Fansub Review: [Doki] Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai (Episode 04)

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Dokes time.

Release format: MKV (321 MB, 8-bit), LQ MKV (174 MB, 8-bit)

Japanesiness: Honorifics. Japanese name order. “Nee-san” used. “Ohi-tan” used as the childish nickname of the main character.

Group website:

8thsin’s translation critique: N/A

Ji-hi’s screenshot comparisons: N/A




Ending. Color changes galore! Good shit.



This lagged heavily on my sweet-ass machine. If you’re gonna softsub, do it right, kthx.



Way too stale.

“There’s no stopping her now, is there?”

Yes, it makes a difference.


Watchability: Quite watchable.

Overall grade: A-

Overall, I found Doki’s release better than rori’s. Better error management, more typesetting (from what I saw), and kawaiier karaoke.

I guess Doki is the group to go with if you want to watch this shitty show. I’ll review Oyatsu’s next to see if they do better.

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  1. Rori only had two script errors in their PapaKiki review. I think going with Rori is pretty good idea because Doki is known for its shitty translations on 8th’s site (why didn’t he review this show?). DarkSage, you should recommend both groups when it comes time to write your Winter 2012 Fansub Review Wrap-up article. They both got an A- after all.

    Either ditch the gradient or hardsub that shit. Those are your options if you want that sign to turn out well and not lag the shit out of everyone’s computers.

    Anyway, the typesetting was better in the episode of theirs I watched, but it was a lot more stiff script-wise than this episode seems to have been.

    • ” Are you saying Doki´s translation for this series is actually good?. From what i have read they tend to guesslate…”
      ” It doesn’t matter how good their release is. Their translations are always shit.”

      Oh, look, some random guy coming in posting what he feels is correct based on what other have told him. Must be American.

      They’ve had their share of errors in the past. In fact, all groups have.
      But unless you know Japanese and can actually watch the release and point out the errors… yeah.

      Even if their translations aren’t always 100% accurate, good release is good. Don’t go slanting a group just because you feel like it, or just because you’ve heard they’ve done iffy scripts in the past.

          • Oh, sorry, Tobi. It’s just that I thought that you were smart enough to figure out how stupid the statements you did were when you replied to random’s comment.

            Okay, so you say: “Even if their translations aren’t always 100% accurate, good release is good.” and you think that only because there is good English, it is fine not having accurate translations.

            Well, one thing is “good release is good”


            and other completely different ” translations aren’t always 100% accurate”


            Accurate, right? Also:


            “sinful crown”, eh? Good choice of words, considering the series title. Not that something like that matters, don’t you think so, Tobi? Fuck, if it’s like that, then let’s just call the most important treasure in One Piece “two piece” because it doesn’t fucking matter.

            Are these errors made in the past? Why of course they are. Do they have anything to do in the present? Probably. How the hell are you supposed to trust a group that has been doing these kinda basic errors (I mean the type similar to that one in GUILTY Crown)? There is no need to know Japanese for something like that.

            And finally: “Oh, look, some random guy coming in posting what he feels is correct based on what other have told him.” That’s the reason people come to this site, so they can judge based on what “other” say, in this case Dark_Sage; regarding translation, the “other” is 8thsin, you know, that other who knows nothing of Japanese.

            There you have your even shittier answer, Tobi.

      • Haven’t seen this release but the two screenshots from the OP don’t look promising. Granted, many parts of the song are difficult to make out, but their transcription shows a lack of proper judgment about how Japanese grammar and kanji pronunciation rules work. Hard-to-hear songs may take some educated guessing before official lyrics come out, but forcing pronunciations on kanji in the wrong context and trying to stick noun particles onto verbs is not what I’d call “educated” guessing.

      • You lost me at “Even if their translations aren’t always 100% accurate.”

        You do realise what fansubbing is about, right? This seems to neglect the whole basis of fansubbing.

        • Ooh, hatemail.
          ? No group is going to get it 100% accurate.

          Sinful? doesn’t exactly make the tl inaccurate.
          shakugan no shana, one episode made it out, and they knew they didn’t do it well, why do you think there was no 02?

          8thsin has given Doki good reviews before. He wouldn’t want to follow them because the liberalness of the scripts.

          You’ve proved no real point aside from pointing out these mistakes, which everyone has known about.

          Everybody makes their mistakes. But that’s how they learn.

          • Fuck, sorry for the triple post.

            Anyway, I’ve seen you are an idiot, Tobi.

            “Sinful? doesn’t exactly make the tl inaccurate.” Oh really? Go tell that to an actual translator, don’t know, someone like 8th, for instance. Yeah, the same one who “has given Doki good reviews before”, but has said

            “Yes, the show is called “Guilty Crown” and that entire sentence is wrong. That single line is worth triple critical errors.”

            in their review of Guilty Crown. You are seriously an idiot. And before you come again trying to use the argumentum ad verecundiam (google it if you don’t what that is), here, have some more words from 8th:

            “I might watch their release if I feel like bullying their non-Japanese speaking fan translators again.”

            Happy now?

          • argumentum ad verecundiam? Guess you don’t know the meaning.
            I’m quite pleased. I’m getting some Shitty leecher to rage over something so petty, and I’m not even trying.
            And again, you’ve only cited one of his reviews. I did not lie when I said they’ve gotten good reviews from 8thsin in the past. try taking a look or bugging him about it yourself.
            Go get your Shitty incompetence dealt with.

  3. Doki can’t translate JP to save their lives, this shouldn’t be news.

    Anybody who claims they are just literal or only occasionally make mistakes, has maths homework, even though it’s not the afternoon. And can go sell himself for scrap.


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