My Attempt at Journalistic Integrity

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Hey Crunchyroll, hire me.

Love it or hate it, the Fate/Stay series has become one of the biggest hits in Japan in recent years with the series consistently displaying record sales numbers of dakimakura and blu-rays. So it comes as no surprise that Takashi Takeushi, a well-known Fate/Stay dev and artist would be interviewed at one point in his life by someone in the media.

Saber my waifu

Recently, Japanese entertainment site Kotaku interviewed the author and tried to get his viewpoint on why the Fate/ series was so popular. While he danced around the success of the sales numbers in an attempt to be modest, what caught most people off guard was his response to the mounting criticism of his most popular work as being poor in comparison to other visual novels, to which he responded to with the following statement:


“those stupid fucks didn’t like my new Tsukihime designs!”


Of course, knowing that most of the criticism is coming from the part of the Japanese internet that likes to crap on anything and everything that is explosively popular, he has to know that no one will actually respond to his anger. So while he sits back and writes all the way to the bank and the anime adaptations are experiencing the same level of popularlity despite being polarizing, I have to ask, was his response warranted, or was he better off just shrugging it off?

In related news, tripfag Yui Claus has resolved to post Yui in a Santa outfit at least once a day until Christmas. Only time will tell if this intrepid soul will meet his goal.

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15 thoughts on “My Attempt at Journalistic Integrity”

    • SAO is garbage, but it has several appeal points that make everyone flock to it:

      a) Gamer main character who’s hax and a chick magnet. Yes, this screams HORRIBLE WRITING right from the start, but it also writes “pandering” – and pandering sells.
      b) Awesome MMORPGs that we wish were true (more wish fulfillment!)
      c) Kajiura soundtrack (what else do you want, really)

      So yeah, it behaves like a popular fanfic; albeit one with an out-of-control popularity. But we already know a good example of that kind of phenomenon in the English-speaking world: Fifty Shades of Gray.

      And, well, SAO is without a doubt better than 50 Shades.

      • Your stupidity can only be handled in an MMORPG. Why don’t you go buy one and disappear from this world. I’m sure everyone would be happier that way.

  1. “My Attempt at Journalistic Integrity”

    If this is a ploy to get those “massage” parlor visits expensed, I’m afraid I’m going to have to tell you that it’s not going to work.

  2. I like how the “correction” he posted was to remove the only substantial statement in the whole piece, leaving the article with literally no body– just a lead-in and lead-out. Brilliant story there, Crunchyroll.


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