Fansub Review: [UTW] Amagami SS Plus (Episode 02)

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Winter 2012 done. Can it be? Did I actually complete a season? Fuck yeah, I did! Now I just need to go back and update groups’ statuses.

More info on why I’m not doing Chihiro’s review in the final comments.

Release format: MKV (254 MB, 10-bit)

Japanesiness: Honorifics.

Group website:

8thsin’s translation critique:

Ji-hi’s screenshot comparisons:




OP. Blue.

ED. Pink.

OP/ED weren’t especially inspiring. They exist, I guess. :/



UTW: Always the best.

Ahahaha, just kidding. This was a pretty mediocre offering, guys.



Missing a “so”.

“I bet you were so worried about who would win that you couldn’t sleep!”

I know you guys realllllly love to use contractions in this show, but sometimes contractions impede word flow. Yes, it’s weird, but our language isn’t exactly perfect. The who’d here is a bit of a stumbling block.

Man, fuck you Google. Apparently “drink a toast” is a legit phrase for some reason. This doesn’t make any sense to me. When I tried to check out English forums and see what others thought about it, all I could pull up were results that had French people talking about it. So fucking confused.

Anyway, this isn’t technically an error, but I’m gonna explain why I think it should be.

Generally, you toast to or for something and then you take a drink of whatever you’re raising up in the toast. “A toast to Dark_Sage! May he live ever long!” That’s because a toast is generally a proposal. The intent is “Let’s drink in honor of Dark_Sage!” I don’t think you can fucking drink a proposal though, which is why I’m utterly baffled that this is considered a legitimate phrase.

I’d rant some more, but I suddenly stopped caring. Onto the next screen shot.

“That you won’t kiss anyone other than me.”

Why the change? “apart from me” can be misconstrued as “That you won’t kiss anyone when you’re away from me.” Similar? Not really. It means that he can kiss others when he’s by her side, which is not the intent of the line.

Granted, most people won’t get it wrong, but why choose that phrasing when you can make it crystal clear? Better choices are better.


Watchability: Quite watchable.

Overall grade: B+

Chihiro was way too slow for me to even consider reviewing them. Sorry, but it’s my policy that I won’t review subs that can’t manage the most basic issue of releasing on time. Yell about conspiracies all you want, but I’m so over Winter 2012 now. It’s, like, so last season.

If you want an unofficial take on their subs, from episode 1, I thought Chihiro’s release was pretty bad. Shitty, large, blue font, terrible typesetting, mediocre karaoke, poor phrasing, and a sickening amount of three-liners. I’m sure they improved later on, but it’s not my job to predict a group’s quality when they can’t manage a decent first impression.

UTW definitely earned the nod from me here. It’s a nod at the only person in the room, but a nod nonetheless.

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  1. ““this morning” is a superior choice because he’s not talking about all mornings”

    Actually, that is kind of what he’s saying. My bad ears heard “相変わらず梨穂子は朝から元気だな~”. From my bad understanding, he’s saying “As usual, Rihoko, you’re full of energy starting from the morning” or something like that.

    • I phrased that poorly then. That’s now what I meant to convey.

      Isn’t the line basically “This morning you’re as energetic as always”?

      In which case, they don’t have it right because they’re saying. “You’re energetic every morning.” without the implication of her being energetic this morning, when it’s supposed to be more of a nod to her being energetic as this point in time (while noting that she always tends to be energetic).

      Not sure I explained that well enough. If not, lemme know.

        • Jesus this is getting complicated. So tell me what the translation of the line is supposed to be. If that’s an accurate translation up there, Japan really sucks @ scripts.

      • Some one with better Japanese skills may want to chime in, but my understanding is that “朝から” (asa kara) means kind of that she’s energetic from the get go (朝 meaning morning, から, meaning, in this case (IMO), a starting point, so, starting from the morning, she’s already energetic). The sense I got was more of a “man, you’re always full of energy, even in the mornings”, without a specific morning in mind (like it was an general observation, since he’s known her for a long time). Of course, this comes to mind because he is tired this particular morning and she isn’t. But I could be way off base.

          • Though I will say that it maybe isn’t the cleanest way to have said it. If I was forced to translate it, I might have gone with “You’re always so energetic from the get go” or something like that.

    • Hey Oscar. If you read the paragraph immediately after the final grade you’ll see it’s your own fault our Amagami didn’t get reviewed. Maybe you should try actually making a deadline.

      • I know it’s partially my fault, but hey, mostly ep 8 and 9 were incredibly late. The others didn’t take that long to tl.


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