Fansub Review: [FFFPeeps] Aquarian EVOL (Episode 04)

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Release format: MKV (564 MB, 10-bit), MKV (604 MB, 8-bit)

Japanesiness: Japanese name order. No honorifics.

Group website:

8thsin’s translation critique:

Ji-hi’s screenshot comparisons:



Opening. I tried to find screenshots where the karaoke didn’t look like shit, but I was unable to. :(

Insert. Not subbed. Shit, you coulda even made up lyrics here and I’d be all over that.

“Giant robot in the town~

Always gives the best reach-arounds~”

Ending. This fit well at least.



Only one sign to TS, guys. C’mon.



Why the fuck is “Bromide Poster” capitalized here? You Can’t just capitalize Random words.

FFFPeeps handled their secondary text very haphazardly. They basically switched between shoving the text at the top and keeping it at the bottom part of the screen… but with no color change at all.

lol. Nice.

“With his Elemental Ability…

Shrade can use music to affect people’s minds.”

I think you added added a word.

Organized? How about better word choice? Try “coordinated”.

Oh god, these subs are gonna make me clamax!

“Clamax” sounds like the evolution of “Cloyster” and you KNOW I’d hit that


Watchability: Quite watchable, even if just for Clamax-chan.

Overall grade: B+

Better than gg’s, but I’m not sure if the slower speed is worth waiting for. If you’re willing to wait, though, FFF did the best job.

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  1. The secondary text is color changed, actually. It’s blue in the screenshot you posted. The outline is thin, so it’s hard to tell.

  2. >FFFpeeps = F (F), LS-F
    >Major errors: ~30+
    >Minor errors: Many

    >I stopped after 10-minute mark because it was an obvious waste of time. Translation for this release is F-grade even without trolling, and I can’t give a LS-score because I have no idea what their staff was doing. The translator doesn’t even seem to know when sentences end, and so many important lines (initial explanations of the series setting) were translated wrong. Unwatchable, FFF-grade.

    I think I will pass.

    • They said they’ve got a new TL because they found out their first was an F. I think this episode (4) is from their new TL and they will be redoing episodes 1-3. Check their website…

    • FFF-peeps’s Aquarion translator is KyonUU. He is also a translator of whine-subs. That means Whine-subs, FFFpeeps are probably as bad as Hadena, Ayako, Subdesu, Chiki, CTSS, ESC-Shinbunbu…

      Looking good in English doesn’t mean anything.

  3. Hey Dark_Sage I hear you don’t like Another, the best anime of the season. I was watching your precious loli animu and saw this:

    Turns out you’re wrong and 3 is the new 4. I hope you cry while your pitiful ‘theories’ are ground beneath the boot heel of cold hard scientific fact. I wish you could stop yourself from having opinions on things you know nothing about, then I wouldn’t have to humiliate you on your own website. Oh well.

    Dark_Sage is a punk.
    J.C.Staff did WTC.

  4. I checked with convexity about that climax line and he said that was legit what they said. So, idk bro.

    Those other ones script related ones are me derping. You know I don’t watch kara/give a shit about tsing. ( ¬‿¬)


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