Short Fansub Review: [CMS] Recorder to Randoseru (Episode 02)

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I did this one alongside CTSS-STINX’s so that’s why they both got posted at the same time.

Release format: MKV (31 MB, 10-bit)

Japanesiness: No honorifics.

Group website:

Note: This show is only three minutes long.

8thsin’s translation critique: N/A

Ji-hi’s screenshot comparisons:



Ending. This show has no opening.

Very plain.



Yeah, I’m digging it.

Kinda… big. Preferred what CTSS did here.


Kids Fair = Fair of kids

Kids’ Fair = Fair for kids

No TL and no overlap text. Nice. Real nice.



No real problems for this part (but some things I’d usually talk about here I left in the typesetting section), though there was this…

“Sis, take me with you whenever you go shopping, okay?”

“I’ll be counting on you from now on, then.”


CTSS had this as:

“You always take me along when you go shopping.”

“I’ll always need you.”


I thought CTSS’s line made more sense here since the guy was all opposed to going shopping before. Of course, I don’t know Japanese, so I could be wrong.


Watchability: Definitely watchable.

Overall grade: Pass.

CTSS-STINX vs. CMS… I’d go with this group if you don’t really mind bland karaoke. Otherwise, go with CTSS. They’re both pretty similar releases though. Hard to differentiate in three minutes alone.

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  1. 姉ちゃん、買い物にはいつも僕(を)連れて(い)くよね。

    I think CTSS has the right translation. Or I suck badly at Japanese.

  2. Yeah, CTSS is more closer because Atsushi is more or less implying with that sentence he realizes she always take him shopping with her because she depends on him. The “nee?” is asking for a confirmation of what he realized. Hence why she affirms it by saying “I’ll be depending on you from here on”


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