Aniblog Stuff – Round 2 – Day 7

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Day 7. (I’m competing in this one.)

Site type: Old anime opinions.

Article quality:

We Remember Love is an intelligent, precise blog.

I don’t very often agree with the main author. In fact, I don’t think it’s possible to agree with him.

“Anime is primarily for children.”
“People are right to feel bad for liking unpopular shows.”
“Haruhi is a bitch.”

He revels in his stupidity with such fervor that it feels like he’s trying to escape back to a point in his life when he wasn’t a 30-year-old creeper. But the writing is filled with such thought — however unrefined — that I found myself reading more articles than I usually do for these reviews.

Overall rating: A great blog to marathon in an afternoon and then forget about.

Site type: Old anime opinions.

Article quality:

This was a pretty cool attempt to place anime fans on a graph depending on whether they’re open/shut to new experiences and whether their views of anime are positive or negative. I don’t really agree with the conclusion, but the final graph isn’t really the point of the article. It was nice to see the back and forth between two people as they talk about things, fully aware that what they’re saying is, more or less, bullshit.

A level and intelligent look at Cowboy Bebop and how it relates to western influences as well as why different people have different take-aways from the show. This could be an essay, but the author broached the subject carefully enough to sate the reader but also make them interested in reading more. I’m not a big Cowboy Bebop fan, but I am interested in reading more of Pontifus’s comments on the subject. This is good writing.

Overall rating: Yeah, I can dig it.



Match 28

Site type: Anime music stuff.

Article quality:

Well, this is unique. I didn’t really expect any thought put into an anime blog besides “Hey, I can toss my shitty anime opinions onto the internet”. But this here’s an interesting specimen — it’s a blog about anime-related music.

Now, I don’t really care about anime music. But I can at least appreciate one blog in this tournament attempting to do something new.

Overall rating: Thanks for actually trying to do something out of the ordinary.

Site type: Shitty anime opinions.

Article quality:

Be still, my bleeding heart.

This is a fantastic article about how guns are bad and how we should all focus on world peace instead of being mean to one another. And by “fantastic” I mean “so absurdly naive it’s a wonder this kid hasn’t wound up in the back of some pedophile’s meat locker yet”.

His argument goes that if people didn’t have guns, somehow we would achieve universal education. Oh, and that people who own guns are “sad, illogical hypocrites”. Where the fuck did that come from? By your own stats, you’re talking about 1/7th of the world here.

I find it funny how he can run his mouth with so many dicks in it.

Overall rating: The real world’s gonna be tough on this kid. :(



Match 29

Site type: Shitty anime opinions.

Article quality:

Here she argues that:

1. All KeyAni shows are harems but they’re unique harems.
2. Air is unique because it focuses on a mother-daughter relationship and doesn’t have explicit romance.
3. Kanon is unique because it doesn’t have explicit fanservice.
4. Clannad is unique because it had an epilogue.
5. Clannad was worse than Air.

I’ll let those stand by themselves.

Overall rating: Clannad was not worse than Air.



Match 28

Site type: Shitty anime opinions.

Article quality:

Every other article was shit, but this one was all right.

Overall rating: The site’s not that great, but compared to the next one, it’s amazing.

Site type: Shitty anime opinions.

Article quality:

Of course poor goody goody Naruto couldn’t kill anyone so its clear he was framed but why? :O There seems so be something huge going on here.. :O Gamabunta (The Chief toad) was summonned which means there must be a really strong enemy! :O Is that Killer Bee! OMG Sage Mode! *pause* ROARRRRR!!!! THIS IS GONNA BE EPIC! DOWNLOADD!! (or if you’re like me) WHERE CAN I STREAM THIS!!

Overall rating: I’ll let you judge the site’s quality for yourself.



tl;dr: Vote for me.

We Remember Love vs. Super Fanicom BS-X

Anime Instrumentality vs. Temporal Vortex

GAR GAR Stegosaurus vs.

Open Your Mind vs. AniRecs Anime Blog

17 thoughts on “Aniblog Stuff – Round 2 – Day 7”

  1. According to your article:

    Match ??: We Remember Love vs. Super Fanicom BS-X
    Match 28: Anime Instrumentality vs. Temporal Vortex
    Match 29: GAR GAR Stegosaurus vs.
    Match 28: Open Your Mind vs. AniRecs Anime Blog

    Makes sense.

  2. fully aware that what they’re saying is, more or less, bullshit.

    It’s important that people understand this about us and don’t take us more seriously than we do. Speaking for myself, anyway. I’m always half-bullshitting-around.

    Thanks for doing this. Though I think it’s funny that I’ve gotten a reputation for writing about old stuff when I used to be the most long-winded, esoteric moe apologist around.

    I’d encourage you to dig a little deeper into Ghostlightning, if you have the time. He plays the fanboy, but it’s part of his game, and some subtly clever writing comes out of it.

  3. I voted against you but it doesn’t appear to have helped.

    Hopefully you lose next round so you can go back to reviewing things.

      • Though I would like to note that this aniblog shit doesn’t take time away from the reviews. I write these summaries up at work and then go back to my hotel to post them. The reason you’re not seeing many reviews this week is because my download speeds are super shit here and I don’t have anything reviewable on my laptop. So instead of aniblog shit, you’d just get… Nothing.

    • Now that’s an interesting motivation. Vote against someone in the blog tourney because you want them to write more of their usual blog articles…

      There’s probably something clever or insightful to be said here, but finals have kind of drained my brain.

  4. If you win the tourney…there are going to be a lot of butt hurt “Anime” blogging people. :P
    Oh well.
    By the way, I think you will really like some of the blogs in the next match (29-32). I did anyway…

  5. “His argument goes that if people didn’t have guns, somehow we would achieve universal education.”

    No, no. That was the show’s /argument/ and I was only trying to reinforce it by the real world statistics ;)

  6. I’ve never understood America’s fervent defence of guns. Obviously it’s ingrained in the culture, but exactly why is beyond me. Didn’t quite follow that post’s logic, though.

    • There are a number of reasons, but one of the big ones is self-defense. It’s harder to make a police state when the populace can defend themselves. And criminals will always be able to get arms, but allowing regular people to have them too acts as an equalizer.

      But you’re right. It IS ingrained in my culture. I probably won’t be able to come up with an argument that others would be able to agree with. It’s not something I give a lot of thought to.

    • A lot of Americans could care less. But aside from self-defense, many people use guns to hunt animals for food or recreation. They may see the issue as an intrusion on a lifestyle.

      Others are just philosophically opposed to restrictions in general. Sometimes it’s not so much about guns in particular but a rallying issue for anti-government or small-government forces.

      Once people get used to having liberties, they don’t like those being restricted in any way. If your parents owned guns, you would probably think it’s normal for you to own guns as well.

      Also, a lot of fervent defenses tend not to be well-reasoned. People like their emotional talking points and aren’t so much interested in pragmatism or effective policy.

  7. I criticized the writing on AniRecs, and he thought I was Dark Sage. I’m actually honoured. I can’t believe that… thing can be considered a blog.


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