Crymore Review Summary Live-UpdateCastBlogFestStravaganza!

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I’m going to spend the rest of my night updating the review summary, so you may as well watch me do it. [Edit3: All right, we’re going again!]



Where? & comments here & on IRC

How? Refresh the review summary page every now and then and watch the shows fill in.

Why? Boredom is an essential feature of blogreading.



Live chat!

#[email protected]

Don’t have an IRC client? Don’t fret! Visit this shitty site and fill in the information required:

The comments here can also function as a pseudo-live chat. Awesome!



One (1) lucky winner will receive a statement from Dark_Sage indicating he or she has “won”. Said winner will be selected at random from the comments of this post. One entry per person, no samefagging.

Good luck!

48 thoughts on “Crymore Review Summary Live-UpdateCastBlogFestStravaganza!”

  1. Hmm… this will either end amazingly, or terribly.

    Or you know, normally. That’s also an option, but it’s the boring one so nobody talks about it.

    • Err, I suppose I should note that while it’s complete on the backend, some of the reviews may be hidden to some people. We’re looking into it.

      And by “we” I mean “Firebird” and by “looking into it” I mean “will hopefully look into it when he wakes up”.

    • Whenever I finish off the whole goddamn summary (you’ll know when this happens because of the fireworks). As for when that happens? Well, I have a feeling the Live-UpdateCastBlogFestStravaganza! is gonna have about 6 hours of Dark_Sage sleeping in it on top of many more hours of tedious data entry (which will be hindered by my, y’know, job that I have to go to). ETA is… 5 months from now.

  2. Okay, Summer 2011 complete too. Unfortunately, I’m bushed and I need sleep for work in the morning (gotta pay my bills somehow). Not sure when I can get the review summary moving again, but I can guarantee it’ll be finished tomorrow.

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