extremely watchable.

Overall grade: A

I loved the karaoke, the typesetting was good, and the script was fantastic. There’s very little to criticize. Good job, Underwater staff.

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  1. “Means groups are putting effort into their releases that results in noticeable quality. This is exactly how fansubbing should be.”

    Laying down the fucking law.

  2. There was nothing particularly wrong with the sections that you covered but the timing on this episode was absolutely horrendous. There were scene bleeds everywhere throughout the entire episode. For that reason this release definitely does not deserve an A. Any timer and QC should be able to spot these errors and there were too many to count.

    • I generally only comment on the timing if it’s quite obviously a legit mistake. Same goes for encoding. They’re definitely areas in which my reviews are lacking, but I don’t comment on them because I don’t feel comfortable I know anything close to enough about them to manage a fair critique. I apologize for my ignorance in this because you’re right in that it doesn’t offer a truly fair, comprehensive look at fansubs.

      Actually, when it comes to timing, I’m of the opinion that scene bleeds aren’t actually the Anti-Christ. “If the lines have to follow the voices, so be it”, is my thinking. So even when I’m in QC mode, I don’t really count that stuff as errors.

      • “If the lines have to follow the voices, so be it”

        I agree with that. There is a grey zone when it comes to cutting off the subs at a scene change and I wouldn’t call anything in that grey zone an error. What is a crime is when the voice does NOT cross the scene change but the subs do. This is distracting and the subs no longer serve a purpose since the voice isn’t there.

        As a timer and QC I can tell you that this release is full of these. Just wanted to inform any other readers since I strongly disagree with an “A” rating for this release. Usually I pretty much agree with the grade you give but the timing kills this for me. I heard that animeyoshi is doing this show so I’ll probably wait for them.

    • That’s highly amusing since the original CR timing was exceptional. Possibly the most consistent timing I’ve seen on a CR show in a long time.

  3. hi i tried to download Another episodes via the underwater website but they only seem to have script subtitles not typesetting as you described in this review. can you help??? where can you download typesetting subbed Another episodes??? Thanks!!!


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