’s Anime of Fall 2012 Reader’s Choice Awards!

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I say “Reader’s Choice Awards” but it’s really more of an article with polls. Enjoy~

Fall 2012 Reader’s Choice Awards!

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Swaggest Male Protagonist

1. Speedwagon [JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure]

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Speedwagon

Cred: Robbed a corpse for his pimp hat. And he knows how to suit up like a boss. Speedwagon? More like Swagwagon.


2. Dark Flame Master [Chuunibyou]

undeniable chuunibyou dark flame master swag

Undeniable swagger.


3. The entire cast of K (generally male, so we’ll say it counts)

K Anime Cast

I’d wear every outfit here. That’s how you know the fashions are good.


4. That guy from Ixion Saga DT

Ixion Saga DT Swag Face
Swag face
Ixion Saga DT Swag Threads
Swag threads
Ixion Saga DT Swag Shoes
Swag shoes

Cred: It writes itself. (But I wrote it anyway.)


Swaggest Male Protagonist

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Best Battles

1. Girls und Panzer


2. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure


3. Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai!


4. Teekyu


Best Battles

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Most Annoying Use of Quoting

1. Psycho-Pass

"And here's a quote from Hamlet."
“And here’s a quote from Hamlet.”

An entire arc is devoted to a girl who won’t stop fucking quoting Shakespeare and just when you think it’s over with, she quotes it some fucking more. Then at the end of her arc, the main villain quotes Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus. Fucking hell, Psycho-Pass.


2. Zetsuen no Tempest

Please don't.
Please don’t.

The entire plot and half the script is derived from Shakespeare’s Hamlet and The Tempest. If you thought Psycho-Pass was annoying, just try a show that bases its entire existence around quoting shit.


3. Robotics;Notes

robotics notes kagome kagome

“Hey, did you ever notice how children’s poems can sometimes be creepy? Yeah, let’s make that a central plot point. Kagome, Kagome. So deep amirite?”

Yeah, thanks, Robotics;Notes.


Most Annoying Use of Quoting

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Best Unhealthy Relationship Between a Naive High School Girl and a Controlling Man With Emotional Issues (in a Shoujo)

1. Shizuku x Haru [Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun]

haru x shizuku tonari no kaibutsu-kun

Her: Shizuku is unable to deal with other people in anything other than a dismissive fashion. She focuses on her grades to the degree that her social skills are at the same level of a kindergartner entering their first day of school. She gains her first friends (ever) in high school and is emotionally manipulated by others quite easily. She can’t grasp the concept of “balance”, so she focuses on one thing at a time, leading her to have severe deficiencies when it comes to interacting with others and, ultimately, handling what is known as “real life”.

She will likely end up sucking dick in the back room of a Denny’s for $20 a pop after she fails to deal with the pressures of college.

Him: Haru hurts Shizuku both physically (punching her in the face) and emotionally (he says whatever he thinks regardless of how it will affect others). He threatened to rape her and refuses to learn Japan’s societal norms. He physically asserts himself on Shizuku multiple times and never manages to learn from the consequences of his actions. Haru is also “protective” to the point of absurdity, vowing violence on anything that disrupts his fragile mental state.

His actions will likely land him in jail, which to be honest is probably where he belongs.


2. Nanami x Tomoe [Kamisama Hajimemashita]

nanami x tomoe Kami-sama Hajimemashita

Her: Nanami’s the typical shoujo protagonist — she meets a guy and falls in love with him because he’s a dick to her and, gosh darnit, assholes are hot (for the record, ladies, I can corroborate this statement). She refuses to understand that loving a spiritual creature may not end the best for her, and her belief in the innate goodness in others almost causes her death in every episode. Even after Tomoe keeps telling her that humans can never be together with demons (almost every episode) and flat-out rejects her, she still believes they have a future together.

Him: Tomoe is a violent demon whose go-to solution seems to be turning enemies into food and eating them. He tried to kill Nanami early on and is seriously against humans and demons loving each other. The mere thought of Nanami being around other male demons causes him to flip out and attack them, and he has no qualms with manipulating Nanami to get whatever he wants.


3. Sakura x Rei [Code:Breaker]

sakura x rei code breaker

Her: Does she have a personality? She just stumbles around, being all “Rei, OMG, I know you tried to kill me but I can’t help but stick around you, ya cute guy you.” She is so hopelessly stupid that it’s a wonder she can interact at all with other people when her ability to read the room is akin to that of a blind guy with braille dyslexia. (Every single episode jokes about how she doesn’t know what other people think about her, which says a lot about her mental state.)

Him: Rei tried to kill Sakura like the first time he saw her, and then some more times after that. Luckily for her, he can’t kill her with his flames, so he lets her live. This jerkoff stays around her in the show because she won’t leave his side (and his organization wants him with her).

He has no problem with killing people when Sakura’s in the area and constantly makes internal and external threats on the safety of Sakura and her friends. “Psychopath” is a good word to describe this guy.


4. Mei x Yamato [Sukitte Ii Na Yo]

mei x yamato - sukitte ii na yo

Her: Mei believes that since Yamato was the first guy that was nice to her, they’re destined to be together forever. To this end, she lets him take advantage of her, defending his infidelity with whatever sad excuses she can come up with. She is also terrible when it comes to interacting with other people, so she really has no benchmark for how humans are supposed to act with each other. Going from a strong, independent character at the start of the series to what is, for lack of a better term, “Yamato’s bitch”, is possibly the worst example I’ve seen of character de-development.

Him: What Yamato wants, Yamato gets. That’s been his modus operandi since he entered high school and it’s been working quite well for him. When he wants Mei (soon after meeting her), he gets Mei, and when he wants other women, he definitely gets other women. Loyalty isn’t a word that rests within his internal dictionary and he absolutely does not care about what happens to others after they stop mattering to him (see the anorexic girl). Throughout the series he takes advantage of Mei’s relationship inexperience to get away with whatever he wants to, with absolutely no negative consequences.

He’ll probably get a happy ending because the anime is shit, but I’m pulling for a nice boat.


Best Unhealthy Relationship Between a Naive High School Girl and a Controlling Man With Emotional Issues (in a Shoujo)

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Least Likable Intentionally Pathetic Male Protagonist Created so That the Majority of Anime Viewers in Japan Could Relate to His Failings

1. The main character dude [Busou Shinki]

[Commie] Busou Shinki - 05 [E93D7A64].mkv_snapshot_07.24_[2012.12.12_18.23.17]

Qualifications: Devotes his life to playing dress-up with dolls. Dolls have to cook for him because he only eats microwaveable meals. Has no friends.

Here’s the plot for episode 5: This guy wins a prize vacation to Okinawa (because one of his dolls entered into a doll race) and decides to go on it, but only with his dolls (whom he applies sunscreen to in a very erotic way). But he ends up forgetting his dolls at home (because he’s dumb), meaning he’s left to enjoy his vacation without them. So he does what any Japanese otaku would do — he spends the entire episode alone, throwing rocks into the sea, waiting for his vacation to end.


This anime is best enjoyed by assuming the dolls aren’t actually sentient and that everything that happens is just in the main character’s mind. It’s somehow less pathetic that way.


2. MC-kun [Btooom!]

Btooom main character

Qualifications: Dude graduates from high school and spends two years as a NEET, playing shitty Xbox 720 games. Though he tries to get a job with a gaming company, they keep telling him they don’t have any space for him on their team, which he takes to mean he’ll totally score the job one day (he doesn’t).

He falls in love with a girl online and then his mom finally gets sick of his shit and sends him off to an island to die. On the island he remains just as stupid as he was in real life, with his reaction skills from playing his favorite 720 game being the only things that save him from his own white knighting naivete.

Oh, and that company he tried to work for before? Yeah, the game he’s playing on the island is the game they were working on, so he essentially ended up being a tester for them for free.

Way to get used, bro.


3. Sakurasou’s main character

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo - main character

Qualifications: At the start of the show, this guy gets off on telling his dorm mates that he absolutely does not want to be around them any longer than he has to be (classy!). When he gets paired with an autistic artist, he gets off on it because he likes feeling superior to others. After realizing that he’s a failure at life compared to everyone (even that artist), he decides to create a video game in a month. Yes, that’s his brilliant plan to find worth in his life. As he continues with his video game plans (doomed to end in failure) he has to deal with everyone around him being plain better than him in every noticeable way as they look toward their (mostly) bright futures.

He has nothing going for him besides circumstance, and even that doesn’t work well in his favor. I guess this hits a chord with the otaku watching the show because undoubtedly they know people who succeeded where they failed and, well, this guy isn’t a succeeder.


4. Those MCs from To Love-Ru and OniAi. Because, well, they’re the same character.

onii-chan dakedo ai oniai main character is a complete faggot

Rito Yuki To Love Ru main character

Qualifications: They’re drowning in pussy but wear life preservers. Though I guess Japanese men can’t relate to that… Hmm…

This might work better: “They can’t handle interacting with members of the opposite sex and are woefully inadequate at everything they do, relying on others to help them out of nearly every mess they’re in. Their advice lacks logic and their IQ is so low it’s started to hit oil.” Yeah, that works much better.


Least Likable Intentionally Pathetic Male Protagonist Created so That the Majority of Anime Viewers in Japan Could Relate to His Failings

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Best Socially Retarded, Almost Assuredly Autistic, Blonde-ish High School Girl Intended for Creepers to Masturbate To

1. Kud [Little Busters]

Little Busters Anime - Kud

A socially retarded, almost assuredly autistic, blonde-ish high school girl intended for creepers to masturbate to.


2. Frau Kojiro [Robotics;Notes]

Robotics;Notes Anime - Frau Koujiro [Kona Furugoori]

A socially retarded, almost assuredly autistic, blonde-ish high school girl intended for creepers to masturbate to.


3. Shiina Mashiro [Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo]

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo - Shiina Mashiro

A socially retarded, almost assuredly autistic, blonde-ish high school girl intended for creepers to masturbate to.


4. Neko [K]

K Anime - Neko

A socially retarded, almost assuredly autistic, blonde-ish high school girl that is… morally acceptable to masturbate to because, let’s face it, she’s smoking hot.


Best Socially Retarded, Almost Assuredly Autistic, Blonde-ish High School Girl Intended for Creepers to Masturbate To

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Worst, Most Vapid Plot

1. Chousoku Henkei Gyrozetter

Fucking Gyrozetter

Drive transforming cars to beat your enemies! Yeah! Oh, and don’t forget to play our shitty arcade games and buy some merch!


2. Aikatsu

stab me with a railgun aikatsu

Girls buy trading cards in the anime to become idols, so girls who are watching this show: please buy trading cards too. (Yeah, it’s like Yu-Gi-Oh but somehow worse.)


3. Hidamari Sketch X Honeycomb

Hidamari Sketch Sucks

There are these girls in an art school and sometimes they talk to each other.


4. Girls und Panzer

Fuck Girls und Panzer

Girls battle each other in tanks because… Because.


Worst, Most Vapid Plot

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Best Original Anime




78 thoughts on “’s Anime of Fall 2012 Reader’s Choice Awards!”

    • Oh, good catch. I’d fix it, but then my line about dressing up in women’s clothing would have to go. You’ll just have to suffer with the illogicality of it all, it looks like.

    • That was clearly a joke. That category is obviously for the best anime of the season, otherwise why would I have Gyrozetter in there too? I’m just too gosh darn witty for ya, I guess.

    • And D_S put Hidamari Sketch X Honeycomb there too.
      And those 14 people who voted Hidamari Sketch X Honeycomb is just a person using 14 IP.
      The world is changing slowly.

    • The season wasn’t that amazing. There were a few good shows depending on what you’re into, but nothing I’d suggest dropping everything to go and watch.

        • Are you asking why I didn’t rec Chuu2 to him? Well it was good, but IMO it’s aimed more at the hardcore otaku type and since P32L said he wasn’t following the season, I assumed he wouldn’t really be interested in it.

          It’s not like I couldn’t recommend Jormungand or something, but then I’d have to ask what he’s into and gosh darnit I’m way too lazy for that. He’s a regular, so I assumed he’d read most of my posts anyway, and if something didn’t jump out at him then I don’t think Fall 2012 is really something he needed to worry about.

  1. The unhealthy couples and the worst loser dude polls should have check boxes instead of radio buttons, because I wanted to vote for them all.

    Oh well, not voting for any has the same effect.

    But seriously. Wow.

      • On the poxy banner at the top of the post. It’s deliberately terribly made, so I wouldn’t be too concerned with the spelling and grammar contained within. But yeah, “the” is non-standard and thus generally considered ungrammatical. (There might be cases where sites are stylised as such, but I can’t think of any.)

  2. I disagree with rito and akito being the same character Rito is much more pathetic than Akito. I do see why you tried to lump them together because they are both indecisive to the point of punching however; rito has can’t even handle his situations without freaking out and yelling and running then running into a worse situation by fliping the hell out. Akito handles the situations better than rito. so I voted for rito not for both =\

  3. I wasn’t sure about the criteria that should be used when deciding which series to vote for in the “Best Unhealthy Relationship Between a Naive High School Girl and a Controlling Man With Emotional Issues (in a Shoujo)” category, so I voted for Kamisama since Nanami doesn’t get abused to the extent that Shizuku and Mei do. Code:Breaker is a shounen, so choosing it never crossed my mind.

  4. Oh man, look at those poll results, what a heated competition!

    Seriously though, what’s your take on Shin Sekai Yori? Isn’t it original in any way?

    Hilarious post anyway, so thanks.

      • Kamisama Hajimemashita?
        And here I thought shoujo-shits weren’t your thing…
        But seriously, how is it better that Sukkite or Tonari?

        • I like shoujo. It’s just that there are usually only a few per season so I tend to talk more about the other series that are airing.

          I hate Sukitte, so that’s out of the running already. Tonari’s good, but it doesn’t give me the same enjoyment that Kamisama does. When I throw up a Kamisama episode I know I’m just gonna be grinning my way through it because it’s cute and I like the characters. It’s a light-hearted romcom that is very precise in its comedy and quality. It’s not unique in its separate parts, but it brings them together very, very well.

          I found Kamisama’s characters to be more interesting than Tonari’s, and with the supernatural angle, it at least bothers to do something different than 99% of other shoujo anime. So that’s partly why I prefer it over Tonari.

          • “it at least bothers to do something different than 99% of other shoujo anime”

            Are you serious? A huge part of Kamisama’s entire schtick is parody comedy at the expense of every other shoujo anime ever. The whole point of the show is that it’s EXACTLY like what 99 percent of other shoujo do, just with a sarcastic tone slapped on.

            Not that it does it badly, but it seems like you’ve entirely missed the point/simply don’t like shoujo as much as you claim to.

              • I wasn’t attacking you, I was pointing out that the show itself embodies a lot of very common trope-y elements of shoujo manga/anime, and it does so on purpose for humorous effect. Romantic prettyboy youkai, the transfer student idol character, mysterious powers that fall right into the MC’s lap, even pretty much every last scenario played out so far, everything plays out pretty stock standard. What’s cool about the show isn’t that it’s different, but that it takes really common elements and makes them silly and charming enough that you aren’t thinking “This shit again?”. Again, this is mostly irrelevant, since the main point I was making wasn’t necessarily that it uses self aware humor, but that it definitely isn’t “different” in almost any respect. I don’t think we’d be able to argue much over the presentation of those common characters and situations, which we both seem to think makes the show, but I can’t imagine anyone who’s spent any amount of time inside the demographic thinks it’s super original at it’s core.

                Parody might not be the right word, though, thanks for attacking my specific phrasing with a google search. Strawman AND ad populum, who knew you could branch out from just one or the other?

  5. >Speedwagon not being in Best Socially Retarded, Almost Assuredly Autistic, Blonde-ish High School Girl Intended for Creepers to Masturbate To

    I know he’s not in high school but still. He clearly fills the same niche.

    >Speedwagon not winning swag award

  6. R;N’s annoying use of quoting doesn’t stem just from the ‘Kagome, Kagome’. What’s worse is that Akiho quotes Char Aznable (well, I’m assuming it to be the in-universe parallel, just as how GUNVARREL’s the in-universe parallel to Gundam) in the most obscure way possible two to three times per episode.

  7. Had to vote K for swaggest. I think the show is pretty shit but the characters designers at least knew what they were doing.

    Best Battles is Chuunibyou because, well, there aren’t any new shows this season with good battles and at least Chuunibyou’s are funny.

    Most Annoying Quotes I actually LIKE all 3 shows so it’s kinda hard to pick but if I had to, it’s Psycho-Pass just because the main quoter was so all around annoying even when she wasn’t doing that. I was pretty stoked when she got snuffed to be honest, best scene of the series so far maybe!

    Least Likeable Pathetic MC I think they all deserve it, but I’d give the guy from Btooom! a pass because it’s pretty obvious that people are supposed to think he’s pathetic rather than identifying with him. I had to go with the guy from Busou Shinki, he’s the least likeable because he literally has 0 likeability, he has no personality whatsoever. His character could be replaced with a wooden plank with a face drawn on it and I don’t think anyone at all would notice.

    Best Retarded Blond is obviously Frau Kojiro, come on, the line about waifus and guys being too bro-tier ALONE wins her this one.

    Worst Plot is Aikatsu, it’s the only show of the season I actually dropped, although I never even started with Gyrozetter so I have no opinion on that one. Girls Und Panzer is worthless throwaway entertainment, like a sitcom, but it’s pretty acceptable if you just take it for what it is. I like Hidamari Sketch and have since the first season so I was never going to vote for that.

    Whew. Great post idea, DS. I thought for sure when I first opened it that it would say “Reader’s Choice Awards” but just have your opinions, the polls were an unexpected touch!

  8. I don’t find the Shakespeare quoting annoying and I actually like Zetsuen no Tempest because of its Shakespeare references.

    Hamlet is exciting stuff, and one of my favorite pieces of literature. For than to twist the concept up with The Tempest is awfully cool IMO

  9. Speedwagon is my Husbando, this is insulting to my people that he is not winning so I’m just going to be consumed by bitterness for the rest of time.

    • I have it as logged by cookie and IP. Since you didn’t vote, someone you live with probably visits the site — it’s super popular after all!

      Lemme just switch poll tracking to cookie. Clear your cookie and then try again.

  10. Actually, I’m not so sure about “Frau” being a part of her name (I know that it’s a nickname anyway). It’s just the German equivalent to “Ms.” or “Mrs.” and we all know how much the Japanese love throwing in random German.

  11. I feel like mentioning that Zetsuen should probably win some kind of award somewhere for being one of the first anime to actually use quotes from Western media in a mostly tolerable way.

    I mean, as opposed to just rapidly reciting them in place of any actual substance, they kind of just use quotes as punctuation to already established circumstances or sections of plot, as somewhat relevant parallels that mean something. I don’t think it really works that well in context, nor do I really like the show all that much, but at least it’s just used appropriately for dramatic effect instead of as a cheap depth substitute. I think I just get a kick out of that alone.

  12. Against Gyrozetter’s favor
    All the males are boring, cut-outs memorable for being annoying, drinking cola or being a smart alec.

    For Gyrozetter’s favor
    At least, it isn’t directed by Michael Bay.


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