Commie vs. MMM vs. Nutbladder: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Reactions (Episode 07)

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Fansubbers often add comments to scripts that people can’t see unless they take the time to demux the scripts and look at them. Yes, we know most people won’t even read what we’re writing. But we didn’t choose the sub life; it chose us.

Presenting: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure episode 7 – The Fansub Reaction Files

Each group’s comments will be included below each line they’re commenting on. Lines with multiple comments will have extra comments in red.



Tough mofo
Good night, Sweet prince ;_;
RIP in peace Zeppeli
geometric progression
I’ve seen enough hentai to know where this is going
that moe pose





MMM – All Business, Editing Comments Only

Since these comments were pretty professional, I’m just gonna reply directly to the editor.

too much?
Nope. I thought it was pretty sugoi myself.


And you’re right to take them.


too much? sadistic is a synonym for cruel. And “This is far too cruel!” sounds like an episode of a Maid Anime, to me ;3;
Nope, just enough. I actually did a little fist pump when I got to this part because you didn’t use “cruel”.


His middlename was MAKEPEACE, which is why this quote is so apropos and fitting
You’re really gonna pull out apropos in a fucking script comment? You… I like you. We should be friends.


this sounds more assholey
This was a fantastic edit. Good decision.


I’m sure there’s a more common expression for this
“He seems troubled/frustrated/pensive.” You get the idea. Anyway, your line is fine as-is, but if you really wanted to go with something a bit more common-tongue, just find the adjective you want to use and you’re good to go.


Maybe just for the preview we can leave this and let me smile a little
I assume this screenshot does not contain the original line the editor was talking about. No smiles on the MudaMudaMuda Express. :(






can’t touch this.

Speedwagon is Madoka. You heard it here first.
You were right, MMM.


is not a homura, but maybe his grandson?

aww, i can’t mention cod liver oil even after i looked up the spelling




Final ratings:

Commie: C. Not nearly enough reactions. I had high expectations, Commie!

MMM: C-. Why so serious?

Nutbladder: C+. Clearly the go-to group for JoJo.

While we did come away with a winner (Nutbladder), y’all need to step up your game. This is the most important part of fansubbing, dammit. :/

17 thoughts on “Commie vs. MMM vs. Nutbladder: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Reactions (Episode 07)”

  1. You might want to check the spacing of your italicised ‘apropos’, Dark_Sage. Looks kind of bad given you criticise others for that error…

  2. I am just making this comment to let the sakagamitomoya who has been hating Xythar on IRC know that Tomoya is the guy and his family name is Okazaki.

    That is all.

  3. Missing out on the pre-TS comments. Representative sample:

    {TS 05:18} {Doooooon} {(1) SFX for added drama, usually to emphasize dire circumstances; wtf does that even mean. SFX WHERE}{I’M THINKING}{da da DA!!!!}{}{ya dat 1.}{Da Da Dum!}
    {TS} {Faoooo}{Don’t forget this}{Rustle}{Again, no fucking clue, but sounds like wind}

    As you can see, much thought gets put into the SFX.
    Also, the geometric progression comment was a leftover one by the TL. I usually nuke those that are no longer relevant to the line, but I must’ve subconsciously spared that one since it made me laugh. I’ll be sure to include more blogging in future episodes.

  4. >MMM: C-. Why so serious?

    We mainly make our jokes through twitter as we go through the ep, they do make it into the script (Jeeg’s rant about fish tacos, heat and jeeg trying to spot musical references and coyote remarking on the fact that SPEEDWAGON TOOK ZEPPELI’S HAT RIGHT AFTER HE DIED, no really look, he did. I’m surprised he didn’t also take his shoes and check for pocket change too :V)

  5. Thanks for wasting my fucking time with this article. I was looking for a sub group comparison by their quality, not by how much they circle jerk.


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