Ohayocon 2013 – See you there?

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So it’s that time of the year again. The time when Dark_Sage remembers he has to take time off from work to dress up like an anime girl in Ohio.



Ohayocon 2013!

Guest Starring:





I kinda didn’t really check with anyone to see if they were going.  ┐( ´ -`)┌

Soup and Snuggles confirmed. Sugoi.




Well, they haven’t listed what they are yet. Whatever. I’ll just make another post about these a few days before the thing starts, even if nobody reading this cares. Check that. Especially if nobody reading this cares.


And of course there’s gonna be cosplay!

[IB] Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san - 09 [720p] [FC07C872].mkv_snapshot_05.50_[2012.12.31_22.31.57]
Dark_Sage on the right.

Thoughts from last year:






So let's do this
So let’s do this

If you wanna meet up, lemme know. IRC/email/comments/twitter/facebook/carrier pigeon/text message. Whatever works.

darksagerk -At- gmail.com

38 thoughts on “Ohayocon 2013 – See you there?”

  1. I won’t be there because conventions are for chumps but I absolutely look forward to reading your posts about it as that shit is always entertaining.

  2. Please, add more lousy cosplays

    The cornflakes monsters from last year (or whatever they wanted to represent) nearly killed me

  3. I wish I could make it! We’re still in the middle of Bebop-Con 2013 though down here in Florida, you should’ve come! We’ve got quite the cast of characters here, Executer and Tiggerz of [commie], Metalek of [gg], Artworkx and Emitn of [FFFpeeps], Waffo, Killicy, Angie from [SFW], and myself from Distro Heaven. Maybe next time though?

  4. I could actually go to this, but is the con rad enough for me to waste time in Ohio and obtain an reasonable amount of enjoyment. Probably not, sorry.

    • It’s worth attending if you’re already a couple blocks away from the con and someone gave you free tickets and you don’t have anything else to do that day but fap because you can grind on 16-year-olds at the rave and get off on that and the police will be totally cool with it cuz that’s the age of consent in Ohio but let’s face it grinding is as far as you’ll get cuz they probably have a curfew and come on it’s cold outside so you couldn’t exactly do it out there and it’s not like you really rented out a room at the hotel cuz you probably drove in and figured you could save some cash by parking it and sleeping in there even though you know it’s gonna be fucking cold so like inviting the girl out to your trunk to bang isn’t exactly the smoothest of moves so you’ll have to settle with that rave-flavored dry hump and the tears of shame that result.

  5. Hey Dark_Sage I just checked out the schedule, and I think you should check out the Manga Music Video panel. It’s a blossoming community, and I think your the right individual to help them progress.


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