Fansub Review: [Pettanko] Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai (Episode 03v2)

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These subs suck.

Release format: MKV (267 MB, 10-bit)

Japanesiness: Honorifics. Japanese name order. “Nee-san” used. “Ohi-tan” used as the childish nickname of the main character.

Group website:

8thsin’s translation critique: N/A

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Opening. I don’t know why this was slanted.

Ending. The color changes were good. Can’t say I enjoyed the fonts themselves, though.



It’s hard to see the English, but it’s there. I almost wish it wasn’t.

Holy shit does this typesetting suck.



Yes, this is English. No, this is not spoken English. This was only one of many derpy translations transliterations in the script.


What great drama. Way to diffuse all the tension with such lulzy English.

“Either family stays together… or it falls apart!” (Fuck, this was a pathetic rewrite, but it’s still better than what they had.)

Spot the discrepancy.

Don’t use words you don’t understand.

“My stress just went away.”

“this much”? What?

much -> many

They’re talking about shops/stores.

“To get to my apartment… we must still have a while left to ride aboard that.” ??? Really?

“To get to my apartment… we still need to take a ride aboard that train.”

This should be a period,

Because spellcheck would be too hard to use.

unbelieveable -> unbelievable

He is thinking, but that’s not the idiom.

“No matter how I look at it, that bed is going to be in the way.”

Your English is too difficult for me understand.

It’s like you didn’t use any ending punctuation at all

There’s no text differentiation here…

“What are you going on about, Miu?”

Please use sentences that humans would use, Pettanko.

There are a lot of lines in this script I could just point to, say “lol”, and be done with. So, lol

Shit subs FTL.


 Watchability: Watchable.

 Overall grade: D+

I have no clue how groups manage to get out v2s with so many errors. The typesetting sucked, the kara was meh, and the subs were riddled with shitty English. There is no reason why you should get their subs over rori’s.

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  1. I’m not sure which I find funnier. The fact that they typeset the prices by writing again what was already there, or the fact that they got the second price wrong.

    I guess I’ll just consider them equally funny.

  2. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that “Tamabungakuin-Daigaku Station” was not a typeset but was part of the animation. First off because the seamless lighting and texture on that is not easily done with .ass and second off because the name of the university was fully romanized instead of translated (as Tama University Literature Institute or whatever they’re using).

    • Actually, I think it’s more Ahodomo/EveTaku/Shini-subs. Only one of these groups has ever pushed out consistently good releases. Guess which one. ~_~

      • Only person from EveTaku that’s part of Pettanko is MikiMiki, and even so, he hasn’t done anything for us in two seasons >.>

        • As far as I know, only one of Aho’s members have helped… Eku got booted from the group so he doesn’t count.

          Though the one person from Aho, as far as I know, took a job that wasn’t his normal one (editing) so you can’t really blame that on Aho.

          Though in all honesty, I find it a bit unfair you link Aho’s name to the release since I didn’t even know that one of my guys was helping out until like episode 3 :-/

          • Looking at the staff list, it seems like a fair number of people are from Ahodomo. Your lack of knowledge doesn’t correspond to the public’s knowledge, and if attributing your group’s name to this other group is valid and fair.

          • We only have like 5 people in aho to begin with… of whom 3 I know are definitely not part (cuz they’re irl friends…)

            The only ones who are actually part of Aho that could be participating are Arche and Bell…

        • I should have checked before commenting.

          Arche, Belldandy, and Ippikiryu are the only people part of Aho. Ippikiryu doesn’t do much. He’s more there cuz of lulz and touhou.

          I’m honestly extremely surprised that all these errors got through Arche. He’s generally good with errors as of late. (He’s editing for our Ano Natsu releases, for example)(Though in conjunction with other editors)

          As for Belldandy and his typesetting… I’ve only heard good things about his typesetting. He’s pretty hardcore about perfectionism. I can’t imagine that he was the typesetter for this episode in particular.

          So yeah. You say numerous but it’s only three of the 10 or something. Of whom only two actually do work.

          So yeah. Don’t link Aho’s name to this release please.

          • So? I won’t point out the flaws in your logic, but let me say this. They’re still part of the group, they’re still part of YOUR group, and they did a bad job. Deductive, logical reasoning leads to either 2 outcomes – either 1) people from your group is responsible for the poor performance, or b) people from your group willingly joined another group which then resulted in poor performance. Either way, it seems like the ones to blame are people from your group (because they could have avoided this if they kept their wits around them). How do you classify meaning from a group of people? You look at their imagined community, which, in this case, happens to be Ahodomo.

          • I’m going to use a recent example.

            Subdesu-asuka’s BRS

            Sub Desu is a relatively reputable group. I’ve done a thing or two with them. Yet, look at what happened to the release.

            A group’s, or member of a group’s, participation has NOTHING to do with the end product’s quality. So many things could have happened between one of my guy’s work and the release. The typesetting for this ep, I can guarantee with my pride as a TLer, was not done by Belldandy. He’s the guy who was so meticulous that he ended up making a 9000 line (no pun) TS file (that he ended up cuttig down to 2000)

            He’s an extremely competant TSer and what’s done in this episode reflects absolutely none of his quality.

            As for editing, since there are multiple editors it’s extremely likely that Arche edited first, he is the “main” editor, after all, and then other editors followed. With all the shit phrasings and awkward language seen in thi episode, either he didn’t work on this at all, or someone seriously fucked up the already edited script. Just look at the “horrors of helping Hadena” article. A competent editor does his magic, only for it to be mangled and destroyed by idiots.

            After all, Arche is the one’s biting my ass about not putting shitty phrasings into my TLs because it makes him facepalm.

            Tl;dr this release shows just about 0% of what I expect and get out of my group’s members.

            Why don’t you go bash a different group’s members, jackass.

        • For the record, only one member of Shini-subs did anything on this release, and it wasn’t AzureHakua, and it wasn’t me… So this is a mash up of two groups of which only one member of each group did something?

          Forgive me for finding that funny.

    • Pretty much. There were people who kept bitching that my reviews weren’t fair because they could still totally watch shitty subs. Enough people bitched about it that I put that section in so they would shut the fuck up.

  3. But, gawd, not being literal would change the meaning of the original! That’s totally not sugoidesu!

    …Anyway. Are the staff new at this? I’ve noticed they newer ones are usually more for the overly-literal stuff, probably because dealing with translations is a new experience for them. My alternate theory is that the dimmer ones never get past this phase and eventually go into fansubbing.

  4. I have to ask, for subtitling in general, must the subs be in perfect English even if the characters in the show don’t speak proper English?

    I don’t watch a lot of English movies with the subtitles on. However, I understand that the subtitles tend to follow the what the actors say, regardless of grammatical accuracy. For instance, “What you looking for?” instead of changing it to “What are you looking for?”.

    • No. Slang is just fine. Imperfect phrasing is all right too. If subs were “perfect English”, they would suck because they would be boring to read.

    • To expand on what D_S said, the way I see it is that the purpose of grammar is to clearly convey meaning. We agree upon a set of rules, and if people follow those rules, it’s easier for us to understand what they are trying to say.

      Thus if your sentence is so ungrammatical that it’s hard to understand, then you should probably fix it. However, if your sentence is not grammatical but still natural and easy to understand, then for a dialogue translation it’s fine.

      On that note, ungrammatical sentence structure and slang can be supported by the way a character speaks, but style elements such as improper spelling, capitalization, and punctuation are not as easily excusable (you can’t really argue, for example, that “This character was speaking casually so I don’t need to capitalize ‘I’!”). Spelling and punctuation are slightly arguable (if you want to imitate a character tahking wiff their mouf full, or using improper forms such as whatcha or gonna) but other elements much less so.


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