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We won. Metanorn was disqualified due to cheating. Pretty pathetic, right?

Cheaters Gonna Cheat

This is gonna get real sad, real fast.

Fansub reviews are evil… gotcha.

But voting multiple times is good.

And telling your friends to vote multiple times is good too.

And bragging about how everyone you know voted multiple times for you is also good.

Well okay, now that we’ve got our moral compasses set, let’s take a look at what wiill, a tournament organizer, has to say.

[12:55] <~wiill> the rules should say one vote per individual


Pretty clear to me. But it’s not like they enforce these rules for other blogs, right?

::Note:: There were 91 fraud votes for 8thsin Fansubs Anime Blog that were removed after the voter IPs were checked.

Due to multiple attempts at manipulating and rigging of the polls, both before the polls were officially open and after, in favor of CSW by one or multiple members of the CSW writing team, combined with their subsequent reaction, CSW is disqualified from the tourney. Sekijitsu will progress to the next round.

Jinx has been disqualified due to vote manipulation

Wow, and Jinx did the exact same thing Metanorn admitted to doing.


So looks like an open and shut case of some pathetic cunt cheating and getting caught. So that’s why Metanorn got disquali–


Oh wait

Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot that one of the tournament organizers, wiill, actually works for Metanorn and the other one despises me for unknown reasons. So… Metanorn didn’t get disqualified. Actually, they were rigged to win from the start. While none of the other blogs participating knew what the scores were, Metanorn knew all along, because wiill built the polling system for them.

They knew the vote count throughout the tournament so they always knew what the scores were while others didn’t. And they could change the scores to whatever they wanted. Fun fact I heard from one of the people with access to the info: Against Star Crossed, Metanorn was down 250 votes. They somehow magically came up with over 250 votes in an hour to win the whole thing. Interesting, huh?

I decided to talk to Metanorn to find out what goes through the mind of someone who has to be so pathetic as to fake their victory in an internet tournament.

Dark_Sage Talks to Metanorn

Muslims are so kawaii

Before we won the tourney, I tried to get in the mind of someone who has no life. You know, see what makes them tick. So I asked Miss Kyokai a few questions about her lifestyle when she mentioned she had been to New York.

Knowing that she lives in Bangladesh, I wondered how she could afford such a trip when the average Bangladeshi yearly income is $1800. So I started asking her a few questions, trying to get a picture of her life story, but she didn’t seem inclined to share.

<&kyokai> And I don’t want to share it with you at least
<SushiGoKart> >/ Yo just forget this banchaud.
<Dark_Sage> No story? Why not?
<@lvlln> Well, let’s be honest here. 99.9% of anibloggers are in the upper class in terms of world wealth.
<Dark_Sage> I just wanna know if I’m talking to a slum queen here or not
<&kyokai> slum queen?!
<Dark_Sage> Yeah, slum queen, or is that the wrong terminology?
<Dark_Sage> Gutter queen?
<Dark_Sage> That might work better.
<SushiGoKart> How the fuck are you going to call someone a slum queen?
* kyokai sets mode: +b *!*sdfdsf@*.desu.desu
* You were kicked by kyokai (Dark_Sage)

I think she got mad. I tried to contact her afterward.

<Dark_Sage> Please don’t be mad, Miss Kyokai :(
<Dark_Sage> I didn’t mean to call you a queen.

But I didn’t get a reply. I presume it’s because she doesn’t know how to handle private messages on IRC. Oh well.


Moving on from that… Since they rigged their own tournament, let’s rig our own.


New Aniblog Tournament

Well, that was easy. It’s almost like I didn’t have to become relevant to get votes. I just had to control the system from the get-go. Well, fuck, we won! Congrats!!

Well done, everyone! We won the tournament just like I knew we would. Just wait for the tears to flow from the other blogs.

147 thoughts on “Aniblog Tournament Results”

  1. Did you actually draw the muslim girls? Man, you’re good…

    Anyway – we competed, we won/lost, let’s get drunk now.

    • This. Congrats on the win!

      Side note: Wow, what a pathetic person you have to be to rig a tournament that means nothing anyway. Enjoy the fake win, Metanorn. Whatever you have to do to win, I guess. I voted for D_S once, just so you know. Only once. I didn’t use all my devices, because, you know, it’s a tournament, and I learned to play fair in kindergarten. Then again, I can’t really call that shitshow a “tournament”. Glad that’s over. Let’s get back to the fansub reviews!

      • +1.
        I’m sure you are not the only one who restrain yourself to not using all the devices and connections.

        Metanorn guys should learn about Respect if they participating on a tournament.

        well, congratz for your victory Metanorn,,
        I don’t know though if you all happy with this kind of empty victory.

  2. I’m glad to have put my single vote to good use. Besides, one of them admitted this was an advertisement campaign (with charm!). So everything you have deduced, makes total sense with this line of thinking.

  3. Interesting read. Glad that you did some extra stuff for this post, but don’t celebrate. It’s not like me and those 900+ people actually like this blog or anything. Jeez.

  4. I found it funny that they displayed a “holier than thou” attitude throughout the entire thing and then admitted to voting multiple times. That’s hypocrisy for ya.

    Too bad you didn’t win though, the amount of butthurt would’ve been massive.

    • Eh? Really?
      I’m enjoying the amount of butthurt put out by Dark_Sage here though?

      I guess he will get extra traffic indeed huh?

      • Did you read Enzo’s post after losing in the semi-finals? Now THAT was butthurt. The guy even deleted the comments because he was proven wrong. But this? Some sort of cospiracy theory that serves as nothing but flamebait for the likes of you? Let’s not be silly. :)

    • Kyokai (Metanorn’s leader) is a Bangladeshi Muslim. She wasn’t allowed to attend grade school so she never got a chance to learn that.

      • Wow. You brought religion/race into this? How old are you again? Way to be a totally immature asshat.

        I like your blog and I find your attitude hilarious most of the time, but I do think you took it too far this time. Kinda wish I didn’t vote for you now…

            • It’s actually one of the smartest ones. Cock-chan gets it.

              I don’t give a shit about not offending people. So if something I say gets you super riled up, you can fuck right off because I don’t care.

              Rofl’s some stupid jawa who got offended that I could ever say anything bad about Muslims, yet got off when I told people to kill themselves over typos. Why should I pander to his selfishness and stupidity? That sure as fuck ain’t happening. I’m surprised the internet even reaches whatever sandfuck village he comes from.

              He can take this as his cue, along with anybody else who can’t handle abrasiveness when it may in the slightest relate to them, to stay the fuck off my site.

              • I’ve said this before, but I don’t really care about people being racist/offensive on the internet, because that’s kind of how it works.

                I don’t, however, think racism has any value in and of itself, so when someone’s whole post consists of being a racist asshole, with no other content thrown in the mix, I think it makes them seem excessively stupid and juvenile. Just like I don’t think less of you for being offensive (I actually think it adds a lot of flavor to your writing), I’d think someone whose whole post is “Fuck you, you fucking dumb cunt. You’re a fag and I hate you.” was equally dumb.

              • Lol. I said I found you attitude hilarious MOST of the time. Not ALL of the time. Sue me for deciding to be vocal about disagreeing with your…methods. You’ve set a precedence for how people talk here, so I figured I’d give you some constructive criticism. But clearly you can’t handle it.

                No worries, though. I’ll stay the fuck off your site. I’m obviously too sensitive. And politically correct.

                Ah, and *she. And no, I’m not a Muslim.

    • As a great man once said.

      “It’s not the votes that counts but who counts the votes”

      In any case, congrats to Sage for coming Second Place.

    • Either they won’t say nothing about it or they’ll just say D_S is butthurt. I can feel already that’s the best excuse they will come up with.

    • Ironically, despite winning in name, Metanorn, has done more to damage its reputation more than anyone. In addition, the oh-so delicious drama in the finals page exposed, without a doubt, a serious violation of ethics in a competing tournament. If Aniblog organizers do not act in a fair way, their credibility will go down. Lose-lose situation either way if they decide to let this blow over.

      So I feel that by losing in name, Dark_Sage really has almost single-handily ensured that this tournament won’t be held again.

  5. At the beggining and for some time it’s funny to read the delusional rants of a butthurt pathetic loser, but then one starts to feel sorry.

    • Hey, man, hey, come on, no need to say what’s already been said. We all know it’s pretty pathetic and sad already, and you should be giving your sympathy, not your scorn.

      So let’s stop calling Metanorn pathetic.

  6. While you raise some very interesting points, your butthurt is too delicious for me to handle. Slum queen? Really?

  7. I don’t think you understood what happened there… She didn’t cheat, encourage others to cheat and rig it so she could win, she cheated and rigged it for the sake of her readers!

    What if her readers’ feelings got hurt when she lost? Do you ever think of the readers, D_S? Does anyone? I ask not for myself, but for them. I think this ballot stuffing of an arbitrary popularity contest was the noblest act undertaken so far.

    And a queen must look after her people, after all. How else will they pay rent.

  8. “Before we won the tourney, I tried to get in the mind of someone who has no life. You know, see what makes them tick”

    Irony much? Spends all day or night on the internet blogging/reviewing fansubs. Then puts extra time and effort into creating drama on the internet and responding to most of his reader’s comments. Not to mention that he then spends even more time and effort into writing rage posts when his panties get into a knot (This post, RC post and Guardian Enzo’s website). The last being the worst because it actually means he was loser enough to go onto someone else’s website, see their reaction to their loss, take pleasure from it before promptly and rudely rubbing it in.

    Oh irony. How you entertain me

    • And by wonder, I mean I’m pretty damn sure, because people have been doing this throughout the entire tournament on all sides.

      So I guess it just comes down to who was able to get the most counterfeit votes, huh?

      • Call me naive, but I thought Metanorn would play fair in the finals. And you can keep calling me naive, but I think Kyokai’s desperation to win was pretty much an isolated incident and all the other bloggers played a clean game. If you’re going to accuse the others, I’d like to see some evidence on your part, because as far as I’m aware, only three bloggers admitted to cheating — Canne, Kyokai, and NovaJinx.

        • Keyword: Admitted. They may have been the only ones that openly requested it, but it’s hard to say whether or not others were receiving fake votes unknowingly. Multiple IP’s are just something most people have access to nowadays, and whether they want to use them or not is up to them. The people up for votes can neither accept nor reject the fake votes willingly, so you can’t expect them to be responsible for them all. If voters were forced to make a different account and login to vote, there would probably be fewer fake votes, but it would still be as easy as making several different email addresses and having a ton of free time.

          That said, I’m not defending what Kyokai and the others did by willingly requesting fake votes, especially in a system so easy to abuse, but even if they hadn’t, it would be from hard to impossible to tell fake votes from regular ones. And then there’s the fact that just about every user and comment relies on anonymity to say the shit they say.

          TL;DR – Cheating’s bad, people shouldn’t encourage it, but even if this was the U.S. Presidential Election, cheating happens on both sides, whether you ask for it or not.

          Better luck next year, man.

          • Realistically, it is the tournament organizer’s job to minimize and prevent cheating. Not the blog site’s. If there is evidence of cheating on either side, the best each side can do is condemn it, not encourage it (As Kyokai did). This is just a case of the organizers not doing their job.

              • I’ll fix it for you. The new comment system will be up in a day or two when I don’t have to worry about this post-a-minute pace the Aniblog drama brought. (I don’t want anyone’s post to get lost in the ether so that’s why I’ll do it once shit has slowed down).

            • It’s a tournament about friggin anime blogs. The outcome, corrupt or not, is not going to matter the day after the results come out.

              Hell, it already doesn’t matter.

        • I like how Kuriousity was being botted as well, yet they only discoed me. Also, Scamp hates everyone who isn’t being nice and civil by his definition. You and me both, bro.

      • Trust me, if the people here would actually have used that method, the results would’ve been entirely different.

        • Not to mention D_S can encourage some fansubs group to post the voting poll on their front page site.

          note: Hadena download count usually more than 1000. If half of them voted, Whiners can get 500votes free (and not to mention each voter can vote more than one)

  9. It was entertaining to see the butthurt aniblogging cabal scrambling to rig the game to prevent your well-deserved victory. You made this stupid competition fun and the circle-jerkers hate you because the fun came at their expense. Screw the unethical tourney, long live Whiners! You deserve a special prize for cutting through the Tenchi=AstroNerdBoy crap alone.

  10. This is the way the world ends.
    This is the way the world ends.
    This is the way the world ends.
    Not with a bang but an Aniblog Tournament.

  11. I’m a SCAB regular, so Metanorn winning because they possibly cheated (which I’m pretty sure they did) doesn’t really sit well with me.

    You’re an asshole, and you probably know that. But you’re one helluva asshole. You just got yourself a fan, Dark_Sage.

  12. I don’t really care who won in this tourney, since it’s been a dumb thing from the start anyway but calling someone a slum queen, really? Can you at least try to be tactful in your insults? Do you have to resort to mocking people about their real life situations when you don’t even know what’s going on?

    I’ve been fine with all the drama you’ve caused in the tourney so far but perhaps that was going too far, even if it was meant as a joke.

  13. The lengths of conspiracy, fraud and analpain over a navel-gazing popularity contest with nothing but ego on the line has been great. I’d almost miss it.

  14. This retardation is finally over? Thank the FSM, now we can all get back to not giving a shit about strangers’ opinions on the internet.

  15. Reading Kyokai’s reply “If this came under cheating…”. How could you possibly think multiple voting was not cheating? How else do you cheat in an online poll? It’s exactly the same as using bot software and she told other people to do the same. This is such a straight forward case it’s not funny, there is no argument, she cheated. The difference in votes was only 84, so if there was only an additional fifteen people cheating for each of the three that admitted to it, then the result would have changed. Assuming these people had their vote reduced to only one each instead of three. Given their large following, this would be an underestimate [Kyokai has more than 550 followers on twitter where she told them to vote twice using their mobiles and bragged about doing so] In fact it is likely that this may have also been the reason star crossed lost to them.

    And they have the gall to call Dark_Sage an arse after doing that.

    I was following this tournament in order to find some decent blogs to follow and was rather confused at how the final was so seemingly one sided in terms of quality. To see the lesser blog win and under such a cloud is so frustrating and annoying that I ask myself why I bothered.

    Also, congrats on your eventual win Dark_Sage, your quality articles and perpetually updating content is fantastic to see.

    • Likewise, I was hoping that there might be something else I would find useful or interesting in the top 8, but it didn’t happen. I didn’t bother checking any of the other ones until then, thinking that maybe the top vote-getters late in the tournament might actually be decent.

      At this point, my hope’s that the voters have shit taste, and the better content was voted out earlier. After all, 8th didn’t get so far.

      Didn’t D_S promise a review or summary of notable entires? Then again, some timely SAO, Kokoro, etc. reviews would be even better.

  16. Congratz to your win, we had a nice face-off in the final! I also liked your tournament better, because it was short, to the point and free of butthurt blogging hypocrites.

    Anyway, I like what you did with the Jintai screenshot.

    • >stripping out tags

      <Edward_Bebop> ok i’ve done my part
      <Edward_Bebop> thats 48 for d_s
      <Edward_Bebop> put in work
      <Edward_Bebop> night guys

      • If that really happened, I was not on to tell him not to (I checked my logs and I don’t see any conversation like that). Actually, I already told Ed not to, like I told everyone who asked if they could vote multiple times.

        [17:15] [@Edward_Bebop] i have like 40 ip’s
        [17:15] [@Edward_Bebop] i can toss your way d_S
        01[17:15] [&Dark_Sage] No thanks
        [17:15] [@Edward_Bebop] unless you’re going totally legit
        01[17:15] [&Dark_Sage] I wanna play this fair
        [17:16] [@Edward_Bebop] respect

        When Ed gets on I think I’m going to have to have a talk with him.

  17. “Well, let’s be honest here. 99.9% of anibloggers are in the upper class in terms of world wealth.”

    Yes, I too often find that when I don’t know what to do with all my disposable income, I have the sudden urge to create a blog and tell the internet about my valuable insights into the magical world of Japanese cartoons.

    Also, I’m not sure what’s more surprising to me: the fact that somebody from Bangladesh helps with fansubs, or that Whiners actually won this tournament.

  18. Geh, just accept it you lost. The tourney was never “one vote proof” anyway so I don’t understand how you’re only bitching about it now. I mean seriously if you were looking for a “100% fair” tournament, you shouldn’t expect it from a tournament that uses polldaddy.

    Oh wait, you’re only bitching about it because lost. Then again this is so I doubt anyone here will take it against you.

  19. We all know you’re the king D_S, fuck the Muslim chick and her fucking blog. This place is an will always be the best blog.

    • Wow, looks like whiners will now be THE place where racist uneducated redneck gather. Don’t you have a sister you need to be fucking?

      Good lord, I agree with the cheating thing, but I’ve not seen such a display of sorelosertitis in a long while.

  20. This is a clear case where won. I was going to check out the Metanorn website but now that I know of their cheating I kind of lost interest. Metanorn is just pathetic for encouraging cheating and being proud about it. Also, not that it really matters but I have access to over 10 ip’s and I voted ONLY ONCE for After all there is such a thing called values. Miss kyokai should read up about and hopefully learn something.

  21. why do some ppl care so much about winning this thing? it’s not like your life is at stake. do u get money if you win? or do get to brag to anyone who cares for a few months? that comment of D_S about having no life makes so much sense. it’s sad really.

    • Erm, you’re a bit late to the party, idiffer. Metanorn’s already won, despite cheating, and everyone else has all but forgotten this tournament. Ah well, it was fun while it lasted.

  22. Oh Dark_Sage, don’t just randomly declare yourself winner.

    If Metanorn really cheated, then we all know that I would have beaten you instead. ;)

  23. Oh and you are saying that by giving so much butthurt to the world you don’t need a moral compass? Congrats, you have surpassed the limits of mankind and transcended.

  24. Should’ve pulled out!

    Even the cesspool known as RC knew not to go near this thundercunt-infested “tournament” this year.

    • I had no clue what the fuck I was getting into. Really, I entered in practically blind. I only knew it was happening because kyonyUU sent me an email like “Here, enter this. It’ll be lol drama.” So I did and so it was.

  25. -CSW is disqualified for cheating right in the beginning.
    -Metanorm wins the whole thing because of cheating.

    THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT. What a terrible tournament.

    • I was actually thinking about this the other day & had a pretty good mental rant going. Especially since Metanorn still doesn’t think they did anything wrong.

      A few things that irked me:
      – Multiple IP voting couldn’t be prevented but instead of dissuading it & hoping it balances out on both sides or something, Metanorn ran like hell with it
      – Common sense epic fail, especially with asserting that everyone else did it too
      – Expecting a newcomer to religiously track how everyone else asks for votes so it could be brought up at the beginning? Out of how many initial contestants?
      – Totally not seeing anything wrong with a conflict of interest
      – Sweeping things under the carpet as a conspiracy theory
      – Seeing that so many people don’t see anything wrong with it


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