To the Aniblog Finals We Go~

This post was written by Dark_Sage. He is Dark_Sage.


Goddamn I love you all. So, so much.

Super fucking close. 483 votes is ridiculous. Thank you all.

As you can see here, Metanorn will be slightly more difficult to beat. But fuck it, let’s go all the way, yeah?




 For those idealists…

Really? You thought that if I lost a match, it’d… humble me?

Yeah, not gonna happen. Sage always keeps it sagey.



No worries. You don’t even need to say it.

They’re coming as fast as I can pull ’em from my shelf.

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  1. This is an unexpected match up for the final round. I mean, I did think this tourney was yours to lose pretty early on, and well done on making good on that. Funny coincidence that the margins for both victories was the same at 13. I wonder if we’ll crack 1,500 votes total in the final round.

    • Oh, I only want bad episodic blogging to stop, don’t get me wrong. If I win, I’d rather the takeaway be “Hey, you can actually be original and not be punished for it.”

      • I don’t think that you reached the finals for being “original”. You are there because of your constant updates and hard work on your reviews. That earned you many readers.

        It’s mostly thanks to that and not your campaign against bad episodic blogging neither the overdone antipathetic persona you display behind your monitor. If anything, those will be the main reasons for the many anti-votes you’ll get in the finals.

        I can’t say for sure how serious you are taking your adventure, but you’ll never have a point until the day you define what “Good Episodic Blogging” is in your opinion. In the meantime, it’s just drama for drama’s sake.

    • you can’t have good posts if you don’t have shit ones to compare them to. imagine a world where every single post was good and nobody on the internet was retarded.

      it’d be a horrible place

  2. I never comment here, but I always love reading your reviews especially if they involve Hadena. I’m not your biggest fan but against Metanorn, I’ll vote for you and I do appreciate the feedback you gave to the earlier contestants, as a blogger I took those into considerations (and frankly, I’m getting tired of writing the same anime post day after day, so I’ll probably do manga or something Japanese related)

  3. Dude, the only way you’ll win the tourney against Metanorn (and maybe a couple supporters of LiA, Star-crossed, RC or any other aniblog you manage to “mention” during the tourney) is to… nah, no chance. will vote for you though.

  4. Finally, this shit is ending. It was fun while it lasted, even if it lasted a bit too long. Well, gotta remember to vote tomorrow then. Whiners definitely deserves the win here.

    But perhaps I’m making a mistake! I’ve heard that if I vote against Whiners, I’ll get to see the great Dark_Sage humbled! What a can’t-miss opportunity!

    Decisions, decisions.

  5. Just checked the three other finalist blogs out in the hope of discovering another cool new anime site to follow, and they are basically just doing the exact same thing RandomCuriosity does, except that I already follow RandomC.

    Quite honestly isn’t an amazing anime blog, though that’s not to say it’s a shit one because Dark Sage’s fansub reviews have actually helped me make better informed decisions. A quick example would be Dark Sage pointing out that GG do not have a QC guy, which explains why their subtitles for Jormungand are one of the worst I’ve personally seen in recent times.

    That being said, gets my vote automatically because I couldn’t care less about RandomCuriosity clones. I don’t even follow RandomC for their text content, I use it to see episode screenshots without spoilers, because the visual style of a series has a notable impact when I’m trying to decide what to watch next.

    Of course this is just my uninformed opinion.

    • I’ll be making a “highlights of the tourney” post because I actually visited every blog that competed and a lot of them didn’t get their fair shake.

      If you’re already reading RandomC, most of the blogs in the tournament won’t seem new at all, because like you said, they’re clones. And even if I can’t find you a blog that you’ll wish to read, at least I can show you that they’re not all the same even if 95% are.

      • I’ll keep an eye out for that post. I’m mostly a gamer who dabbles in anime/manga on the side, so the extent of anime sites I follow are pretty much just ANN, RandomC and the blogs of various fansub groups such as this one via RSS feeds.

        I purely follow fansub blogs to keep tabs on when the latest episode of a series I follow has been subbed and available to download. is the only blog out of the ones I follow which actually posts content relevant to my interests other than “here’s the latest episode of that show you watch” and “here’s version two of that episode because we fucked up”.

  6. Around 500 mote votes in the other semi-finals bracket. Fuck.
    That’s nerve-wracking……. but I know Whiners can do it. :P
    Good luck, D_S~

  7. Show them. Show them all!

    Though I must admit, image spam is great for skimming the show without watching it. Haven’t really got around to watching much these last couple seasons….

    Really liking that wallpaper, by the way. Enjoying all the Lelouch too.

  8. D_S winning this will prove that global warming is avoidable, polar bears are not only polar but also bears, noodles are not only nutritional but also intrinsic to society and people who didn’t vote for are actually holding back human colonisation of space.

  9. bwhahaha~ good luck, shall i try and vote with every electronical device capable of internet in my house?…

    also, :3 dat wallpaper, source?

  10. I hate to say, but I’m going to be voting for Whiners not because I really LOVE you guys, but more because I hate Metanorm.


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