Fansub Review: [Hadena] High School DxD (Episode 05)

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Oh, Hadena. You never change, do you?

BTW, sorry about the dearth of articles recently. Devil Survivor 2 is addicting.

[Edit: Most images are glitched out of this review, unfortunately.]

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Opening. It’s not terrible, but I really didn’t like it.


Ending. I’ve seen a lot of bad karaoke. While this doesn’t set the bar for karaoke failure, the karaoke is certainly trying its hardest to reach it.




I’m left with 44 screenshots for this section. 44, and I was being conservative on this shit too. Fuck. I had to cut it down to 30 mistakes for brevity. Fucking Hadena…

“I even had to oppose my superiors to get this far.”

Replace “disadvantage” with “advantage” to see just how bad this reads. “Hyoudo-kun, we’re at advantage!” lol

“Hyoudo-kun, we’re at a disadvantage here!”

could do. Past tense. CUZ SHE’S FUCKING DYING.

“I really loved you. I thought about everything I could do.”

“Well, even if you do that, we’re not gonna let you have your way.”

Tenses aren’t that hard to figure out. Just fucking match them.

“It’d be best if you didn’t underestimate Issei.”

Terribly written.

“I called myself ‘Yuuma’ to allow you the pleasure of dying at the hands of a graceful woman with an elegant name.” (Will probably have to be split across two screens due to length.)

“It’s fine. Just get going, Hyoudo-kun!”

“Even if it was just for a short time, I’m so happy I made a friend.”


“I’m so happy.”

“Thank you…”

She trails off in the second line, not in. And the first line doesn’t really need a trail out. Overuse of ellipses can cut the dramatic tension sometimes.

“Why? Why did you have to die?!”

Past tense cuz, y’know, she’s dead.

“I’m begging you! Please let this girl live!”

lol, mistiming.

“through the roof” is used to refer to prices. Wrong idiom, dipshits.

“Now my position as a top-ranking fallen angel is secured.”

“To humans, Sacred Gears only bring about maliciousness.”

“Those who possessed the power to cleanse evil were called ‘heretics’.”

You can cleanse someone of evil (or so religious people claim), but you can’t “heal” them of it. Get your words right. Also, fix your tenses. She’s talking about the past here.

“It’s not a matter of being able to protect her or not.”

You need a subject for what’s being protected here.

What’s even more unforgivable is that they spelled it right a second earlier. No, seriously. One second before this line, they spelled “unforgivable” right.

“Me, too. I’m also unforgivable!”

You can activate something at will, but you can’t activate it on will.

“Remember, the Sacred Gear activates at the user’s will.”

Unless Asia somehow become non-gendered when I wasn’t looking (and I’m staring at her tits as I write this), this is wrong.

“Give her back!”

I hate you, Hadena.

Coming off of “Holy objects are poisonous to devils.” the logical follow-up is

“Just touching one could shut your body down.”

Fucking Hadena. As they wrote it, ignoring an adjective (low-grade) being used as a noun… they’re saying that weaklings often “go far”. Fucking stupid.

“For a weakling, you’ve come quite far. You have my compliments!”

“What’s this? Are you in so much pain that you broke?”

I don’t know what a collpase is, but it doesn’t sound very comfortable.

“It hurts so much I feel like I could collapse at any moment.”

It shouldn’t be able to what? Even something generic at the end would suffice. This isn’t hard.

“That Sacred Gear is only a Twice Critical. It shouldn’t be able to do that.”

“As for the friends you brought along, I blew them away with a spectacular show.”

A what? You guys fucking certain? I’m almost positive I heard “Longinus”, which is undoubtedly a reference to the Lance of Longinus, the lance that supposedly pierced Jesus when he was crucified. You probably remember it from Eva.

But this brings up a bit of a conundrum. There’s only one Longinus. Why the fuck are there 13 now? Oh well. We’ll just chalk it up to “lol, Japan”.

“One of the Thirteen Longinuses.” (Because that’s how you pluralize it… probably.)

“Regardless of how powerful it is, he’s not invincible. The ability needs time to activate.”

“Why do you still have that?”

I’m getting really fucking tired of explaining this.

“this” is used for objects that are near either physically or otherwise (for example, emotions. “This feeling in my stomach makes me afraid to open the door.”).

“that” is used for objects that aren’t that close.

He’s talking about her wristband, so it’s not “close”. Use “that” here. Yes, this is kind of hard to understand for non-native speakers. Sorry about that.

“Why do you still have that?”

“I’m not sure what will happen, but it’s worth a shot.”

Nice translation.


Watchability: Sort of watchable.

Overall grade: F

There’s a reason everyone hates Hadena.

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    • I would say “unwatchable”, but you can easily understand what’s going on even with all the mistakes. It’s not gonna be an enjoyable experience, but you’ll at least know what happened in the episode.

      The “watchability” score is really for the casuals… of which I’m not sure there are any.

      • Ah, I see. And not to mention the fact that the people watching likely don’t care about what’s going on anyway.

        • Given that it’s Hadena, there’s a 99% possibility of every other line being mistranslated to an extreme degree, so you probably won’t actually understand all that much.

          • Nope. Not all their releases are equal. Because they have at least 3 translators on different projects. The translation styles are actually quite different.

      • I watch Hadena’s DxD every week, because I think this anon translator is actually pretty good. The script is a bit rushed though.

        I heard a story. Dark_sage was kind enough to ask which episode to review in hadena’s irc channel. And the editor who was asked not to edit after ep6 suggested ep5. I won’t say this is the worst episode, but it’s obvious not a smart choice. Their releases gets more watchable later.

        (Would be nice if they fix the ED song though)

      • I always thought the only correct way to say it was “addictive”, but I could always be wrong. Or it could be an American English thing.

        • Both work. Just two different ways to express the same thing.

          Also, as I understand it, “addicting” was used prior to “addictive,” as the former is rooted in Latin origins. The latter, on the other hand, was actually created much later by incorporating the “-ive” suffix.

          Still, both are completely viable.

          • I should clarify. Both root words are obviously rooted in Latin (it’s the same root word, after all), but that word with that suffix is a relatively new thing.

    • It’s the truth.
      I’ve been playing it myself.
      I haven’t been watching that much anime as a result.

      Just as addicting as DS1 was. Not sure which is the best yet, only up to Thursday, but I still can’t figure out what route to take.
      I let Keita die. Ugh…Well, whatever. At least I still have tsundere goodness.

      • I let Jungo die and have regretted it ever since. Somehow I managed to save Joe (aka Captain Useless) and can’t wait to run through Daichi’s route so I can start a New Game+ where I play for real. Yamato, I’m on your side~~~

      • Not that far yet, but I’ll probably do the Yamato first. So far I don’t think it is “better” than DS1; I’m finding it equally as enjoyable. I also bought Overclocked, so I’m going to have to replay DS1 all over again. 8th Day seems fun.

  1. I’m pretty sure I read all the text in this post, but the impression I came away with is still just “boobs”.

    • Damn, I wanted to say that.
      D_S, can you please just go “Booobs… oh right, mistakes: ____” next time on a Hadena release?

      • I’m pretty sure it’s only one i. This is after having taken seven years of Latin, although I’ve forgotten a good deal of it… but assuming the name Longinus is a second declension masculine, then its nominative plural form is Longini.

    • “Give it back!” “Give me back Asia!” is what he says at that point in the episode. If he’s really just looking for her Sacred Gear, then he should say in the second line “Give it back to Asia!”

      • She died because her Sacred Gear was taken, so whether the line is correct or not is debatable. Seeing as its Hadena, though, odds are you’re right.

  2. > You can cleanse someone of evil (or so
    religious people claim), but you can’t “heal”
    them of it.

    IIRC, it’s about Asia being able to heal demons.

    • In that case line should be “Those who possessed the power to heal demons were called ‘heretics’.” Demons can be healed, evil can’t. TL fail?


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