Fansub Review: [Doki] Tari Tari (Episode 01)

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And the season begins with Tari Tari. <3 this show. <3 it so fucking much.

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Release Information

Visual Quality

Script Quality


Release Information

Episode details.

Release format: MKV (301 MB, “10-bit”), LQ MKV (157 MB, 8-bit)

Japanesiness: Honorifics. “Big bro” instead of “aniki”.

English style: British English.

Encoding details:

Speed: Quick (<48 hours to release)

Note: Doki plans to release HQ 10-bit and LQ 8-bit files for this show. However, they derped their encoding for the 10-bit on this release and made it 8-bit. No biggie (who the fuck cares, really), but I thought I’d make note of it.


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Commie’s fansub reviews:

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Opening. This doesn’t really convey the feeling of the song. Doki’s karaoke seemed to toe a line of neutrality in its emotion with its generic colors and italicized font, meaning it didn’t convey a sense of anything at all, let alone the generally happy mood of the song. When your karaoke is emotionless, there better be a good reason for it and there wasn’t here. The karaoke itself was competent enough when it wasn’t running into the credits; it just didn’t fit the song.

Rating: Okay.


Ending. I’m not a stylist, but is this arial font? Cuz it looks terrible. Please tell me someone forgot to mux the right shit in. And then there’s the positioning. Why the fuck are you putting your karaoke over the fucking credits? Do you not want people to see this shit? I mean, I could see why if that’s the case, but goddamn.

Good thing the music wasn’t upbeat and happy, or this color choice would also be a bad decision. Right, Doki?

Rating: Bad.

Insert. I don’t know if I’d want this fully kara’d, but I’d much rather it be different from their overlap font. This just screams “lazy” to me.




I guess subtlety has its place, but you should at least try to match all the main colors. comma: orange, comma: pink, and: blue, ellipsis: teal. That’d work just fine.

I like this. It’s clear and I know where the fuck he’s going to.

I like this. Everything’s translated and it matches well enough.




It almost looks like there isn’t a space there. I checked the script and there is one, so the issue is that it looks bad.

I usually hate sponsor screens, but that’s when they’re static. This one had an amusing scene at the end, so I’m cool with it.

Script Quality


There aren’t any issues that I felt needed to be addressed in the OP. The ED did have some derps though.

listen the what?

once-closed. Minor, I know.

My main issue with karaoke is always going to be whether or not it can convey the meaning of the song to the viewer. Therefore, poor English will be counted less against the overall script score than it has before. But don’t think a number of errors in the OP/ED are going to let you get A-tier on your script score. The issues will just weigh less.


Main Script.

They’ve likely referred to her as “Sensei” their entire time in class. It’s basically become her name to them, therefore it should be capitalized.

“Then, what if we had our graduation ceremony right now?”

The “our” before “graduation ceremony” is important because otherwise you’re talking about the one-time event that all students in the school must attend. And if you’re doing that, it better be capitalized.

I think you’re using little a little too much. Replace the first one with “bit” and you have a sentence that doesn’t look like it was written by a grade-schooler with a 16-word vocabulary.


It took me a while to realize Doki wasn’t trying to use the plural possessive (or singular possessive depending on your views) here. They’re trying to use the apostrophe to indicate that “sis” is short for “sister”.

This is not the right way to do it, Doki. This is not the right way at all.

Keep apostrophes away from “sis” and “bro” and we’ll be good.

Oh, and the sentence is fine even though it seems stupid for people who haven’t seen the show. The guy’s trying to learn Japanese words, so he’s asking questions like the one pictured in the screenshot.

This isn’t a big issue, but I’d like to see a comma after “Right now”. A pause makes it easier to read the rest of the sentence without knowing what it’s about. Otherwise you could start reading and be all “‘Right-now singing’? What the hell is this?” like I was.

Why not something smarter, like “The present won’t last forever” or “YOLO”?

No matter how I try and phrase this sentence, the best way to is to put a comma after “together” to allow for a pause.

There are two options to make this sentence flow better:

“Are you worried about how mad you made Sakai-san?”

“Are you worrying about how you made Sakai-san mad?”

I prefer the first one.


Okay, that was the bad. Onto the good. I don’t give out bonus points easily, but Doki gets bonus points for this script. I compared the lines I loved to Crunchyroll’s and Doki’s was better in every single case. This script just fucking works, and my traditional scoring method would punish Doki unfairly in this. So fuck it, their script score is getting boosted.

Let me show you why.

I absolutely love idioms because they can really spice up a script.

CR: If you keep eating like that, you’ll get fat.

This is not spicy. :(

I will give CR credit for this one. While Doki delivered a good line. CR matched it.

CR: Anybody can love music.
For music to love you, however, is another story entirely.


CR: But a girl like you might be a good catalyst for her.


This is great. She “got all her embarrassment out” by screaming it out of her. This makes sense. This is good.

CR: I overwrote the shame, so none of it would be left.

What in the holy Medaka’s name is this fucking garbage? Fuck that. Fuck that so hard. This is literally incomprehensible garbage.

CR, stop being so fucking shit. Goddamn.

This scene would be great in a normal script, but goddamn did this make me hngh. And yes, it works better on one line than two.

CR: If you don’t bring me back that application,
I’m going to tell mom about your secret porn stash.

It’s got the same meaning, but it doesn’t have the ring that makes you wanna fap to it, y’know?





Actually, put a hold on some of those bonus points. We have a translation issue.


Dialogue: 0,0:02:20.43,0:02:23.62,Default,,0,0,0,,Blame Dad. He’s the one who made too much.


Dialogue: 0,0:02:11.70,0:02:14.82,Default,Waka,0,0,0,,It’s because you always make Ntoo much for dinner, Dad.


Contextually, it makes more sense that the older man she’s talking to is her father. From Doki’s script, this would be her older brother. From CR/Commie’s script, this would be her father. I am disappoint, Doki.



Watchability: Quite watchable.

Visual grade: B-

Script grade: B

Overall grade: B


I was thinking about a B here on account of the visuals being pretty… average, but the script is the most important thing here and I liked what I saw. Good job, Doki.

I guess I can commit that for this season, visuals are going to count for slightly less than they have in the past.



This is a pretty good script. It has its issues, but it also has a lot of positives, with a script that can really stick out at times. Good effort from Doki.

To clear things up, the CR lines I referenced here probably do not represent the entire release. Besides the “I overwrote the shame, so none of it would be left.” the issue is not that CR’s script is bad, but that Doki’s is better for those lines. Don’t jump to conclusions please.

0 thoughts on “Fansub Review: [Doki] Tari Tari (Episode 01)”

  1. How Doki handled the “Big Sis” part reeks of literal shit. Also a lot of these lines you have here from Doki’s are far more awkward than what CR had. CR’s script is very smooth and actually sounds natural while Doki’s sounds literal as fuck.

    But who cares. They’re translating a show that’s simulcast 12 hours late and are still slower. Not my problem and they probably won’t get many downloads.

    • Can you read? I mean, are you literate? CR’s has no flow, it has no fucking life. If you think a girl screaming her embarrassment out to the sea is going to say something like “I overwrote the shame, so none of it would be left.” you’ve gone way past full retard. Ask an editor to help you understand the script, because I think all that time with fonts has scrambled your mind.

      • Yeah, that one line could be better, but I was talking in general. This show does not need literal editing like what Doki has done. It sounds so much better with liberal editing like CR has.

        Also I edited this for our release (and didn’t time/typeset) so I look forward to your terrible review. I love making you mad.

        • And perhaps it will be good. I simply took lines from Doki’s that I thought were really good and looked at CR’s script to see how they handled it. Perhaps six lines are not indicative of CR’s quality.

          I’ll see what happens when I look at your release.

  2. Oh, so that’s why it’s called Tari Tari.

    The catalyst/chemical reaction line reminds me of a line I wrote myself recently…

      • I’ll give them their due credit when I review Commie’s release. I’ve heard CR’s release was good, so hopefully I will see what everyone was talking about. Assuming this was the TL who also did Hanasaku Iroha, I have great expectations.

        There are two things to note for everyone, because I assume I pissed a lot of people off who don’t like Doki for whatever reason:
        1. This is a “boosted” score. I don’t tend to give these out very often at all, but what you should take away is that this is a B script when you take away my love of certain lines.
        2. 6 lines are not enough to condemn or praise the Crunchyroll’s script. I haven’t seen how fluid it is or anything. I don’t know how good their subs are yet. They could be worse or they could be better than Doki’s. Let’s not jump to conclusions (although I will condone betting).

  3. > No matter how I try and phrase this sentence, the best way to is to put a comma after “together” to allow for a pause.

    This is not a matter of preference: Subordinate clauses preceding main clauses always need a comma.
    The sentence is grammatically wrong right now.

  4. Off topic: your RSS feed says “too many errors” and fails to add it when I try to subscribe. Is that just me, or is it broken?

    Here is a comparison between Commie and Doki. Some of the lines are completely different. WTF?
    >Konatsu, can I see your math homework?
    >Konatsu, show me your cool flyers!

    Also, “sister” sounds much better. Just leave “Onee-san” or localize, “Big sis” is kinda retarded.

      • Doki has a good track record regarding translations.

        Again, the biggest issue with this site is that I don’t review the translations. So if Doki fucks up, unless it’s both contextually stupid AND shown by another release to be wrong, I won’t be able to catch it. That’s why 8th’s site in conjunction with mine was such an effective tool to determine which subs to watch. Hopefully NotRed will be able to pick up the slack on 8th’s end this season, since I don’t think he’s gonna be doing many more reviews with that backlog of his.

    • She definitely says “print-out” (in Engrish) which is exactly what it sounds like, a piece of paper with some math problems that the students had to do. I have no idea how Doki fucked this up.

  6. “No matter how I try and phrase this sentence, the best way to is to put a comma after “together” to allow for a pause.”

    You could also phrase it like this “I know it’s a pretty crazy dream but, if we all sing together, something great is bound to happen.”
    It only makes sense if you put emphasis on “crazy dream” though. Otherwise, it sounds like there should also be a comma before “but”.


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