Fansub Review: [Zenyaku] Inu x Boku SS (Episode 02)

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So they decided to do this with an in-house TL. Interesting choice.

Release format: MKV (10-bit, 437 MB)

Japanesiness: Honorifics to the EXTREME.

Group website:

8thsin’s translation critique:

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Opening. I thought the OP here was quite suitable. At times, the ending syllable lingered along with the singer’s voice. That was a pretty nice touch.

Ending. Not nearly as good as the OP. That “So secret” shit was a bad touch. Overall, not a fan of this.




I didn’t really expect this to be typeset…

… but you’d think they could manage this.

… Interesting way to cover up the Japanese text.

… Interesting way to cover up the Japanese girl.

This is what it looks like when timed right.

Those colors. That font. … Wow.

So… that was the typesetting.



This is not how you link lines together. Throughout the release they use commas in places of ellipses for line linking and to indicate pauses in the script. Bad, bad move. Ellipses != commas.

You guys seems to be off to a good start.

Or you could try something in English.

“You’re as kind as always.”

I asked Zenyaku about this line. They know it’s bad English, but they won’t change that because doing so would violate the sanctity of the great Nihongonese language.

“You get more and more annoying by the minute.”

Me need English. Me need English now.

“What do you need, Sorinozuka?”

Zenyaku: Sometimes they Englishes, sometimes they don’t.

“Sometimes they cling to their master to get attention.”

Why is there a space before the question mark ? How does this even happen ?

Actually, she said “Onee-san” here.

How do these lines go together? No ones knows but Zenyaku.

What am I reading? How can a “daily life” be in “perfect condition”?

This belongs in a fansubbing museum.

Because N would be too hard. I don’t think you could stretch this line any further.

Note for the regular people who read this blog: N forces a new line. Basically, what I’m saying here is to make this two lines stacked on top of each other so it’s easier to read, instead of one line stretched across the screen.

This inspired me to create a poem.

Your subtitles suck.

Your subtitles suck so much.

Holy shit do your subtitles suck.


~A poem by Dark_Sage

Mm… No. This is not how you /neither.

“We haven’t found Karuta yet either.”

Because ending punctuation is too mainstream.

“Good morning, Ririchiyo-sama.”


Watchability: Not really watchable.

Overall grade: D-

There is a lot of stupid shit in this release. I can’t recommend it to anyone. Go with Commie or EveTaku.

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  1. “Because N would be too hard. I don’t think you could stretch this line any further.” — DS

    Or they could simply set horizontal margins…

  2. I’m their interesting in-house TL is probably shit. 8thSin has scored them badly on easy shows in the past.

    They’re also still on ep2 when ep4 is already out. Why even bother?

    • It’s a different TL. He’s flawless, but has a hard time constructing proper English sentences. (No it’s not arashi, that’s far worse.) Which leaves loads of work for the TLC/Editor/QC to do. But that’s not really an excuse for the rediculous amount of errors that slipped through.

  3. To be fair, I made the same “Onee-chan” mistake. Force of habit, perhaps. 2 full QC passes and it slipped past me each time.

    Also, Wikipedia capitalizes “American Cocker Spaniel”; I believe it counts as a proper noun. I remember looking this up for our release.

    • It’s like capitalizing “poodle”. But I guess you’re right. That’s what the internet says. Damn English, you stupid.

    • Wikipedia = 100% factual information at all times. ;)

      Not that I disagree in a general sense with capitalizing it, I could go either way on it.

      • It’s at least a decent measuring stick for how people normally write it. Wikipedia + a few Google results to confirm should be sufficient in most cases to determine the accepted form of a word.

  4. Most of these are just plain errors left in after the TLC and editing was done on the original lines. We just need a proper QC on this release to fix most of this. And may I note that×576.jpg was not-typest on purpose. The subtitles follow what’s on that sign to the letter there. Considering the annoying background for it, I opted to skip it.


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