Fansub Review: [Broken] Ozma (Episode 04)

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Release format: MKV (269 MB, 10-bit)

Japanesiness: Honorifics.

English style: American English.

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Note: Virus fixed the shitty naming conventions for the batch.


Table of Contents

Visual Quality

Script Quality



Visual Quality


Opening. I liked this shit.

Ending. That color choice is pretty fucking terrible.



Script Quality


Nothing to really complain about here.


Main Script.

“It was their latest sub version.”

If you read this how it’s actually written, you’re gonna get really confused because “save” ends up changing definitions to “except for”. So with that comma there, you get a statement that reads

“I might get information that can save everyone, except for the world.”

which is obviously not fucking right at all. Grammar’s important, yo.

“I might… get information that can save everyone and the world as well.” would be better, but I’d rather have this be the line:

“I might… get information that could save this world and everyone in it.”

Nothing should change about this line. It’s perfect.

Is this a “dive” that is “high speed” or a “speed dive” that is “high”? Oh, it’s the former? Then learn how to adjective.

“High-speed dive!”

Timing Review

Incoming. When “Timing Critique” is added as a category, you’ll know this part is done.


Watchability: Definitely watchable.

Timing Grade:

Visual grade: B+

Script grade: A-

Overall grade (timing results not factored in): A-

Broken’s only competition for this show is Tsuki (SFW and Underwater both dropped this shit), so I’m going to strongly suggest watching/archiving Broken’s version.

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  1. That line… has just given me the motivation to finish this show xD

    From a purely editing standpoint it should be changed. A line like that (while cracking me up) would distract from the series itself, which is not good.

    Also, I’m sure “version” is pretty much redundant:
    “It was their latest sub” works just fine.

  2. Distracting from the Dick riding jokes? Surely that made Ozma what it was? I only watched it for the innuendo…


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