Fansub Review: [Hadena] Eureka Seven AO (Episode 03)

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Eureka Seven done. Now for… Uhh, Acchi Kocchi?

Release format: MKV (336 MB, 10-bit)

Japanesiness: Honorifics. “Oji-san” used.

English style: American English.

Group website:

Encoding details:

8thsin’s translation critique:

Ji-hi’s screenshot comparisons: N/A

Note: This is before the timing review, but I’d like to let you know the timing in this episode is absolutely shit.


Table of Contents

Visual Quality

Script Quality



Visual Quality


Opening. The timing is incredibly fucked-up here and the lines blur into one another. This is hardsubbed karaoke. You have no excuse for this kinda shit.

Ending. All that sparkly shit and the rainbow at the bottom? Yeah, Hadena added all those. Hardsubbed.



Unlike gg, they actually put some effort into this shit. Note that for the black frames, the only text they added was the text at the bottom of each screen.



Why is that font so fucking low?




Script Quality


The opening was fine for a karaoke script. The ending was also good except for one part…

“My intensifying heartbeat was comfortably familiarized”

And the lines end with that, moving onto a separate thought in the next screen. I have no fucking clue what this is supposed to mean. I’m gonna take a stab in the dark and say the translator didn’t know either.


Main Script.

You don’t post blogs… You post posts on blogs. Goddamn.

80’s chick is asking the old dude why he isn’t answering the phone. He responds “I poured too much coffee.” ? What?

No. The reason he can’t answer is because he needs two hands to hold the cup filled with coffee. Fucking answer like a human.

“I poured too much coffee, so I need both hands to hold it.”

Your subs are literally Engrish.

“Like the name implies, we’re the ‘blue generation’.”

talk -> talks

It’s called “talks” when referring to negotiations.

You mean “offshore”? Kinda like what you did with your subs?

“Rendezvous with Fleur and secretly observe the Scrub Coral from the Ocean.”

This is entire scene is one big chain of confusing. It sucked in gg’s release (I forgot to mention that in the gg review. Oh well.) but it REALLY sucked here.

I think there’s some wordplay in the Japanese going on, but I don’t care enough to make five or six lines into legible English that’s completely inaccurate, so I’m just gonna bitch.

Watching what? If there’s one thing I despise about Hadena’s version as opposed to gg’s, it’s that Hadena’s lines are simply not as clear. This openness to interpretation comes across as inability to translate. I’m certain that’s not entirely the case, but damn there is a difference here.

Rumor can be a verb, but only in the passive sense. “It is rumored that Hadena’s editor isn’t that great at English.”

“We all gossiped,”

lead sounds the same as led, but they’re quite different.

lead -> led

“That doesn’t matter to me,”

“or my mother!”

Try to phrase this shit like a human would say it.

Actually, this should be in the past tense due to them fucking talking about the past here.

“You couldn’t do anything,”

“but we cannot forgive either of you.”

I know what “a bit out of it” means, but how is this applied to the fucking island? The people went a bit crazy after they lost their ability to trade fish with China? Make it more clear.

“During the negotiations we lost our fishing trade with China. Ever since then, this island hasn’t quite recovered.”

Having watched gg’s version, I’m almost certain this is the exact opposite of what they did.

or. “Who cares about them or this island?”

That’s what what is? These subs are so fucking unclear.

More like “Patch them through.”

“Let them through.” sounds like they’re getting through a physical barrier when they’re just talking over the phone. :/

You know, Hadena, I honestly thought you’d got your act together. I went on your IRC chan and was all “Hey, so your Eureka Seven 03 subs are gonna be good, right?” and they were all “Yup, we totes improved!”

You make me sad, Hadena.

How the fuck does one “initiate a contract”?

“Our headquarters are discussing a deal with the Okinawan government,”

She used a long-range attack. She didn’t “go” anywhere.

“I’m below the Scub, after all. I’ll hit it again.”

With this, I think I’ve established why I don’t really like these subs (beyond all the stupid fucking errors). It’s that they don’t have personality. The characters feel stale when they’re really quite fucking awesome. It’s sad to see TV-Y7 writing like this as if the series was about the Care Bears having polite disagreements over tea. Fuck that.p>

“… did you?” has absolutely no emotional impact to match the scene. It’s mediocre English by itself, but here it becomes bad English. The dude’s fucking touched because in one of the few memories he has of his mom, she talks about making Nirvash recognize him. After all this time, Nirvash — one of the few fucking things he has to tie him back to his mother — actually does recognize him. This is fucking important.

“I see. So you remembered me…”


There you go. No more awkward phrasing. Instead, he shows that he remembers “Nirvash” too. It’s fucking touching shit. Fuck man, I’m crying here.


Timing Review

Incoming. When “Timing Critique” is added as a category, you’ll know this part is done.


Watchability: Nigh unwatchable.

Timing Grade: 

Visual grade: C-

Script grade: F

Overall grade (timing results not factored in): D-

By delivering a dull script with numerous errors, Hadena failed on multiple fronts. I will unfortunately have to recommend gg’s release for this anime over Hadena’s. I just wish a decent group would pick up this show.

Note to Hadena staff: Don’t fucking kill yourselves over this review. Your subs seem to have improved from seasons past, and I hope you continue your progress to eventually become a group with subs worth watching.

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  1. Dark_Sage…
    Thanks bro for your remarks, much appreciated.
    Version1 deleted.
    Version 2 released.
    -> Dragon goes on editors’ hunt….
    Peace all

    • “Oh, the editor for this one fucked up so I need to find another one instead of fixing the issue”
      Not like you don’t have enough of them, eh?

      You’d be better off taking more time to the edit w/ the same editor instead of bringing out more editors that are probably going to do it even worse.

      • Many groups, fired editors for one or two mistakes such as the ones mentioned above. So what’s wrong with following their example.

        • Every single one of those shots features better English than anything you’ve written in these comments, so it would come across as rather hypocritical.
          Not to mention, if you fired everyone who didn’t know English, you wouldn’t have any staff left.

          • My friend said to me that he will be the editor of that v2.

            He is also said this:
            “Just like in E7. I only QCed the ep03 script last night for the v2. The original editor was such a
            bastard and did a freaking terrible job. The dude’s gone now.
            LOL We spent 3 hrs fixing the script last night. ”

            D_S, can you do me a favor to review the V2?

    • There are 24 editors listed on your staff page. Five more than the last time I checked a month ago. Surely one of them knows English?

  2. I’m so sorry for all the errors in this release… It was pretty rushed to be honest…
    Hell… the only reason I’m working with them is because I’m such a big Eureka seveN fan, that’s why I’m guest editing for them.
    I’ll try to do better for the following eps.

    • Rider, I understand that you’re a fan of E7. But if you ARE a fan of the show, you’ll strive to put out the best work that you possibly can.

      Maintaining consistency, correct contexts and flow of the dialogue, and ensuring that we put out quality work is better than rushing to get the episode out.

      If you need my help in the future, please don’t hesitate to ask. <3
      I'd be more than happy to look over everything for you.


      • Yeah, I know, but like I said, I kinda rushed it since I have to leave when the TL gets done and I don’t want to keep getting complaints of being late… I’m so sorry…

  3. Hey, guys.

    I just wanted to say, look forward to Hadena putting out some good-quality subs in the near-future. I’ve just started at Hadena, and myself and Dragon are working closely together to begin improving the quality of not only our editing, but our subbing as a whole as well.
    We’re extremely dedicated to making Hadena grow — and to giving you guys the best subs we can.

    That being said, I’ve personally kind of…taken it upon myself to make sure that everything I touch is released with top-of-the-line editing, with no Enrishy feel to them, and with a competent editor and quality checker ensuring everything looks good.

    Reviews like this will push us to become better, and to work with quality in mind, not just getting out the episode as quickly as possible. Sage, thank you for continuing to review us, even though I’m sure a lot of those reviews have been quite monotonous and a strain for you. But please, keep reviewing us, and we will prove that with time, we will become better and better.

    Those of you who watch us, we sincerely thank you for your continued support. And for those of you who know the quality of subs we’ve put out in the past, I’m going to ask you for a favor. Give us just a little bit of time, give us a chance, and we will strive to become better. We can only go up, and I personally intend to see that we fly far and high.

    King Azreth
    Editor / Quality Checker

    • Good to see the dedication. However, one piece of advice. Make sure you see the final script, as in the script that goes directly into the final mux. That way it rules out any chance of someone changing something that shouldn’t be changed, and that way you know for yourself that if there are any errors, they were those that you yourself missed, and you would then know what to keep an eye out for later releases.

      TLDR: Make sure you are the final eyes on the script/no-one changes anything after you.

      • I know. I’ve already talked to Dragon about it. I’m also going to watch everything I worked on BEFORE we release it, so I can ensure that everything looks good, flows, the timing is good, etcetc.

        I seriously spend SO MUCH time on editing and checking these scripts myself, and I will be seriously mad if someone changes something without me knowing it.

        Thanks for the advice!

        • Very good, and I’m looking forward to it. You’re similar to me in the way you handle your editing and QC. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens with further releases, as I love Eureka 7, yet have not watched an episode yet, due to the worry of release quality. Good luck on the next release.

          • Thanks.
            So far, I’ve worked on Sankarea ep. 4, had to rather hurriedly check Shining Hearts [but didn’t have the RAW for that for some reason >____<], and am finishing up Acchi episode 4 as we speak.

            Please feel free to let me know what you think of the stuff I've worked on — I welcome constructive criticism — and praise, of course ;D — with open arms.

            • The problem is, no matter how much effort you put into this, you won’t be able to produce good-quality subs. You can turn arashi’s garbage into perfect English all you want, but it’s still going to be mistranslated as hell because the dude has no idea what people are actually saying. What you’re doing is just wasted effort.

      • Yeah… I’ve noticed that… I only got a final look at ep 1 of AO… I didn’t get a second look on ep 2, 3 or Eureka seveN 51… Maybe that’s the problem…

  4. Not to rain on the Hadena hope parade (I do hope you guys manage to do something with that group), but Funimation just picked up E7. Guess that’s what I’ll be watching.

  5. Apparently there’s a joint between Aniyoshi and Taka to sub E7AO now. They’ve only released episode one though, so no cause for celebration yet.


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