Aniblog Stuff – Round 2 – Day 1

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By popular demand, Aniblog Stuff is back.

Match 1

Site type: Scanlations.


This is not a blog. The only content available on the site can be divided into two groups:

  • “Hey, check out this new manga chapter we scanlated.”
  • “Hey check out what I own.”

Nowhere is there any thought presented; it’s all just information being presented to passive readers.

Overall rating: Who the fuck approved this submission?

Site type: Shitty anime opinions.


8th writes about the kind of content that no one else in the Aniblog community really can. As a result of preparing to sub shows like Accel World, he learns more about the show than most bloggers will bother to. With his translation skills, he can definitely offer more insight into a series. And he does this — to a limited extent.

Unfortunately, 8th falls into the trap of other episodic bloggers; his posts contain more summary than analysis. Yes, 8th, I know what the fucking “Burst Link” does. I watched the show too. Either provide some actual insight or shut the fuck up.

Overall rating: If 8th wants to be taken seriously as a quality anime blog (that provides TL reviews on the side), I’m going to need to see a lot more evidence than reaction/summary posts.


Match 1 verdict: 8th by default. Omari’s Sister is not a blog.



Match 2

Site type: Shitty VN opinions.


This blog is not written in English. Spelling errors and grammatical mistakes only serve to distract the reader from the point of the articles. Ignoring the shitty writing, the reviews don’t really have a point. I was interested in playing the game reviewed solely because of the images in the review, not because of the review itself.

Overall rating: I don’t like VNs, but even if I did, I would never want to visit this site.

Site type: Shitty VN opinions.


When I read a review, I want to formulate an opinion that’s educated and influenced by the author of the review. Reading this review, I wanted to learn what the VN in question was about and I wanted to use the author’s opinions to help me decide if the VN was for me.

While I did learn a lot about what the characters were like and why the system was mediocre, I never got a feel for what the author really thought until the end. A 4/10 for the characters came as a complete shock, and not in a good way. If I don’t know what the author thought of a series until the end of a review, it means the author either deliberately tried to hide their opinion or they simply can’t write.

Overall rating: The writing is completely soulless. Try to formulate an actual argument instead of relying on your numbers at the end to do it for you.


Match 2 verdict: Amae. Their review system was better thought out and had more content than Intent’s.



Match 3

Site type: Referral site for manga blogs.


This is an actual “article”:

So many fucking links. When the point of your site is to direct me elsewhere, don’t be surprised if I take you up on your offer.

Overall rating: Looks like even the author is embarrassed by his shitty writing. No wonder he wants to link you away from his site every chance he gets.

Site type: Shitty anime articles.


This blog has some hidden gems like this article:

I’m not big into musical instruments at all. And really, I’m not that big of a Eureka Seven guy either. But this article, which combines the two, actually managed to get me interested in the two of them long enough to be moderately inspired. All in all, I enjoyed the article because I actually learned something from it and that’s not something you get from most aniblogs.

However, there are still reasons why this blog isn’t good. Otou-san rarely drifts into actual thought. Instead, you get drivel like this:

I always wished that Pigs in Space from the Muppet Show was its own thing, with all the bad bacon puns and Star Trek parodies. But when the Spring Preview rolled around, I figured I’d have to settle for bros in space instead. And I wondered, what would that be like? Would the international space station’s so
und system be blasting Dave Matthews and John Mayer constantly? Are keg stands easier in zero gravity?

How many shitty pop culture references can you count? I came up with “way too many”.

Overall rating: If you actually think you have to be an idiot to get viewers, I feel very sorry for you. It doesn’t have to be that way.


Match 3 verdict: Shameful. Experiments didn’t want people on their site and I wouldn’t want to be there, so it works out perfectly.



Match 4

Site type: Shitty anime articles/reviews.


Really? An article about how this season is so fucking unique for including strong female characters in its shows?

Let’s face it everyone, it can’t be denied that a strong female character is rather hard to come by in anime.

What a fucking lie. You can write this exact same article for any season of anime. Fuck you, Anime Princess.

But Anime Princess does have one interesting thing going for it. Occasionally, Iostty can write a post about something that feels like it’s a post about nothing… but still manages to be readable. I don’t really know how to describe it, but it’s almost like slice-of-life posting.

I don’t think I learned anything from the article. In fact, I know I didn’t. But I didn’t feel like I had wasted my time. I got the same feel from “The Power of Setting” article Ios also posted.

Overall rating: Ultimately, the most meaningless articles were the best. I can’t say the site is good, but at least it piqued my interest.

Site type: Shitty anime articles/reviews.


There isn’t anything to fucking comment on here. It’s like somebody performed a hysterectomy on the site because it’s barren (of content). The closest we get to regular content is the Friday posts which are slightly elongated tweets. Come the fuck on.

Overall rating: A blog needs posts to be considered a blog. So that makes this… just wasted space on the internet.


Match 4 verdict: Anime Princess. It actually has (real) posts.


tl;dr: I’m fucking tired and I think I was too constructive in this post. Fuck. Better ramp up the heat tomorrow.

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  1. You got me, I can’t write >__>.

    Your comments are very helpful. I’ll take them into account for my next review.

    Sucks that you aren’t into VNs. G-senjou no Maou sounds like it would be perfect for you.

  2. I think 8thSin probably works best with shows like Penguindrum, where there’s so much going on in each episode that you can’t possibly catch everything.

  3. lol, don’t bash a bruvver, DS!

    8th’s episode analysis might be… episodic… but he deserves to win this just for the sheer fact that he’s made Accel World doujin’s using screenshots. *That’s* an accomplishment.

  4. Confession: Whiners is the only aniblog I read. I love laughing at stupid fansubs.

    (Of course, I appreciate the posts with good fansubs too.)

    • Sounds about right. I used to follow a couple others, but they got boring when I didn’t bother to watch the episode. And the few I did, I didn’t need another person to summarize it for me and give a few comments that were pointless.

      Now fansubs reviews….That’s useful for selection, making fun of, learning, and enjoyment. Especially when Dark_Sage posts about other stuff. Or gets drunk.


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