Aniblog Stuff – Round 1 – Day 2

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Actually, these posts are kinda lengthy, so each “Day” is gonna get its own post. Day 3 after this. Then, back to the reviews (tomorrow)!

Site type: Anime articles and shitty anime opinions.

First impression: Three posts in a row about this tourney? So meta.

Article quality:

Chikorita gave people a list of articles he thought were good examples of his writing. The first one I decided to look at was an article in defense of moe. I guess I was expecting a little too much because the article ended up being a dull, Engrish-filled rant about how people who don’t like moe are just mean. Really? That’s the best you could come up with?

Moving on to another recommended article, I thought about looking at a “Let’s Play” of Pokemon White. This is something I thought about doing on Whiners but ended up deciding against, so I was interested in seeing how he handled it. Unfortunately, while I understood that Chikorita liked the game, not once in this post did I think “This looks like a game I want to play.” Also, the review pretty much reads entirely like this:

After I reset my DS 7 times, I finally got a female Oshawott. I named her Sayaka from Madoka Magica since this Pokémon fits her energetic personality and it’s blue!

This is an episode review summary. Why wouldn’t I just watch the episode myself?

Overall rating: Lame.

Site type: Shitty anime opinions.

First impression: Dude likes Shadow Star Narutaru, so he can’t be too retarded.

Article quality:

Draggle suggested that I should read every single one of his Guilty Crown and Mawaru Penguindrum posts. Draggle can fuck off.

This was an episode review post. But it was just screenshots of unfunny twitter comments. Yeah, fuck that.

Overall rating: 1/5

Site type: Shitty anime opinions.

First impression: Wow. Anime bloggers have no self-esteem. “honestly, I’m not in this contest to win it. I’d consider it a great injustice if I did” is a pretty pathetic thing to say, dude. Have a little more faith in yourself.

Article quality:

At first I thought I should be taking offense at this article. I mean, he starts by calling out bloggers who look for negative traits in things to mock them. But that’s not the heart of his argument. Really, he has problems with negative critiques that are not constructive in any fashion. And in that, I can get behind him. This was a pretty decent article.

Next up, I checked out his review of Mirai Nikki.

This is a series with no clear sense of boundaries, where any violent and crazed thing can and often does happen, with mild consequences.

This was one of the problems the guy had with Mirai Nikki. Dude, I think you’re missing the point. It wouldn’t be Mirai Nikki unless shit was crazy awesome. Learn to enjoy yourself.

I managed to work my way through this article in spite of the wall of text. Actually, this is something the blog struggles with. People need images to break up the text or they’re gonna lose interest and wander away.

Overall rating: Actually decent. This is a blog I could see myself checking every now and then.

Site type: Shitty anime opinions.

First impression: Cool banner.

Article quality:

Some scenes, and one scene in particular, are pretty graphical in violence. Although not so bad in itself, the thing is that the rest of the show does not give any reason to think such scenes existed in the content. It might be a  bit unsettling to watch. You are hereby warned.

Hahaha. Really, now? Fucking content warnings? What is this, ANN? Fuck you.

Hanasaku Iroha: 6/10

Overall rating: polychromium: 1/10. Don’t hate on my Hanasaku.

Site type: Mostly Japanese movie reviews.

First impression: This isn’t an anime blog.

Article quality:

Why the fuck would I read these articles? Half the site is dedicated to Japanese movies, which has no relation to the anime community.

Overall rating: Why the fuck is this in the tournament?

Site type: Shit.

First impression: Oh cool. There’s an easy link to this guy’s best articles.

Article quality:

He considers this article his best one. Yes, an article about why Belle from Beauty and the Beast is tsundere. I have never hated anyone more than I hate this worthless faggot right now. Goddamn.

Overall rating: Krizzlybear, kill yourself.

Site type: Shitty anime opinions.

First impression: They spelled “disturbing” wrong in the first article of the site.

Article quality:

Why do I fear Bottle Fairy so much I hear you ask, well it basically boils down to my inability to cope with diabetes inducing moe shows – I find watching moeblob shows tortuous on a level I find hard to fully explain – such is the depth of the ingrained terror.  I’d much rather watch a huge horrifying woman with spikes sticking out of her vagina, rip the face off a man and then eat him.  Call me strange, but I find such gruesomeness easier to deal with than being stared at by tiny little squeaky moeblobs with their gigantic eyes that WANT TO DEVOUR MY VERY SOUL!!


Overall rating: You’re not funny. Stop trying.

Site type: Shitty anime opinions.

First impression: The site left me with no initial impressions. Way to go.

Article quality:

…What did I just read?

Dude considers Fam in his top ten anime of 2011. Poor, stupid bastard.

Overall rating: Meh at best.


tl;dr, go with the bold ones:

Chikorita vs. Draggle

ThoseDamnCartoons vs. Polychromium

iSugoi vs. Baka Laureate

Caraniel vs. Jellyfish

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  1. Aww, you don’t have to like his blog, but you didn’t have to go and tell Krizzly to kill himself. That is not a nice thing to say. :( I’d figure that given your distaste of bland episodic’s, you’d at least enjoy something like this.

    On that same note, if you don’t mind me asking, why is it that you provide some genuine feedback to some blogs you dislike, but in other cases, you jut flat out say they suck and say nothing more? Is it because you are too tired to write up why they suck?

    Take care now~

    • In these initial rounds it’s more that I don’t care to put too much effort into anything. I choose a couple articles, apply their quality to the rest of the blog, then call it good and move on. Later on, I’ll be more careful in my critiques and present better reasons for why I liked Blog X over Blog Y. But for round 1? I’m pretty much just unmotivated.

      As for my tone, yeah, I guess I could kick it down a notch. I didn’t realize anyone would be reading these posts other than my regular readers, who are used to me throwing out mentions of suicide in every single review post. It’s not meant to be serious at all, so I hope he didn’t take it that way.

  2. “This is an episode review summary. Why wouldn’t I just watch the episode myself?”

    Good point. Actually it’s goes to many other aniblog too.


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