Fansub Review: [Hadena] Zero no Tsukaima F (Episode 02)

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All right, folks. Every now and then I like to switch things up with my reviews and play around with the format. This release is an F no matter how you look at it, so how about I present it with a little flair? It’s time for: Hadena’s 20 Worst ZnT Mistakes!



When a list of errors starts out with a misspelled word as the least problematic thing, you know you’re in for a treat.



What the fuck? This is the only time I’ve ever seen a group leave “oba-san” untranslated in this context. If nothing else, Hadena deserves credit for breaking the boundaries of retardation. They’re really bringing fansubbing to a whole new level.



If had you subbed differently I might not have these urges to kill you all.



Possess, not posses. And that’s not even looking at the shitty phrasing of “knight army that specializes in dirty duties.” Good gods, it’s like fanfiction I’d write in the third grade. “The blade sword army was the meanest of the meanies.”



Should I give Hadena enough credit to assume this was an error they forgot to fix? No. I’m nearly 100% certain they thought this was how you spell “mustn’t”.



You know, this could have been fixed in five seconds by using the Spellcheck function in Aegisub. None of the three editors on this project could figure that out? Oh, that’s right. If they could, they wouldn’t be in Hadena. Maybe they should finsh themselves off.



Speaking of “supporting the evil”, did you know over 13,000 people downloaded this release? 13,000 people thought this was going to be acceptable. I think we need another plague.



It starts out all right with “Yesterday, the criminal who stole the”, but after that point it just falls apart. There are questions that need to be answered. What’s the difference between magical mirror and magic mirror? Why is she mentioning that he had brothers (he had a sister too. This should be “siblings”)? Why is “seemed to had ties behind our back” a possible combination of words in the English language?



Hadena sure didn’t consider about my eyes.



It’s “Look who’s talking.” How do you even add a question mark here? It’s like Hadena’s staff are being told what to do by the God of Retards.



Great, great work here. Truly classic QUALITY.



We’ve already established there are four users of void magic, so her line here, which implies she’s the only user of void magic, is just wrong.

In fact, that there are four void users is the entire plotline of this season. It’s the very reason the fucking season exists. How do you fuck this up?




What in the name of Saint English is going on here? If this were a horse, it would be put down. If this were a human, it would also be put down.



The line is “I will take care of this from now on.” What this says is “I am going to be fine from now on.”

… I don’t know why I even bother.



I find myself at a loss of words to describe just how much I hate Hadena.



If you can’t spell the name of the anime right, there’s really not much to be said.



When idiots breed, Hadena happens. It’s sad, but Hadena’s staff almost single handedly prove that eugenics is a good idea.



Fuck you, Hadena. Fuck you harder than anyone could ever be fucked.



There’s a period and there are words, but this is not a sentence.



There is nothing I could say that would do justice to this line. Hadena, you are truly amazing.



Even forgetting all the above-mentioned errors, you have some of the worst timing in a fansub release and some of the worst song translations of all time. No, really, read this shit:


Yes, those two go together.

Fantastic work.


Congratulations. You’re the worst fansubbers ever.

Watchability: Unwatchable.

Overall grade: F

58 thoughts on “Fansub Review: [Hadena] Zero no Tsukaima F (Episode 02)”

  1. I thought number six was the funniest.
    I’m more amazed about the number of people who downloaded it.
    Damn…I’m still waiting for SHiN to deliver.

  2. I have an announcement that must informed to Dark_Sage. My name is amused reader, Progeusz. Thank you for the Zero no Tsukiama F F review.
    @Ranzis, true, I can’t believe there even 1,000 downloads, not to mention 13,000.

  3. I really don’t understand how people who are clearly not even remotely fluent in English would go through the effort of translating something to English. It just doesn’t make sense. They have THREE editors on this show, but they more frequently and more dramatically fuck up than even groups with no substantial editing or QC.

  4. You know… I think that I could just fart at my keyboard, and that will have more editing done to the script than these guys ever have done.

    You’d probably get more sense watching the raw than watching this shit release.

    “My name is Editor of Hadena, Retard”

  5. Holy fuck, I understood most of the errors here, and yes the number sixth is fucking amusing XD. Hadena just stop subbing =____=. Thanks Sage for the review :)

  6. “Hi guys… We used new style [TL+Editing] in this release so if you like it or have any issue with it please let us know, we’d welcome any feedback.”

    Stop complaining! They’re using a TL+Editing structure in the way they’re subbing, which is way more than what any of us do!

  7. Thanks for the laughs, Mr. Sage. I would love to see more of these. And it’d be cool to see the same thing with A tier fansubs too (but listing the good things, you know what I mean).

      • Now that I think about it, talking about the good as well as the bad would probably be a welcome addition to the reviews. Fuck I’m gonna have to do an overhaul of the system next season.

        • Constantly evolving, aiming for perfection~
          Top 20 (or any other number) good things is great idea, I’d like to see it, it could also help me (and other people who have English as their second language) learn something new.

        • That’s a great idea. I remember you mentioned some well-written lines in a previous review. Your A-tier reviews only show groups that are stable; that is, they have little to no mistakes. It would be nice to see groups that are above average.

  8. This is what you get when your group members don’t know English all that well (hence the need for three editors) and rush QC to get your release out first.

  9. Wow. I mean, some of these errors are pretty bad, but #6 and spelling the name of the show wrong? Does ANYONE actually rewatch/QC the release?

    That was a rhetorical question, btw.

  10. I almost want to apply as an editor since this is just too pathetic to watch.

    However, if I did that, then I would have to watch ZnT.

    And I just don’t think it’d be worth it.

      • ‘sup jdp. You guys at Commie haven’t gone insane yet from all the stuff you’re doing this season? Hell, it almost made me feel like offering to lend a hand again but then again fuck timing timing sucks. Better to leave it to people who don’t get burned out after half a year (and being slowpoke.png definitely doesn’t help).

  11. wow. i thought i could laugh this long only at russian subs, but hadena is fucking hilarious.
    it’s like they’re trolling very very hard.
    if not, i’m surprised they managed to learn to use a keyboard…well, to some extent, they did…

    • To be fair, their this anon’s translation accuracy for first 10 mins of Ep1 was decent (this show was so shit that I had to stop watching).

      But I guess this person’s English is no good and editors are even more worthless.

      • I know it’s not really the translator’s fault when this sort of script is released. But still, would you want your name associated with this release?

      • So basically the translator’s japanese is good but his english is terribad. So his translation skillz should have a score of 50%.
        ( ¬‿¬)( ¬‿¬)( ¬‿¬)( ¬‿¬)( ¬‿¬)( ¬‿¬)( ¬‿¬)( ¬‿¬)( ¬‿¬)( ¬‿¬)( ¬‿¬)( ¬‿¬)( ¬‿¬)( ¬‿¬)( ¬‿¬)( ¬‿¬)( ¬‿¬)( ¬‿¬)( ¬‿¬)( ¬‿¬)( ¬‿¬)( ¬‿¬)( ¬‿¬)( ¬‿¬)( ¬‿¬)( ¬‿¬)( ¬‿¬)( ¬‿¬)( ¬‿¬)( ¬‿¬)( ¬‿¬)( ¬‿¬)( ¬‿¬)( ¬‿¬)( ¬‿¬)( ¬‿¬)( ¬‿¬)( ¬‿¬)( ¬‿¬)( ¬‿¬)( ¬‿¬)( ¬‿¬)( ¬‿¬)( ¬‿¬)( ¬‿¬)( ¬‿¬)( ¬‿¬)( ¬‿¬)( ¬‿¬)( ¬‿¬)( ¬‿¬)( ¬‿¬)( ¬‿¬)( ¬‿¬)( ¬‿¬)

  12. So, question. At what point do you just start assuming everything this group releases will be total dog shit and stop bothering to review them? Not that I think you should, because this shit is hilarious, I’m just curious exactly how much of their retardation you can take before saying “Fuck it, this isn’t even worth it anymore.”

  13. Ah, thats the reason, why the sub ob Shadow Subs is so faboulous….

    Good to know the reason behind the Hadena² aka Shadow-Sub quality :p

  14. Wow, that was one of the worst scripts I have ever seen. I laughed pretty hard reading the screenshots and the accompanying comments. A huge lol for the “Zero no Tsukiama” one. I think I’m going blind. >_>

  15. I was about to download something from Hadena because I’d never seen any of their work and figured it’d be like any other sub. Then i saw a link in their comments regarding their translations and it led to this.


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