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I’m gonna be at Ohayocon this coming weekend. I didn’t really want to go, but SoupRKnowva forced me into it.

So yeah, another con. Last time I went to one, I hung out with 8thsin, Sapphy, Sindalf, and lygerzero0zero. Good times. This time I don’t really know who’s going besides SoupRKnowva and me. So if you’re going, let me know so we can find some time to hang out or something. Though I’m a douche on the internet, I’m actually a pretty great good okay guy in real life. Promise.


These are the panels of note.

Spoiler for

Anime Abridging PG/ TVPG Hello again from the parody/abridging group Box of Danger. Our panel is pretty simple: we have loads of fun showing parody videos (also known as abridged videos) of anime. We have plenty of our own videos, but we also showcase videos from other popular series, to show off their hard work as well.

The only thing I’m worried about is that the panel’s PG. That means it’ll probably suck. :(

Anime Hell …from SPACE! R/ TVMA Submit to the will of co-hosts Gavv and Rich Lather as they once again sear your souls with a collection of old favorites and newly unearthed video clips. They will both expand your horizons…and TEST YOUR PATIENCE. Caution: may contain less than 100% anime.

I’m intrigued.

Anime Subculture PG/ TVPG A discussion of how the American Anime community has developed its own subculture with its own distinct dialect, clothing styles, interaction with the mainstream culture, behaviors and attitude.

I simply must hear the dialects.

Anime’s Craziest Deaths NC-17 Jeff “Rich Lather” Tatarek presents a Daryl Surat production; a panel that Otakon couldn’t handle. It’s bloody, it’s violent, it’s bug-nuts INSANE. If you see one multimedia panel this year at Ohayocon, make it the Most Dangerous panel: Anime’s Craziest Deaths! (note: contains gratuitous violence and non-sexual nudity)

If Otakon wouldn’t have it, that means the panel probably isn’t shit.

Cactus Juice and Penguin Sledding: An Avatar Panel G/ TVY Ever thought about riding a sky bison? Opening up a tea shop? Slamming someone in the face with a spout of water? Or maybe you just think it’d be pretty awesome to be a cabbage peddler. If any of this applies to you, come join the fun at this panel devoted to Aang and all his friends (and enemies, too).

Avatar is my favorite anime, desu pocky.

Cosplay Chess G/ TVY 2 players- 1 chessboard! Our opponents will have the ultimate battle of wits and strategy. 32 cosplayers will be chosen to represent the chess pieces, and the players will command their Uniquely Dressed Armies to BATTLE(figuratively, not literally). The catch? Divine Intervention may turn the tide of the game at any point…

This will be so sad to watch and so awesome at the same time.

Hiroshima & Okinawa Peace Memorials PG-13/TV14 Would you like to hear about WW2 from the Japanese perspective? In this panel we discuss how WW2 effected Japanese culture, the Peace Memorials/Parks they have created, and our perspective as foreigners seeing these moving monuments. LOL LAME

Intermediate BJD R/ TVMA Looking for information for the more advanced BJD-owner? This panel will cover the dark and dirty, as well as the high and mighty of doll maintenance, community, and ownership. We’re skipping basics and going straight to discussion on the finer (and funnier) parts of doll care, supplies, and etiquette.

I see where this is going and I don’t like it.

Jump Battle: Bleach v Naruto v One Piece PG-13/TV14 Join us in defending your favorite character in an imaginary battle of Bleach, Naruto and One Piece. We’re going to have all your favorite characters from Bleach, Naruto and One Piece battle based on supplied facts. You the audience decide which character has the best chance of winning. If you want to help your character win his/her fight please be ready to supply facts that will crush opponents- you may go as far as the latest chapter of the manga. This means spoilers!

How dumb can this get? I won’t know till I go to the panel…

KidsCon! R/ TVMA A KidsCon!! Ha ha- got you! This is for kids, has been created, and run by a kid! KidsCon will got over saftey tips for attending cons, having fun, and even cosplay. There will even be time for you to run your own panel and play character sempai. These are fun games that even adults, and older brothers and sisters love!

Oh god. Why is this rated R/TVMA? This cannot end well.

Otaku Night Court NC-17 Objection!! Come put your favorite (or least favorite) anime characters on trial for the crimes they’ve committed. Audience participation is practically mandatory as objections are hurled and witnesses are subpoenaed. We won’t rest until justice is served. Your favorite Otaku Court returns with a late-night 18+ iteration. Anything goes in this wild court as we indict your favorite (or least favorite) characters on any charge we can think of. F*#$ing objection!!

Holy fucking shit I have to record this.

Psychotic Anime Characters PG-13/TV14 What to find out about the anime characters that have diagnosable Narcissism, Multiple Personalities, Psychopathy and much more? Then come to our panel where we will use the medical criteria to diagnosis our favorite crazies.

I hope beyond all hope that the armchair psychiatrists will be dressing the part. If I see not a single monocle, top hat, or detective cap, I’m leaving immediately.

Rambling on Anime NC-17 Want to know what goes on in the mind of an anime old guy? See his collections of weird stuff found on the internet. Hear his opinion on random stuff!! Ask him questions about things you are afraid to ask your friends.

Could be good.

Super Hentai Party 6000 NC-17 Hentai, the final frontier. This is the voyage of the Hentai Party 6000 Crew. Their 90 min. mission to explore strange new hentai, to seek out new lifeforms and new orgies. To boldly go where no man, woman, or tentacle has gone before!

Oh, an otaku orgy? That sounds… bad.

Why your panel is bad: How to run a panel PG-13/TV14 We’reall tired of going to poorly orchestrated panels. We can give you and your con-going friends all the necessary tools to run a successful, entertaining panel!

This had better include examples of poor panels. Everyone knows the best way to learn something is through the mocking of others.

Your “Let’s Play” Stinks: A Retuspurae panel R/ TVMA For every good “Let’s Play” out there, there are many more that are poorly made and rushed out from people who don’t really care and just want those thumbs ups on youtube. This is where Retsupurae comes in. Comprised of Something Awful goons such as Slowbeef and Diabetus (Mostly credited with creating the first video “Let’s Plays”) and others to riff and tear apart the worst of worst in the style of MST. If quality “Let’s Play”s are what you’re looking for, this is the wrong place, because today…Retsupurae!

Yes, I’d like to see this.


So if you’re gonna be there, let me know. IRC/comments/email/whatever.

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  1. Last time I went to a convention was the OhayoCon 2001. If they had it in Cleveland again I would be there but columbus is a long haul, though it would be a good excuse to go see my brother >.>

    • Cons themselves may be shit, but they’re just an excuse to hang out with friends and have some fun with something that we all enjoy. I’m not gonna fly out to Ohio to brofist Soup a couple times. But a con? That’s a good excuse.


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